Essie - Turquoise & Caicos

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Can you guess I like spring and I was fed up with all the cold we had in the first two months of the year?

So I picked one of the spring-est colour I can find in my Helmer, received a while ago from my beloved Sabbatha :D


The picture in the post I linked didn't represent the colour as it appear to the naked eye, but you know well how much hard is to take a photo of mints...

This time you can see a true-to-life light pastel minted milk :>
"Turquoise & Caicos" isn't so vibrant, but it looks more saturated on nails than in the bottle, maybe thanks to the contrast against the skin.

What you see in pictures are three coats without top coat - I applied it at night before going to bed, so I didn't have time to do some more :D

Formula isn't the best: three coats to obtain a decent result, and it bubbled a little too on few nails :^/
Maybe my fault, but that's ok, I'll retry it when I'll have more time.

Anyway, I like the colour, but yesterday my man looked at my nails and commented: «That's disgusting, they look like bathroom tiles or the old Panda!» :D
I think he's right...

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New March things... Again, pt. 1 :D

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Finally a post.
And finally a little time to write it :D

This time, some new colours I got in March.
Bad news (for me only, don't worry): I think I lost the total count of my polishes, I don't remember anymore if I included all the new bottles in the grandtotal >.<

Anyway, Apothica gave me the opportunity to shop some makeup items, and I obviously chose nailpolishes :D

Arent' these amazing?
From top:

1) Essie "Lilacism", you know I love cold lilacs/lavenders. And it was in my WL ^_^

2) Sparitual "Blue Moon", this is absolutely stunning: an inky-jelly blue base with pink-bronze glitter, I didn't know it was so amazing.

3) Sparitual "Health, Wealth & Happiness": this is a purple-wine base with duochromy blue shimmer, can you guess how much awesome is it?

I knew this brand, but never tried their products before, they're quite pricy for my usual range, so I was happy to have the chance to grab a couple of them.
They make great colours, not boring and they're vegan :>

I thank Apothica for this present, they have a great selection of luxurious brands and an efficient customer care, but just two flaws: super-heavy shipping costs and a limited access to nailpolish collections, because not all the colours you see in the site can be shipped outside USA :^/
Keep that in mind, European girls :>

On to the next picture, these are impulsive buyings, no excuses.
Ok, I like them, but... you know how I feel :D

From left:

1) Nouba n. 454, a clear base filled with chunks of multicoloured flakies; yes, chunks.
I think they put flakies in a blender and turn it on for like two seconds, then put the result in these tiny 7ml bottles :D
THE flaw, as usual, is the price: I don't remember it, but it's somewhat more than €5?

2) Shaka n. 725, "Pop Green": impulsive buying, because I have something similar, but this a little bluer and has that delicious jelly-like consistency I LOVE. €1,99 :>

3) Basic Beauty n. 71PE (lol, I love number names, don't know why all the girls detest them :D this has letters too :D ): a beautiful blue creme, in reality it's a liiiiiiiiitle muted than Kiko n. 295, but, ok, I admit it, they're very similar, it's just that n. 295 is one of my favourite blues :D

Next, a LOVELY swap with my Swiss nailpolish fiend Lisa, who find me the Essence Crazy Good Times TE bottles I wanted <3

From left:

1) n. 04 "Confetteria", blue jelly base with silver hexs (which are blue thanks to the base) and green-blue-gold glitters *_*

2) n. 02 "Princessorize": no, I' not going to wear this alone, but I read in blogs it was sheer, so I thought it would look amazing over blues and purples, because of its so pretty sparkling glitters.
It's very electric, trust me.

3) Surprise, Lisa find me the holo top coat from the Re-mix Your Style TE, n. 01 "Just Can't Get Enough"! So now I have three :>
Not only this top coat is a pretty scattered holographic, but it has a nice pink-bronze side I tried to show you:

Thank you again Lisa!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Irreplaceable + Mavala - Rio + various flakies + Essence - We Will Rock You / Rock top coat

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After some days of non-polished-nails, I came back to my Helmer with the intention of doing something out of my style; to be honest, I had no idea what to apply on my nails, I only knew I had to polish them because they already started to peel and break a little.

So I thought about a combo which would not include blue or green...

(full sun)

I know, title tells you I used a bunch of things on my nails, byt that's just because I had an idea in my mind, which clearly wasn't so pretty once achieved in reality :D

Anyway, base is two coats of "Irreplaceable" (lol, I can't say this word, my tongue goes anywhere :D ): yes, great colour and reflections, but too light for me :^/

Then, I sponged a tiny section with Mavala "Rio", a deep red with rusty shimmer; not a me colour, infact it was a present :D

I didn't give up, and added flakies (Golden Rose n. 15, Nouba n. 454 - I'll show you next post, Layla CE 52) in a sort of gradient: I wanted gradient to be less thick, just like a small french, but sponge was too big, Layla was too pigmented, so gradient began to grow on my nails :D


I used a sponge to apply darker colours, but I also swipe the nailpolish brush directly on nails with light touchs, to better spread the flakies up to the center.

(full sun)

In the end, since the base was too light and the tips too dark for my tastes, I applied one coat of the Essence "Rock" top coat.
Result wasn't the best, as it looks like a little patchy on lighter parts, but I think it's almost unnoticeable, unless you stare at my nails for seconds :D

(artificial light)

It took me like two good days to begin liking this mani, lol, I know I'd appreciate it since the beginning if only the darkest section was thinner, but oh well, at least it's not blue and I liked it anyway :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - Ceramic Effect n. 29 + Kiko - n. 229 + Essence "Hello Holo"

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Didn't like this combination.
I did it yesterday (March 5th), but I think I'll remove it tomorrow.

It's not that it's ugly, simply (maybe) I'm not on the right mood to wear such a fairy look :D

(artificial light)

Anyway, I liked it better under an artificial night, it's pretty for a night out.

I sponged two glittery polishes; first one, is this old Kiko - I don't know if it's still available in stores.
It's not a plain white snowy glitter as it may appear from this picture, it contains sky blue/pink duochromy glitters and white (not silver) chunks, but I couldn't capture those colours...
But look at all the light it gives!

(maybe I spy a blue speckle right above the big "e"? :D)

In daylight, Essence "Hello Holo" (sponged after n. 229) shows better, while Kiko disappears in the blue base.


Next colour? Not a blue, I promise :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Men at work

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Let's see how this stuff works...
As you may have heard, GFC has been killed by Google for all the non-Blogger blogs.
Since I'm a Blogger blog, I'm not worried, but I added Bloglovin just because... I really didn't understand it very well :D

Mh, wait: if you're a non-Blogger blog and want to read me regularly, from now on you can find me on Bloglovin too.
Or maybe you never liked GFC because of its colours, or its widget design? Here I am on Bloglovin :D
Ok, one day I'm sure it will be useful for someone out there...

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - Ceramic Effect n. 29

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Sorry for this cornflowery blue bombing, I didn't realize I've worn two similar blues in a row until writing this post.

Well, pictures speak for themselves, this is a lovely blue with many silvery speckles.
I'm sure they're not our classic round shaped glitters, they're so tiny, almost a shimmer effect...


As usual with all my Ceramic Effect, two good coats (or three thin) are enough to have smooth nails and a vibrant colour.

(full sun)

It lasts well too, I have it on right now (March 6th) and I put it like 6 days ago, just a small chip on a corner due to a peeling nail.
Good job :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 339 + Essence - Feels So Good / Love top coat

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Few days ago, I fell in love with "Cinderella" from Sinful Colors.
I read now it's a perm shade, but I don't think I'll ever have the chance to see it here in Italy and I can't buy it online because of customs fees, so I tried to replicate it a little with my own supplies, and here it is what I got:

(full sun)

Not the same shade of blue, I know, I don't have such a pale blue sky (Kiko n. 340 is too bright), so I picked n. 339.
Glimmer is offered by this gorgeous top coat from the Re-mix Your Style TE by Essence, I really liked it!

Unfortunately, as always happens with glittery top coats, camera didn't catch all the sparkles, so you have to imagine my nails covered with a denser coat of pink reflects, they were not so sparse! And more pink, I don't know why pictures came out so washed out...


Love top coat is slightly duochrome, green side is more visible in real life.
Beautiful in low light too :>

I applied three coats of n. 339: this shade wasn't so pigmented as the other pastels by Kiko I own. I must say it didn't lasted my regular five days, it chipped after... three? Oh well, not a real problem.
Love top coat is one coat.

Anyone in Europe who can bring me a "Cinderella"? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)