Shaka - n. 03 Hologram Violet

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My turn with one of these small bottles of holo happiness Shaka brought to us (and some of you out there too :D ).

This is called "Hologram Violet", but I've put in in my pink-labeled drawer because I don't see a true purple in the "base" colour.

(direct sun)

At first, I wanted to use this dusty pink from Basic Beauty shown also here, but man, it looked so ugly on me :D
So, I used it as base for this holo, which has the typical stupid formula like almost-dry glue.

(under artificial light)

I sadwiched it as usual: base-one coat of holo-top coat-one coat of holo.

Now I think you all own a colour like this in your collection, but it's always a pleasure having it on hands, you always end up looking at nails like a dumb :D

The oh-so-useful gif:

Strong holo in sun means a decent amount of rainbow also in diffuse light, so here's a pic of full hand in outdoor daylight...

... and indoor too:

Now we know these kind of polishes travel the world, chemical formula goes through the brands of many countries, that's why they release always the same colours (with few exceptions), but wouldn't it be nice if we were able to find more interesting colours than the usual pale pink/green/blue? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

perfeectt nails *.*

stregalice said...

Ne ho rotto uno ieri sera... :(

marox79 said...

I tend to stare at my nails when I'm using a holo, too, so you're not alone.

Sara SheLovesPolishes said...

wow!!! devo assolutamente trovare un punto vendita shaka che sia a meno di 300km! è stupendo! e le tue foto sono meravigliose!

*Ky* said...

Non riesco a smettere di fissare la gif XD

Anonymous said...

I have this one and it's a real beauty. Looks stunning on you! :-)

Color-Block said...

bellissime..passa da me se ti va possiamo seguirci a vicenda su bloglovin se ti va e gfc fammi sapere bacioni

Vania said...

gli holo si shaka sono pazzeschi :) rapporto qualità prezzo imbattibile!

QueenMiSeRy said...

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *sospiro trasognato*
C'è altro da aggiungere?
Forse sì. *occhi a cuore*

Smaltoitaliano said...

sabbatha, not true, but thank you :D

stregalice, ritrovato?

marox79, I also feel a little stupid acting like that :D

Grazie Sara, troppo gentile! 300km? Mamma mia :/

*Ky*, non volevo ipnotizzarti :D

Fab Fingertips, oh, do you have it? Hurray for swaps :D

Grazie Color-Block :>

E sì, Vania, mancano solo colori un po' più intensi :>

QueenMiSeRy, non dirmi che ti piace questo simil-rosa :D :P

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Fiuuuu, ce l'ho! Altrimenti sarei corsa a cercarlo!
Anch'io sono rimasta ipnotizzata dalla gif :D

Kamila said...

Shaka is a perfect holo. I want it!

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