Current nail shape :>

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I'm not dead!

I just started working as a makeup artist (I'm going to open a Facebook page about it, would you read me there too? ;> ) and trust me, it's really really hard sometimes, you don't have time for nothing, so my nails have been almost-naked most of the last weeks.

This post shows my current nail shape: I always liked the pointy almond one, but my natural nails don't have the right proportions, so I'm trying to file them in an "elongated" shape...

Lately my nails behaved badly: I especially hated the peels at corners, because once you get them, nailpolish lasts a fraction of the time >.<, so I thought, what if I file them away? :D
Let's see if this will help me!

Last picture shows my usual look of last weeks: it's Essence Nail Candies n. 06 "Soda Pop & Candy Shop":
I LOVE this nailpolish! 6 in 1 formula, it helps smoothen the surface of nails, makes them whiter and it has a fruity scent which actually lasts! - not something I usually care for, but it's refreshing and more pleasant than the chemical pure smell of varnishes, definitely :D

(cloudy day...)

One coat, it dries in seconds and it's really helpful when you have to have nice nails and ZERO time :>
Not visible, but this nailpolish contains some sort of white-silver microglitters, I think they're there to help reflecting light and give your nails that invisible glow we all like.
Super recommended!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sinful Colors - Blue By You

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This dates from last summer, and this blue it's perfect for summmertime...

1. It's BRIGHT and vibrant °_°

2. It has the colour of the sea *_*

3. It has aqua shimmer and a foil finish, just like a sparkling plain ocean ♥_♥

King-Octopus ring fits nicely, eh? :D

Don't ask me about how many coats I used, because I can't remember it, let's say the usual two to three?

I love foil-like nailpolishes, they're beautiful even in lowlight or in the evening, so deep ♥

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Lovely - Crystal Strenght n. 402

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* coff coff  *


Did you notice by chance I'm quite busy these... months weeks?
Makeup school is a mess, and I must admit it's sometimes (MANY times!) so exhausting, especially if you later have to keep your house clean, cuddle your cat, make dinners, etc., etc. etc. :D

But my love for nailpolishes is still alive and I keep taking pictures of my coloured jewels-for-nails *_*

This one is a precious bottle from Poland (who knows who sent me this? :D ), I wore it for a wedding in July 2013, where I had a toned down, so-neutral outift and I needed just a little bright touch on me:


Anyway, this is one of my favourite nailpolishes of all time: jelly seagreeen base, duochrome glassfleck-ish glitters, LOVE at a first sight °_°

See? Translucent nails ♥.♥

I think I applied three coats, not a problem in drying time, I think it also lasted good on me for many days, as I took pics of it after I returned home :>

Nice colour, uh? Fresh and happy :>
Now let's hope to see you more often than every two months >.<

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Boys of summer

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Hi everyone!

With this song in background, you can read my post about my summer-ish new entries from 2013 - I think I bought more, but I'll show them in some next posts :D

Quandoè unknown colour/number: this is a very cool very tiny bottle of a very nice duochrome colour... Also VERY similar to Deborah n. 57 "Carpe Diem".
Ok, they're the VERY same nailpolish, too bad I didn't see it the moment I chose it :D

NYC n. 022 "Jade" (a little greener in real life), L'Oréal n. 831 "Fluo Azur" (♥) and a free Layla I got with a magazine... which I didn't like, in the end :D (the nailpolish, magazine is that kind of supposed women themes rubbish).
Anyway, it's Layla CE 66, a dusty light blue, WAY more dusty than in my pic, looks like almost a blue-grey.

Above we have a superlovely trio:

- H&M "Shangai Nights": emerald green base, violently duochrome glitters, from blue to purple-pink, just like my hair right now :D

- Essence "Elves Like Lilac", from Fantasia TE, thank you again MaiSenzaSmalto!

- Maybelline n. 860 "Sea Sunset": this one it's more dull in real life, but it's nice in the bottle, duochrome shimmer is lovely; I tried it solo in the meantime, and I didn't like it that much, so I'll retry it over a blue base, I want to make it more vibrant.

Ok, a row of Kikos:

- from their new (now old and probably not successful) line of Quick Dry varnishes, n. 830, electric blue with lighter blue shimmer.
Not tried it yet.

- from the summer collection, Sun Pearl n. 428 (deep green with goldish "wet" glitters) and n. 429 (medium blue with wet silver glitters).
Why I say "wet"? It's just my impression of the look of these polishes, especially the silvery ones :>
Think of fine glassflecks...

- Laser Nail Lacquer n. 435 "Venom Teal", this is from the autumn collection of 2013 "Dark Heroine".
Classic duochrome blue-violet, mmh, we'll see when I'll wear it, I know I have already Essence and Catrice dupes >.<

New brand!
Not new to me, of course: Naj-Oleari is an historical italian fashion brand which at a certain point developed a cosmetic line, I remember I used to buy stuff from them when I was in high school.
Every now and then I see some nice products, but these two gems were at a cats charity sale, and I grabbed them immediately!

Blue one is a sand! Frome the Crystalizer Sandy Effect range, n. 108, it's a mix of blue-silver-pink, and in some angles you can see gold too (I think pink are duochromes); citrus yellow is n. 116, it's from Pearl XXL Sparkling Effect line, and I must say it's really sparkly!
I know, unusual colour for me, but I like it; I know it will be awesome layered or in a gradient :>

Quick cap swatches: I think these are two coats, nice ones, right?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Rimmel - 60 seconds n. 405 Rose Libertine

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Girlish pinky pink today (°_________°), I know, not something you see often here...

(outdoor daylight, washed out...)

But seems like I like this hue of pink, isn't it? :D
"Rose Libertine" is a lovely warm pink creme (a tad warmer in reality than in my pictures), feminine and easy to wear, I like the contrast between its sweeetness and my usual way of clothing (much more strong-looking :D ).

(indoor daylight)

Don't know why (but I know it happens sometimes), it's a little darker on nails than in the bottle, maybe it's because of bottle's shape and material.
Brush isn't flat, but I didn't have problem with application.

(indoor day-lowlight)

I love it, in lowlight is bright and full, not flat and dull, and I use it whenever I want a neutral tone, but I don't want to use a skin-coloured nailpolish.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Prestige - Nail Bijoux St. Barth (NLM-24)

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New year, new post!

These pictures are from June, better late than never, right? :D

Nail Bijoux are small bottles of multicoloured varnishes from Prestige, some interesting, some not, but if you own less than two Helmers of nailpolishes, you'll find many original colours and finishes (promo picture is too edited and all flat, but trust me :D ).
I can't find them in their site, though, so maybe they're already discontinued? Or do they have a bad web editor? :P

"St. Barth" is a great bright cornflowery blue, VERY glossy on its own.

Sorry for the tipwear, but look at the colour °_°
Of course this is one of those tricky hues, bright and pastel at the same time, hope you're getting the idea anyway!

(indoor daylight)

I think I used two coats, application is easy and brush is flat without being like a giant pavesino :D

Bottle is only ml4,5 (less than a Mavala!), I think they're around €2,50, not bad if you find a colour you like :> 

Have a nice YEAR and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Mi-Ny Holographic Touch - Brown n. 5

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Hi all!

Finally a nailpolish which left me a bit... disappointed.
Even if it's a holo!

(indoor daylight)

This is from Mi-Ny, an italian cosmetic brand fairly new who offers a TON of colours and finishes (400, so far): if you aren't a nailpolish fanatic like me (hey, what are you doing here, then? :D ) and stumble in one of their stores, you'd probably end up buying like 20 different colours!

(full sun)

They released these holographic colours last year, when holos landed in Italy (late with the rest of the world...) and they were a huge hit everywhere.
I bought four colours that time :>

I decided to wear their nude holo for a wedding (these pics were taken in June), because I wanted a "safe" shade with a fun touch on my nails.

(indoor daylight)

Why disappointed, so? 
I found the colour too light in shade for my tastes, even if, as you can notice, holo colours are always there, even in lowlight condition, but there's something "wrong" with the lightest part of my nails (in the center) against my skin, I'm not sure this colour suits me well.

(full sun)

In the sun and under artificial lights I love it, not so much during daytime, especially cloudy days...
I already wore some pastel-y holos in the past, but they were always pretty on me, so I guess it must be only this particular "brown" (as Mi-Ny calls this colour - I define it a nude).

Anyway, I've already chose n. 5 more than one time, because it's a pretty calm shade, quite easy to apply and dries quickly - but be careful, it drags inbetween layers! You need to wait enough minutes before applying the next coat, otherwise you'll get bald areas here and there. 

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Colour Alike - n. 209

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Aaaaahhhh, new post!

Onto the important things: one of the most beautiful Polish nailpolish Sabbatha ever sent ♥_____♥


She requested I chose to wear one of the shades she sent me in our last swap - only because I usually tend to wear old colours first, rather than the latest I buy or get :D

How not to choose n. 209?

I think these were two coats, it's higly pigmented and it has some kind of glassflecks-glitter which are also duochrome, from blue to violet (to gold in extreme angles), all in a blasting purple base *_*

 The glitters make it more blue than it appears in reality, anyway the colour changes under different lightings, and when the sun disappears it becomes a true purple <3

(some kind of direct sun...)

I know this varnish broke other hearts out there, I guess Spookynails will open her Polish webshop soon :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Russian mail :>

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Hello again :>

Since I'm late with posts like a stupid actress on a movie set, I'm desperately trying to catch up with my latest new arrivals...
Ok, this isn't really a latest one, but it has been such a pleasure swapping with Anastasia I couldn't leave it behind any more :>

I LOVE the box this haul came in (it's blue ♥), I'm keeping it as a nice souvenir, our postal boxes aren't that stylish :D

Ok, not the biggest swap I've ever made, but I was (and I'm) broke as usual, so I couldn't afford many of the Russian gems we got to know lately (hello El Corazon and Dance Legend...).

BUT some months ago I stumbled in this post, and I fell in love with that varnish, so when Anastasia asked me for a swap, I took the chance and gently asked her if she could buy me it, and she did :>

PinkUp is a cheap brand and has many colour, pity I can't find a good online overview;  n. 77 is a blue-purple base with gold tiny glitters, see it swatched by Bamboo!

Anastasia even added two surprise colours, - not so surprising to you readers, I know:

- Jean Mishel, colour: I don't know! It's 6ml bottle, and text on the back (sooooo small) looks like it doesn't mention colour or number, so I'm clueless...
Anyway, it's a muted blue creme, with some teal tones :> 

- Jade n. C325: muted cornflower base with a duochrome iceblue-to-violet shimmer ♥
This is an Israel brand, even if the polish is made in France.
I've found this page, but I seriously hope Anastasia didn't pay it $14! °_°

Thanks so much again Anastasia, I didn't forget about my Dance Legends, I'm just waiting for the right moment ( = €€€€€€€€€ ) :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Oh My Glitter! AND Sinful Colors - Rise And Shine

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Hi all!

This time, two colours I didn't mix, or layered, just applied together :D


Photo above is too washed out - don't know why - but if you own these colours, you know they're quite bright and saturated, and a little tricky to represent the actual hue...

"Oh My Glitter!" is a nice lilac with pink-violet-gold tiny glassflecks, and "Rise And Shine" is a grass green with a touch of blue - in some pics it's bluer than the reality.


I think I applied two coats of both colours, they're perfect and they didn't stain my nails.

(outdoor shade)

See the flecks in the lilac? ♥
"Rise And Shine" has a delicate mint shimmer in it, it makes the polish so full and creamy, love it!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)