China Glaze - Agent Lavender + flakies

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Fantastic colour and you know I love those nail-art flakies I already used :>

I'm not into intricate details on nails, and this time I decided for a "french-flakie" mani!

"Agent Lavender" is a perfect light lavender pastel, formula's easy to apply, no streaks, no mess.

(bottom part of picture in the sun, lightly washed out)

Two coats of polish, and it covers all well, I don't have complaints about it!

These are the flakies I used, from Fontana Contarini's range for nailart. I love the colour base, they go so well with cold shades!

During these days other lovely ladies gave me some awards!
I don't "do" them, especially if they require talking about me, simply because I'm a reserved person, plus from a couple of weeks I'm terribly busy "outside", but obviously I appreciate them and the people who decide my blog is worth some attention :>

juntasperonorevueltas gave me a Sunshine Award: I like these girls because not only they're kind, honest and write clear and complete reviews, but they have a beautiful cat too :D
Same award from todoslosesmaltessonpocos, which I didn't know before, but I completely agree with this name :D
Varnish Me gave me a Top10 Award: I tried to think about one thing I like in ten different versions, but ten is a big number for me :D (ok, not regarding nail polishes, but in that case I should write a Top100 or so...)
Thank you again, girls, and I'm sorry I'm not able to partecipate to these awards as well as you!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

on me it looks like a dead corpse nails, so I <3 it :D

marox79 said...

You deserve the awards! There should be a Miss Cat Universe or something so we could enter Molly, hehe.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Haha, horror-beauty!

marox: ^_____________^

Hob03 said...

questo colore proprio non lo potrei mai osare, i pastels penso si adattino solo a chi ha unghie perfette...tipo le tue...di sicuro non le mie:(

da quando ti seguo ho una curiosità: ma quanti smalti hai? facceli vedere tutti insieme!!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Il numero totale è scritto nella colonna a sinistra, in alto, costantemente aggiornato così da rendermi consapevole, proba ed economa nei miei acquis...

---> così da farmi sentire maggiormente in colpa ad ogni bottiglietta che aggiungo :D

Qualche foto l'ho fatta, arrivata ai 200, vuoi davvero vederli? 0_o

Smaltoitaliano said...

Dimenticavo: ma quali unghie perfette!
Se vai al mio primo post, c'è una foto di quanto le ho mangiate fino a qualche anno fa... E purtroppo quel vizio ha avuto qualche conseguenza, in termini di forma :^/

Ma sono comunque contenta, c'è di peggio e, nonostante qualche difetto, sono armoniose tra loro.
E poi, ovviamente, i veri problemi sono altri :D ;>

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