L.A. Girl - Flare Dark Purple

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Dark polishes during springtime? Yesss, if they sparkle like fireworks!

Here you have "Dark Purple" from L.A. Girls from their Flare range.
I had "Groupie" in my wishlist, then Regina swapped with me (Regina, where are you? Site is down now...) and she included this polish too, that should be a dupe of "Groupie".

So I'm not sure if colours are really the same, but who cares, since I LOVE this:

It's perfectly useless, if you're here, to point you out the slightly duochrome glitters in the bottom of the bottle, don't you think?
I'm not sure about glitters too, they maybe are of irregular shapes, so: flecks = ♥___♥!
Or is it a foil? I don't really know, I'm starting to be confused about finishes classification.

In the sun:

Under various lights it could be colder or warmer, but always a GREAT purple.
I applied three coats, as it's a little sheer (dark coloured jelly packed with glitters), but it dries fast, so no problems at all :>

This colour is so pretty, ok, but next post will be muuuuch better, as I'll show you one of the best combination I've ever tried *_*

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Charlotte Sparkle said...

What a lovely polish.

goga said...

I agree with Charlotte Sparkle <3

Elsa P. said...

E' bellissimo *ç* Ne ho uno simile della Deborah, ma non è tanto bello quanto questo! E trovo che di tanto in tanto portare uno smalto scuro in estate ci stia :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Charlotte and goga, I agree with you all :D

Elsa P., ho capito a quale smalto ti riferisci e in effetti sono stata tentata più volte nel comprarlo, ma poi pensavo a questo e desistevo...
Ma ti dirò, non sono sicura che "Dark Purple" sia meglio, anzi...

Mi sa che oggi, se lo ritrovo ancora in giro, ci faccio un serio pensierino e lo prendo :D

KarenD said...

I have Groupie, but this one is so pretty I can't quite recall what Groupie looks like. :)

maisenzasmalto said...


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