Rimmel - n. 402 Urban Purple + Vipera Jumpy n. 155

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Uff, finally I did it...
This post required so much effort of taking pics, editing them... And obviously colours are off >.<>

For this mani I used two polishes: since Jumpy n. 155 is too much red for me to wear it on ten fingers, I decided to paint just one nails with it, and for other nails do a sponge effect (my first try) on this deep magenta-purple-fucsia creme by Rimmel.

I can't describe this shade.
Probably the colour of the bottle is the closest-to-the-real depiction of this so complex polish that I can show you:

N. 155 is on middle fingers, rest of nails have tips sponged with it.
"bumps" you might notice on some nails are just refractions of glitters, surfaces are all completely smooth :>

I took TENS of pictures even in direct (weak) sun, but that didn't help, polish comes always too much pink, so you have to imagine this shade more vibrant and purplier; it's dark, but VERY vivid - and so glossy itself.

Brush is GIANT and flat, I can cover almost my thumb nail with a gentle pression of it :D

N. 155 came too much red: again, add to it a mixture of purple and fucsia... (but you can see here it's a little more red than "Urban Purple")

Formula of Rimmel is fantastic: thanks to the brush too, polish flows very well, it's very pigmented and you can go with one coat, but I applied two - I prefer two thin coats than just a single thick one.

Also Jumpy's polish is perfect: it's a jelly base with fine glitters, but it covers very well with two coats. Brush is small, but I don't complain, it doesn't affect application.
Thanks again, Sabbatha ^___^

EDIT on wear: today it's 26 february, and I got just a little chip on my right thumb's nail, few other nails have minor tipwear, rest of nails are slightly intact, I'm very impressed, this combination of polishes works wonderfully!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


zygzak said...

Try putting jumpy over purple, this combination is great!

sabbatha said...

huaaaa zygzak is evil ]:-> she is talking about evil polishes and because of her I bought you this jumpy :D

hiiiiiii zygzaaakkkk :*

Smaltoitaliano said...

This blog will soon become a low tavern, I know -.-°

Welcome here Zigzak! :>
I don't know that Sabbatha, must be sort of a comment spammer...


sabbatha said...


sabbatha said...

http://networkedblogs.com/ePlrW look, your fontana :P

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