Catrice - Sold Out Forever (plus "artsy" flakies)

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After days and days of fog and grey sky, it returned to shine here :>
So I wanted to wear something happy and sparkly... What about a light green and iridescent flakies?
Here's the result:

"Sold Out Forever" is a minted-milk shade with a fiiiine green shimmer which doesn't show too much on nails, but it gives a soft texture to the polish.

I also pictured flakies in their jar (and naked nails, just the base before applying polish) to show you they're lightly coloured, just like the ones I used here :>

I like them so much because they're interesting even in low light, I love their reflections and changes of colour!

On my right hand I placed flakies in the wrong position, as I planned to put them in the left lower corner, instead of the upper one, but that's ok.

Like the pink mani, I put two coats of top coat to seal everything, but I have to say that these flakies were a little stiffer and bigger than the blue ones - I had to cut myself several big flakies in order to obtain smaller pieces - so after 3 days or so I saw some flakies were disappeared from nails...
If I find other colours, I'll surely try them, they're funny!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


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