Essence - That's My Pop Cake!

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Ok, sorry for screaming, but I guess it must be the void around here, because my lack of posting...

Trying to be a makeup artist is fun, but hard as well :|
If you are curious about my work and splashes of art, you can track me on my Facebook page and Instagram :>

That being said, here's the newest post I've ever published, because these are my current nails, done less than 24 hrs ago :D

I must thank Ina who told me about the glitter-sponge method for applying annoying glitters-in-clear varnishes, thank you again!

(outdoor, cloudy) 

I've used this "new" Essence Effect Nail Polish which is, as you can see, a LOAD of pink fine glitters mixed with thin holographic bars in clear base.

This method is supereasy and gives the cutest result, plus I think it's a nice way to wear crazy polishes or colours when you don't feel like wearing them: that's me in winter or cold season.

(indoor daylight)

This nailpolish is more shiny and glittery in real life, I like it under artificial lighting :>

(artificial light)
I'd need the sun now to show you its sparklyness, but I guess I'll have to wait for spring time :/

 Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


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Hi there :>

See the title? I decided to make a compilation post because I'm SO behind and, more important, now I'm hating the squared shape I had months ago :D

This one, I liked it so much: it's made of a purple creme, "Neon Lilac" by H&M and one of the first polishes Sabbatha sent me centuries ago <3, Lovely Color Mania n. 173.

That little H&M bottle was in a set of four or five, if I don't get wrong (yellow, orange, pink, purple and... ?), I didn't bought it, but a lovely girl gave four of them to me.
I really like this shade of purple :> and that Lovely has the perfect coloured base to show its chunky warm gold glitters on.

Next one, I wanted to try that pink Shaka I showed you in my last post, "Little Women", but you know, this Peppa Pig pink was definitely too much on its own, so I applied my beloved green flakies from Inglot on some nails.

Too girly anyway, eh? -.-°

Ok, a better look is coming :D
You know (maybe) I resist the urge to try new polishes every time I buy them, because I have varnishes purchased YEARS ago and still never even tried on... Looks like that time I caved and wore like TWO new shades in a row, how crazy I am! :D

This is the extracute Wet n Wild Megalast E2133 "On A Trip", who doesn't love a good lavender colour?

Later I added something to make it more interesting, despite my short nails of the period:

Unfortunately, I have no idea which blue is that Kiko, maybe n. 335? I don't know, but I think you can live with it and go on in your life anyway.

I made a classic gradient and I LOVED it!

I think I'll publish another post like this, because I have many more manis done in the past (it means: the first months of 2014), hope you'll like them :>

I know I'm not as regular as I did in the past, but I just want to thank all the people who still stumble in my little blog who read, look at my pictures and leave comment, please note that I always reply ALL of them, and I appreciate all of them :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

"some" "new" bottles...

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Yes, I know, sometimes I die and sometimes I come alive, I'm sorry, but life can be busy...

These bottles are more than "some", and no more "new", at least for me, haha, but if you're interested in names and colours, keep reading!

Wjcon sand glittery laquers!
This is an italian makeup brand, similar to Kiko, but interesting the same :D
I don't own much items because its stores are located far from my usual paths, but that time I knew I wanted to try their sands!

- n. 805: gold-burgundy sand;
- n. 808: gold-purple-navy blue sand;
- n. 807: green-lilac-teal sand;
- n. 804: deep forest green-purple/pink duochrome sand!
- n. ? : lol, last one was an emerald varnish I can't find anywhere in my house, sorry!

I think I bought these like one year ago, when sands were at their peak, you know now there are many choises out there, but I still didn't wear none of them... I'm slowly getting into polishes again.

(from top, zigzag wise: unknown emerald, n. 804, n. 807, n. 808, n. 805)

The blue wagon!
I'll never lose my blue love, so from time to time I see blues I want (and buy), next pic shows the latest ones:

From top:

- Sephora Degradé Tie Dye n. 05, transparent blue for layerings. I hate Sephora, this is a gift :D

- Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots n. 198 "Shooting Stars": you know what? I don't like white hexagon glitters, but I liked the overall effect in the bottle, we'll see if it will be the same on nails :D

- H&M "Moonlight": deep teal-purple/pinkduochrome. My pic sucks, but it's a GREAT colour, check some swatches on the web!

- Kiko Laser Nail Lacquer n. 434: from the Dark Heroin collection, blue-violet duochrome. I have the feeling it's a little useless for me, haha, but I don't want to check if I have something like it now (probaly). It's SO vibrant.

- Wet n Wild Wild Shine E417F "Eggplant Frost": not sure if it's a good thing, but I remember I had a lipgloss exactly like this colour when I was very young, and I even wore it many times, before my mum decided I looked hilarious :D
This is a DEEP purple base with deep blue shimmer, probably yeah, a little frosty, but not that much (maybe).

- H&M "Serenity Now": this is like the new version of my beloved "Blue My Mind", one my favourites blues of all time!
Since that "Serenity Now" is slightly darker than "Blue My Mind", I made my cap swatches, see below:

Unofrtunately my camera can't keep the royal tinge of these blues, anyway you can see the difference: on the left, "Serenity Now", on the right "Blue My Mind".

Next, "Eggplant Frost" reminded me of Savina "Purple Prince", so I made a comparison:

Savina has less shimmer, I think it's more purple in general, while "Eggplant Frost" has more shimmer, and it's more visible the difference between base and metallic blue. They're different.

Another comparison: H&M "Moonlight" and Essence "Miss Universe":

They're THE SAME thing, and I didn't notice it until the swatches were before my eyes. *gh*

Ok, next batch, a cool one:

From left:

- Shaka "Rapture": nice cool powder medium blue.

- "Little Women": cool pastel pink with a subtle white shimmer (not visible in my pic).

- "Cerulean Sins": lol, my blue collection can be named like that :D This is an electric dark blue creme.

- Wet n Wild Megalast E2133 "On A Trip": the perfect lavender hue.

Last batch, the minted one:

From left:

- Prestige Wonder Gloss NLW - 200 "Sea Breeze": jade green creme, a little greener in real life than my picture.

- H&M "Green Bluish": totally useless polish, I bought it because I liked the bottle full of those duochromes glitters, but I know they're too sparse in the clear base to achieve the same effect on nails (maybe with 10 layers?). I don't know, I think I'll use it on tips OR on top of another glittery nailpolish :>

- Kiko Quick Dry n. 835: this is a jade hue too, but much greener than Prestige; I tried to tweak the picture, but you know these colours are impossible to reproduce, even more if you have a crappy camera like me.
Plus, these are almost neon colours, so camera gets crazier :D
Cap swatches:

Left Prestige, right Kiko. Do you get the idea? :>

Of course I have MORE new bottles to show you, and some from Poland too (:D) we'll see them in the next posts, hopefully :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Are these stiletto nails?

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Another update...

Yep, after the almond shape, I decided to go further and I filed my nails into che pointest and sharpest shape I've ever had:

I know they aren't perfect, but I already find myself filing micron after micron, trying to reach the perfect gothic ogive... :D

Maybe pictures don't show it well, but trust me, they're really pointed and sharp, especially without polish!
Here I'm wearing my classic combo Kiko Smooth Base + Essence Nail Candies.

Best side effect: I started noticing this effect with the almond shape, but now I realized nailpolish lasts definitely longer on nails, no chips after one week, I even got bored of the colour I had and thanked the only chip it occurred on my middle nail :D
Maybe squared corners are more prone to rubbing and wearing? At least for me, at least until now.

Quite sharp, eh?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

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That day, last year, I wanted to wear my beloved "Fantasy Fire" on its own...

Not a big deal though, it took me only 5 coats to achieve this result :D

(indoor daylight)

It's still one of my favourites nailpolish of all time, and I'm still wondering WHY do they had to sell it in such small bottles >:^(

(outdoor daylight)

Like always, nails' smile wasn't almost visible in real life, don't know why cameras manage to capture it so well...
If you like that "under glass" effect on nails like me you won't be bother by it anyway.

Do you still love it as much as I do?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Blues of last summer (and a remove-stains tip!)

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Last summer I wore winter shades, that's it.
Maybe I just tought they would be great with tanned hands, don't now why :D

Anyway, pictures are a little too bright, as the summer sun makes these dusty colours way too intense (or it's my poor camera reaction), but that's the beauty of light, right? :>
This is Essence "Goofy-Blue", cornflower blue with silver-white snowglitters.

Sparkly and wet-looking, it's quite pretty on the beach, trust me.

Below, Catrice "Shoppind at Bluemingdales": nice colour, worst name, I HATE these stupid names à la O.P.I., what's wrong with simple numbers and codes? :D

Again, this is a perfect autumn powdery blue (if you're that kind of person who cares about seasonal colours - I'm not :D ) and here you can see it a little too brighter than its real appearance...

Last, NYC "Jade" (simple name!).
PERFECT with tan, awful on nails, it stained them badly >.<

Below you see my nails right after the polish removal, and then clean again.
I used this homecleaning product to remove stains: it's a biodegradable, non-toxic detergent made of soap, natural fats, clay, lemon, glycerin and water; in the jar it looks like a block of white stone, you have to rub it with a damp sponge in order to use it on surfaces, but I used an old toothbrush whit the smallest quantity of product to brush my nails and get rid of stains in 3 seconds!

Please note I recommend it only for those bad bad stains you can't remove with just remover/acetone and q-tips, because this is a mild abrasive detergent. I used it only once, as I usually don't get stains, and my nails didn't suffer from this procedure.

In Italy you can find it in Kasanova stores (€12 for a 500g jar, if I don't get wrong) or in open air markets.
Have you ever heard of this product before?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Current nail shape :>

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I'm not dead!

I just started working as a makeup artist (I'm going to open a Facebook page about it, would you read me there too? ;> ) and trust me, it's really really hard sometimes, you don't have time for nothing, so my nails have been almost-naked most of the last weeks.

This post shows my current nail shape: I always liked the pointy almond one, but my natural nails don't have the right proportions, so I'm trying to file them in an "elongated" shape...

Lately my nails behaved badly: I especially hated the peels at corners, because once you get them, nailpolish lasts a fraction of the time >.<, so I thought, what if I file them away? :D
Let's see if this will help me!

Last picture shows my usual look of last weeks: it's Essence Nail Candies n. 06 "Soda Pop & Candy Shop":
I LOVE this nailpolish! 6 in 1 formula, it helps smoothen the surface of nails, makes them whiter and it has a fruity scent which actually lasts! - not something I usually care for, but it's refreshing and more pleasant than the chemical pure smell of varnishes, definitely :D

(cloudy day...)

One coat, it dries in seconds and it's really helpful when you have to have nice nails and ZERO time :>
Not visible, but this nailpolish contains some sort of white-silver microglitters, I think they're there to help reflecting light and give your nails that invisible glow we all like.
Super recommended!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sinful Colors - Blue By You

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This dates from last summer, and this blue it's perfect for summmertime...

1. It's BRIGHT and vibrant °_°

2. It has the colour of the sea *_*

3. It has aqua shimmer and a foil finish, just like a sparkling plain ocean ♥_♥

King-Octopus ring fits nicely, eh? :D

Don't ask me about how many coats I used, because I can't remember it, let's say the usual two to three?

I love foil-like nailpolishes, they're beautiful even in lowlight or in the evening, so deep ♥

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Lovely - Crystal Strenght n. 402

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* coff coff  *


Did you notice by chance I'm quite busy these... months weeks?
Makeup school is a mess, and I must admit it's sometimes (MANY times!) so exhausting, especially if you later have to keep your house clean, cuddle your cat, make dinners, etc., etc. etc. :D

But my love for nailpolishes is still alive and I keep taking pictures of my coloured jewels-for-nails *_*

This one is a precious bottle from Poland (who knows who sent me this? :D ), I wore it for a wedding in July 2013, where I had a toned down, so-neutral outift and I needed just a little bright touch on me:


Anyway, this is one of my favourite nailpolishes of all time: jelly seagreeen base, duochrome glassfleck-ish glitters, LOVE at a first sight °_°

See? Translucent nails ♥.♥

I think I applied three coats, not a problem in drying time, I think it also lasted good on me for many days, as I took pics of it after I returned home :>

Nice colour, uh? Fresh and happy :>
Now let's hope to see you more often than every two months >.<

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Boys of summer

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Hi everyone!

With this song in background, you can read my post about my summer-ish new entries from 2013 - I think I bought more, but I'll show them in some next posts :D

Quandoè unknown colour/number: this is a very cool very tiny bottle of a very nice duochrome colour... Also VERY similar to Deborah n. 57 "Carpe Diem".
Ok, they're the VERY same nailpolish, too bad I didn't see it the moment I chose it :D

NYC n. 022 "Jade" (a little greener in real life), L'Oréal n. 831 "Fluo Azur" (♥) and a free Layla I got with a magazine... which I didn't like, in the end :D (the nailpolish, magazine is that kind of supposed women themes rubbish).
Anyway, it's Layla CE 66, a dusty light blue, WAY more dusty than in my pic, looks like almost a blue-grey.

Above we have a superlovely trio:

- H&M "Shangai Nights": emerald green base, violently duochrome glitters, from blue to purple-pink, just like my hair right now :D

- Essence "Elves Like Lilac", from Fantasia TE, thank you again MaiSenzaSmalto!

- Maybelline n. 860 "Sea Sunset": this one it's more dull in real life, but it's nice in the bottle, duochrome shimmer is lovely; I tried it solo in the meantime, and I didn't like it that much, so I'll retry it over a blue base, I want to make it more vibrant.

Ok, a row of Kikos:

- from their new (now old and probably not successful) line of Quick Dry varnishes, n. 830, electric blue with lighter blue shimmer.
Not tried it yet.

- from the summer collection, Sun Pearl n. 428 (deep green with goldish "wet" glitters) and n. 429 (medium blue with wet silver glitters).
Why I say "wet"? It's just my impression of the look of these polishes, especially the silvery ones :>
Think of fine glassflecks...

- Laser Nail Lacquer n. 435 "Venom Teal", this is from the autumn collection of 2013 "Dark Heroine".
Classic duochrome blue-violet, mmh, we'll see when I'll wear it, I know I have already Essence and Catrice dupes >.<

New brand!
Not new to me, of course: Naj-Oleari is an historical italian fashion brand which at a certain point developed a cosmetic line, I remember I used to buy stuff from them when I was in high school.
Every now and then I see some nice products, but these two gems were at a cats charity sale, and I grabbed them immediately!

Blue one is a sand! Frome the Crystalizer Sandy Effect range, n. 108, it's a mix of blue-silver-pink, and in some angles you can see gold too (I think pink are duochromes); citrus yellow is n. 116, it's from Pearl XXL Sparkling Effect line, and I must say it's really sparkly!
I know, unusual colour for me, but I like it; I know it will be awesome layered or in a gradient :>

Quick cap swatches: I think these are two coats, nice ones, right?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)