piCture pOlish - Denim + Debby - Crack n. 01

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Hi there!

After wearing "Denim" for a couple days, I decided to extend its wear by applying a layer of the only crackling nailpolish I own (introduced here), n. 01 by Debby :>

I then applied a layer of top coat, but nails mantained the texture, surface wasn't smooth and I LOVED it :D
Doesn't it look like a sort of a blue reptile's skin? ♥

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

piCture pOlish blog fest - Denim

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Hello to you all.
Special post today!
Today 25 july is the "piCture pOlish blog fest" all around the (nailpolish) world :>>>

Let me explain: today you'll find several piCture pOlish shades posted by various nailbloggers from all countries.
Post after post, swatches will all be published in the piCture pOlish Facebook page, all the same day!

Girls at piCture pOlish (thank you again!) kindly offered to some nailbloggers to review a surprise shade, I accepted and they send me... "Denim"! (a blue, what a coincidence :D)

You already can see from the picture above it looks like liquified denim in a bottle!
I put it on a jeans pair of mine to show how well they succeded in replicate the denim texture and making an original shade at the same time!

Infact, modern classic denim fabric is a mix of blue and white, and the particular weaving (plus a little stress given by the washing machine and other treatments) gives it a lot of depth, shades of blue and structure.

PiCture pOlish's "Denim" has a stonewashed blue base, little irregular white/silver chunkies and a sligtly duochrome reflect, which lean from lavender to violet.


These are two coats (plus some touch-ups) with no top coat, to show you how nice is it on its own: not too glossy, not too matte, resembling a gritty surface (but it's all smooth), just like a REAL piece of jean!

(in the sun)

It sparkles when put in sunlight, but not too much, just the right amount of little refractions!

Picture above show you the duochrome side, the colour of sparkles and the little silver flakies, I love how they look against the blue base.

Formula is pretty thick, not runny, covers well with two generous coats.
Clean-up it's a little tricky, due to the glitters, and I'd prefer a flat brush instead of the classic rounded one you'll find in this polish, but it's not a great deal, cap is rubberized (♥) and polish dries very FAST, so it won't take you forever to apply this shade.

"Denim" is featured in their Glitter shades section, bottle is 11ml and price it's AU$ 9,90: great price for such an original colour!
Like the majority of you, I wouldn't spend a big bunch of money on a nailpolish, but how many times did you read about a "denim" collection and what you had was just a plain blue varnish? I really appreciate when brands try something new and hit the nail, and that's why in the past I bought two other shades from them, I found quality and ideas behind their products :>

Dear readers, if Girls from piCture pOlish will like my review, it'll be a GREAT chance for you all to win... No, I'm not going to say anything more about it, just wait for some days and hopefully I will let you know well about this opportunity :P
Otherwise, I'm sure other bloggers involved in this project will write all the complete info about it, but I like keeping things a little misterious :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

(this nailpolish was sent to me directly from manufacturer for review purposes; I'm not paid and blablabla)

Eventually something new (and beautiful...)

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Aaaah, after the storm always comes sunshine :D

Did you know the italian brand Ever? I searched for a website, or a Facebook profile, but didn't find anything, so I really don't know what to say about it.

Italian girls may know it because it's a low end cosmetic brand.
I never liked their products simply because they never made interesting colours or so (we have Kiko for this :D), but few days ago I saw in a shop a clear plastic box full of new crazy coloured little bottles... You can imagine how it ended: me analyzing every bottle to check colours and finishes.

Result: four beautiful bottles! (fourth one was bought when pictures of first three were already taken, that's why sometimes it's apart from others...)

Aren't these fantastic or it's just me? Could you imagine them layered (over blacks, blues, dark greens and purples, magentas, etc.)?

This is the n. 53, an "emerald-teal":

Three shades of blue and one green, all have AMAZING tiny DUOCHROME glassflecks from blue to pink/violet, how not to love them? ♥_♥

Even in the sun (upper half of next pic) :

And all together, sorry for the picture-bombing!

Given that I bought the green one after taking all these pictures, I swatched just the blues, but you can see they're different from one another.

In this quick swatch, n. 59 e n. 60 are three coats, n. 62 just two, but you could add a third coat to increase deepness of colour.
N. 60 is the sheerest, I would add a fourth coat, but it's perfectly wearable with three :>

Duochrome side is difficult to capture with my weak camera, but it's more visible to the naked eye and in shade, trust me, it's really beautiful :>

They cost each €3,99 for 5ml: not the cheapest, I know, but I like Ever finally made something interesting and you can use them alone or layered, they are quiet versatile, so I recommend them.
There's even a fifth shade in that range, it's lighter than the n. 60, but didn't bought it, I found it to be similar to Pure Ice's "Heartbreaker" and it seemed useless to me to own that shade too.

I would like to advise any italian reader that they made many other colours, shimmery and cremes, including pinks, purples, even a version of this Deborah, check Upim and Oviesse to find them!

Moreover, soldes are everywhere, as you know well; I had to hit a Kiko shop because I broke my glass file...
Well, I bought it, together with some other item... :P

Nailpolish is the n. 255, deep purple with holo glitter, fantastic in the sun!

If you have a Kiko near home, I strongly recommend a trip to it: polishes are discounted, that cream eyeliner is just around €5 (and I already own the emerald-green one, it's so pigmented), lipstick is less than €7... Do I have to say more?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Basic Beauty - n. 24 + Essence - Glisten Up!

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BIG FAIL mani :^(

The ugliest by now, and I had to wear it one entire week, because these days I didn't found any time to remove it.

I wanted to try one of the newest Basic Beauty I posted about days ago, and I chose n. 24, but once on nails I discovered it was horrible, lol :D
Colous is sheer, streaking, takes years to dry a little and it's pearled - * arrrghh *

After three coats, it was a mess, I didn't even take pictures of it by itself, and decided to improve it by adding Essence's "Glisten Up!"...

You're looking at three coats of n. 24 and two coats of "Glisten Up!" = bubbles and thickness.
It was pretty useless to watermark this photo, I think anyone would ever want to stole it for who knows why :D

To be honest, after two days of wearing this crap, I added another coat of something new I bought this week, but I didn't bother to take pictures again, because it really didn't worth it, even if this something new is beautiful and I'm sure it will give me great satisfaction in the future :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 295 (and a couple of new arrivals)

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Another shade impossible to photograph, at least for my little humble camera: n. 295 is a cyan colour; looking at the Wikipedia Cyan's page, the hue I find the closest to this nailpolish is the one named Cyan (subtractive primary), on the right.

But in real life this polish is blindfully BRIGHT, the same effect you experience with the famous "Blue My Mind" by H&M.

See how my nails look flat, just like a one-colour block?
This is because of the brightness of n. 295, it makes my camera crazy.

These are two coats WITHOUT top coat: I applied it after dinner (ok, around 1:00 AM...) and I didn't have time to top coat it too.
Easy application, zero problems, fast dry, just a little retouch with brush and remover... I LOVE it!

Unfortunately it's difficult to picture it in daylight too, as to the naked eye is a little darker yet so vivid:

This is under a halogen lamp, so vibrant and more closer to the real effect :>

I searched for photos of Barry M's "Cyan Blue", but I don't know if it has the same effect than n. 295, but according to pictures, they are similar.
Don't know why, though, I think Kiko's one is brighter (and better :D)...

EDIT about wear: 4 days of good-looking nails, for being without topcoat it's a great time!

Let's see my new arrivals: Basic Beauty "published" some new colours, especially a LOT of greens, and I chose these two... mints? Well, one is definitely a mint, the other one is more of a spring leaf green:

(n. 03 on the left, n. 24 on the right)

N. 03 is a mint with the typical pearl-non pearl shimmer, lol, don't know if you understand what I mean :D
This type of shimmer softens the colour without making it look like an old streaking aged pearled nailpolish :P

N. 24 is an interesting sweet shade of green with the same fine shimmer and it's spiced up with a fine green glitter not so evident, but noticeable and very nice, see it better in ther next pic:

(n. 24 on the left, n. 03 on the right)

I believed I already owned two colour like these, but it wasn't so, therefore I'm pleased I still have a right eye for new (to me) items :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

L.A. Girl - Flare Dark Purple + Pure Ice - Heartbreaker

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One of my favourites, indeed.

See for yourself, "Heartbreaker" is a bloody flamboyant rich nailpolish EVERY nailpolish-addict should own!

These pictures are almost my favourites too, at first I thought I couldn't capture all the colours and the effect I saw with my own eyes :>
Skin is warmer because of early sunlight, during these weeks I'm taking pictures around 7:30 AM...

It can remind you of "Bruise" from Urban Decay, but "Bruise" has a maroon/plum base, and its shimmer isn't so sparkly and vibrant as "Heartbreaker", and it's of a different colour...

Look at the final effect over L.A. Girl "Dark Purple" in full sun, it's really as it appears in these pics!

Daylight, it's a colder light and manicure is amazing as well, if you don't feel the same, it's certainly because of my poor picture :D

"Heartbreaker" it's a jelly blue-aqua base filled with a fiiiiine shimmer which is duochrome from green-teal to a cold blue.
I applied two coats.

Duochrome isn't that visible, I know, but you must consider the base too: a dark sparkly purple which merged so well with "Heartbreaker", together they made the perfect transiction of colours, by chance colour I like :D
Notice how at certain angles teal disappears, and it's mostly blue, pink and purple ♥

"Dark Purple" lasted on me from monday 27th to... Well, now it's 1:25 PM of saturday 2nd july and I've just taken this picture, you see I have only tipwear (and nailgrowth) on some nails:

VERY good hold!
And you should consider I have a total of eight coats (base + three coats of "Dark Purple" + topcoat + two coats of "Heartbreaker" + topcoat) of polishes.

What do you think? If you don't have "Heartbreaker" yet, GO buy it, or steal it, doesn't matter.
I want to try it over all my polishes :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

L.A. Girl - Flare Dark Purple

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Dark polishes during springtime? Yesss, if they sparkle like fireworks!

Here you have "Dark Purple" from L.A. Girls from their Flare range.
I had "Groupie" in my wishlist, then Regina swapped with me (Regina, where are you? Site is down now...) and she included this polish too, that should be a dupe of "Groupie".

So I'm not sure if colours are really the same, but who cares, since I LOVE this:

It's perfectly useless, if you're here, to point you out the slightly duochrome glitters in the bottom of the bottle, don't you think?
I'm not sure about glitters too, they maybe are of irregular shapes, so: flecks = ♥___♥!
Or is it a foil? I don't really know, I'm starting to be confused about finishes classification.

In the sun:

Under various lights it could be colder or warmer, but always a GREAT purple.
I applied three coats, as it's a little sheer (dark coloured jelly packed with glitters), but it dries fast, so no problems at all :>

This colour is so pretty, ok, but next post will be muuuuch better, as I'll show you one of the best combination I've ever tried *_*

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)