Catrice - Meet Me At Coral Island

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Ok, I said so many times, in comments and discussions, that I NEVER wear reds... Because I don't like them on nails, I find them - don't get me wrong, it's just my opinion - a little tacky (don't know if I chose the right word).

This Catrice (I just discovered they are now avalaible in Italy, but in a limited range of shades) caught my attention first of all because it's a coral colour - not the same thing as of a red!
It's a coral, and it has a semi-jelly texture (♥), and contains a liiiittle drop of pink, which makes this colour colder and, to me, much more wearable without that kitschy feeling I'd feel with a pure primarly red.

Unfortunately, I didn't succeed in capturing the exact colour, maybe because it's one of those polish which change under different lightings, and not being a pure red, camera can't pick its pinkiness...
Plus, it's very vivid; it's not a fluo shade, but it glows, maybe this is another reason why camera go crazy.

Very very glossy, and I have to say, one of the best formula I encountered: my left hand didn't need any clean-up, and right hand just a couple of touchs by our trusty brush+remover.

I can't explain that, but being a semi-jelly polish, to the naked eye you can see VNL, but from pictures nails seem completely opaque, I don't know why some polishes act so opposite (like my last blue Layla)!

I found this picture on web which shows the exact shade of "Meet Me At Coral Island", see that hint of pink? This is how polish looks like in reality :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


BlackCherry said...

Wow, I like this color, it's like a peculiar orange. I love all red shades, I was thinking wear one of them this for week.

sabbatha said...

really nice coral, I like it :-)

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