Layla - CE52 + Essence - Blue Addicted

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Yes, you can revamp every nailpolish, even a complex one like CE52 :D

You'll only need a quite sheer colour, and voilà!

(artificial light)

I added one coat of "Blue Addicted" and I really liked the result, I didn't find it too heavy.

(indoor daylight)

Don't you love the flakies peeking under the hexagons? Nails looked so deep, deeper than their real thickness ♥_____♥

(indoor daylight)

I thnk I used Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat to seal it, judging by the shininess :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - CE52

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Finally a new post, does someone care about this? :D

Anyway, this colour doesn't need words, I just have to say it was time to wear it for the first time *_*

(indoor daylight)

I pictured it in almost every lighting condition I can have at home :D

My honest opinion is that Layla really knows how to master nailpolish formula, and this one, despite being quite sheer, took only two coats to achieve a perfect opacity.

(left: outdoor backlight; right: artificial light)

No surprise it's one of my favourites, pity they didn't make other versions, like Nfu-Oh did :D

(left: indoor shade: right: indoor semi-direct sun)

I prefer it in low light, as you can better appreciate depth of the base and the flakies inside, but hey, this is one of those colours you get compliments from strangers on the road :D

I don't bother about the classic VNL you get with jellies, in this case it's not that visible and it's just a nice purple frame around nails ♥

Anyway, this is the overall effect while looking at the hands: like some small precious stones on the tips *_* 

(upper: indoor daylight; below: outdoor daylight)

Another classic shade I unblocked, which one will be the next? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 341

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Hi all!

Simple flat colour today, not the simplest to be pictured though :D

Kiko n. 341 is a perfect shade of teal, bright, but muted thanks to a touch of grey.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to show you the real colour, so I had to tweak pictures, but I think they're now pretty close to the actual colour.

Here's how my camera sees it...

(outdoor daylight)

... then the EDITED version: see the difference? More green and slightly muted.

I don't want to repeat myself, but Kiko cremes are the best we can get here in Italy: these are two easy coats, GLOSSY as hell, only some touch ups of cleaning if needed ♥

(indoor daylight, shade)

Looks like I applied top coat!
Pretty, isn't it? :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Nubar - Indigo Illusion

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Hi there, ladies and gentlemen.

Few words, many pictures, this time, for one of the most beautiful nailcolours in the world :D

I know, I know: you love it or hate it, but I'm really happy my poor little camera captured all its colours so well, what you see is what you'll get on your nails, thanks to two simple coats (or three, if you leave some bald areas).

EDIT: I didn't use any coloured base, no dark/black or nude underwear, only a simple base coat!

(indoor daylight)

Sometimes they say the bottle appearance is deceiving, because you see pretty multichrome effects, but nothing like that once nailpolish is applied on nails... Not in this case! Just look at the bottle and the nails, same colours, same magical transitions *___*

(indoor shade)

Purple-pink-teal-lime green... More visible in dimmed light ♥

(indoor daylight)

Every now and then your nails will be all green, like that...

What about natural, diffuse daylight?

(outdoor daylight)

Purplish-pink with teal sides, how not to love it?
I was seriously amazed by this colour, didn't think it was that strong and original.

(outdoor daylight)

Closer shot: you won't be disappointed!

No problems during application: brush is oldest style (thin and long), but you won't have cuticle flooding and  it can cover your nail in few moves.

(outdoor shade)

I think "Indigo Illusion" is one of the most powerful multichromes I own, you can always see the colours flashing around fingers, under all the lighting conditions.

(upper left picture: indoor daylight; upper right and lower pictures: direct sun)

Sunlight brings out all the pinkness, it's a metallic nailpolish with some brush signs, but nothing so visible.

(artificial light)

Under artificial light, it becomes a little greyed out, but hey, always a multichrome masterpiece!

I remember when I saw this colour on blogs years ago, and fell in love with it from the very first gaze... Aahhh, never wore it until this time, never really knew what I was missing :D

Sorry for all the pictures, hope you liked them the way I loved taking them!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)