My kind of rainbow

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How do you like my kind of rainbow? :D

Below here they are my January-February new adds :>

Kind of boring, uh? Forgive me *_*

Another view, enjoy reflects and scroll down for names and numbers :>

1) Shaka CH4 "Peacock": turquoise-emerald creamy base, gold metallic veins *_*

2) Kiko Sugar Mat n. 643, a small swatch here :>

3) Essence "Life Is A Freeride"...

4) ... and "Goofy-Blue", from Snow Jam TE; unfortunately not really colour accurate :|

5) Kiko Celebration Nail Lacquer n. 424, from the Colours In The World spring collection, swatch here.

6) H&M "Active Blue", one of the newest colours, so saturated and full of pink and blue chunkies ♥

7) Shaka "Pandora"...

8) ... and CH5 "Indigo" (swatch here): they look similar, but they're not, as "Pandora" is a deep and rich purple with some metallic reflects; "Indigo" is a dupe for this blue Kiko (supposed to be a duochrome).

9) Depend n. 313, doesn't need any introduction, right? EDIT: many many thanks to MaiSenzaSmalto for having picked me this amazing little bottle outside of Italy ♥____♥

10) Shaka CH2 "Purple".

Ok, Shaka does collection, but as I said before, their site is a complete mess, and not all colours are shown together, if they're part of a collection, or they aren't shown at all, so to sum up, CH collection ("chrome"?) is composed of five shades (overview here), in the end I bought four of them.

"Pandora" comes from another collection, Color Cosmo (overview here), it includes many beautiful shades even if not so original (at least for me :P ).

Detail shot, for your viewing pleasure :>

From left: CH5 "Indigo", "Pandora", CH2 "Purple", CH4 "Peacock".

Stupid gif of the two Kiko :D

Below, detail of "Active Blue" and n. 313, plus a last minute new entry, Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat n. 10: bought because on sale, it claims a "velvet" effect, I liked it because it's not a creme, but contains small glitters and a metallic shimmer, we'll see them better when I'll wear it :>


Lastly, two neutral colours for those dim days, when I'll want to wear something calm on nails :D
Sinful Colors "Glass Pink" and Kiko Holographic n. 399 (another sale buying)... Now I have enough neutral holographics :D

I've also made a quick comparison with Ebalay A02; "Glass Pink" is pretty sheer, two coats on cap, I hope it will give that natural finish touch to nails... Not sure if I'll wear it alone though :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New Bloglovin' button!

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Hi :>
Title post says it all, I've just added a Bloglovin' button for your convenience, hope it works fine :D

Ruffian: Kiko - n. 350 + Kiko - n. 231 + H&M - Aqua Splash

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Someting a little different this week :>

Ruffian design isn't for me: my nailbeds are too short and my hands aren't superslim, so ruffian can shorten them, BUT I tried it anyway with the help of a great glitter varnish :>

(outdoor daylight, sorry of the out of focus areas)

Actually I used two glitter varnishes, or I wanted to use two, but Kiko wasn't easy to manipulate for the effect I had in mind, so I just dabbed some hex and you'll rarely see them in pics :D

"Aqua Splash" is an awesome clear base with these holographic microglitters in turquoise shades, so sparkly in the sun *_* (another bigger picture here)
H&M releases these little gems every now and then, so you always have to take a look at the cosmetic corner when you're there, because they're limited and change very often!

Kiko n. 231, I have it since ages and never used, I bought it because it was nice to look at the bottle, but not really my style, must use it with parsimony :D

(indoor daylight)

Kiko n. 350 comes from the 2011 Christmas limited edition collection called Light Impulse, which also featured these ones.
It's not holographic, but I liked it as a neutral shade with a non-boring touch (look at the sparkles!).
I can describe the colour like "warm stone", not grey and not brown.
Two coats without top coat.

(direct sun)

It changes a little under different lightings, but I think you got the idea...

(indoor daylight)

I got bored with it soon, lol, thats' why I added this fake ruffian :D

Not all nails ended up just like I wanted, because "Aqua Splash" is a little tricky if you want to give it a precise shape like this, but that's ok :>

(artificial light)

Maybe it could be easier with loose glitter, instead of using a nailpolish? Try it if you have it, then let me know :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Shaka - n. 03 Hologram Violet

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My turn with one of these small bottles of holo happiness Shaka brought to us (and some of you out there too :D ).

This is called "Hologram Violet", but I've put in in my pink-labeled drawer because I don't see a true purple in the "base" colour.

(direct sun)

At first, I wanted to use this dusty pink from Basic Beauty shown also here, but man, it looked so ugly on me :D
So, I used it as base for this holo, which has the typical stupid formula like almost-dry glue.

(under artificial light)

I sadwiched it as usual: base-one coat of holo-top coat-one coat of holo.

Now I think you all own a colour like this in your collection, but it's always a pleasure having it on hands, you always end up looking at nails like a dumb :D

The oh-so-useful gif:

Strong holo in sun means a decent amount of rainbow also in diffuse light, so here's a pic of full hand in outdoor daylight...

... and indoor too:

Now we know these kind of polishes travel the world, chemical formula goes through the brands of many countries, that's why they release always the same colours (with few exceptions), but wouldn't it be nice if we were able to find more interesting colours than the usual pale pink/green/blue? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sensique - Oriental Dream n. 264 Jewel Of The Orient + Catrice - Million Styles Effect Top Coat ¿Holo Qué Tal?

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How to obtain something better even from the best?

I don't know, I just know that I had the idea to layer this Catrice top coat over "Jewel Of The Orient" and BAM!, effect enhanced *_*

(indoor daylight)

"¿Holo Qué Tal?" is a milky base filled with duochrom-y chunkies of glitters, which have the same shift of colours you see in "Jewel Of The Orient", probably they contain the same glitters.

You see now nails have a more "grainy" appearance, less chrome, I must say I liked the result even more :>

(outdoor daylight)

Lately I don't have much to say while posting a manicure, just look at the pictures °_°

(indoor, semi-direct sun)

In the sun and artificial light top coats reveals its sparklier side, almost foily, great great effect.

And you have always two colours on nails *_________*
Milky base doesn't almost affect the base colour, so I bet you can use "¿Holo Qué Tal?" over everything.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sensique - Oriental Dream n. 264 Jewel Of The Orient

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Hi all :>

Finally a new post... even if I really don't have much to say, pics are well self-explanatory...

(indoor, daylight)

See? Amazing duochrome pink/purple/blue-almost-chrome nailpolish, sent by my beloved Sabbatha *_*

This is a Sensique colour from a great collection inspired by the oriental fabrics and precious stones impressions, she sent me other two bottles that you can see here.

These were two coats without top coat: isn't it awesome?

Lucklily it's neither a pure chrome, nor a frosty one, because it contains some glittery-kind-of particles which make it sparklier and lets a smooth application without brushes signs.

(artificial light)

Extreme angles show a warmer purple with a goldy shining...

... while front lighting enchances the light blue side :>

Another winning colour from Poland, yeah!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)