Essence - Where's The Party?

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Hi :>
Here it is one of the most complex colour I've ever worn, it's very... undefined.
See for yourself:n


It has at least three colours in itself: lead grey, purple, green.
Sometimes you can see them all at once, sometimes one colour pops above the others.

For example, sun shows purple reflects:

(green on the edges °_°)

... But purple is the king in daylight too, depending on the angle of the lighting :>

(purple on top, green on the left, grey on the right...)

I must admit that this colour it's prettier in real life, because colours are often visible all together; this could be a defect, though, so if you like changing shades, this one is for you :>

What about "Where's The Party?" under artificial light?

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Last, two shots in low daylight, the BEST for duo/multichrome:

I don't remember very well how many coats I used, surely two, maybe three? I just remember it's VERY pigmented, so I guess two good coats are enough.
It lasted my regular five-six days, so it's perfect formula wise too.

Just another thing: the day I was wearing "Where's The Party?" I saw the Gareth Pugh for MAC's collection, and the most coveted shade "Ascension"; well, don't know about you, but I asked for its price (just curiosity!) and it was something like €23 0________________0

Best part? I tried it on my thumb, just on a half of it:

(which half, in your opinion? :^P )

Do you see any difference, any division line between "Ascension" and "Where's The Party?" It doesn't exist, these two colours were/are the same spitting shade, with the only difference in price (Essence is less than €2...).
Not bad, right? ;>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New buyings, a swap, a comparison...

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Ok, this new posting layout is somewhat confusing and very stupid (I had to rewrite things tens of times, text options keep changin' themselves without any intervention by me!), but I'm trying to get used to it, because I guess it will be the definite one and the old one will disappear soon.
Then, I saw a lot of blogs with the new comments system why I don't have it? :^|

Anyway, in case you 're interested in new items, here are mines:

Kiko n. 03 (metallic-frost green) and n. 350 (champagne? I don't know...), two limited edition colours from two different makeup collections; they were on sale, so I grabbed them, together with the black Frozen one (not pictured).

These came from Switzerland!
A girl mad about duochromes asked for some Fontana Contarini she saw on my blog, and I sent her a handful of them; since Re-mix Your Style hasn't been released here in Italy, I asked her for some topcoats, and she managed to get me Love (detailed in picture) and Rock (*psst*, if you have the other two and want to sell them to me, my email is up to the left :D); but she was so kind and added an Accessorize purple nailpolish (n. 34) - they aren't sold in Italy, as usual :D - and a Misslyn n. 595, a German brand I suppose, not sold in Italy again.
As you can see, it's a gorgeous slightly duochrome blue = *__________*

Next, my last find: a new shade of Deborah Prêt à Porter, named "Carpe Diem".

I compared it with other similar shades I already own: Fontana Contarini n. 75 (left) and Essence "Where's The Party?" (right), always on my trusted plastic bottles cap :D

(all two coats)

N. 75 is the most changing colour above all three, while "Carpe Diem" is the most pigmented.
Pretty nice, don't you think? Duochrome from a teal to a purple <3 <3

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 335 + Kiko - n. 354

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Let's continue with Kiko, why not :D
As per the Layla row, these Kiko posts are absolutely genuine, as I publish posts in the same order as I wear my manicures...

Anyway, this was my last combo for 2011 (and the first of 2012, since that I'm still wearing it - chipped - while I'm writing - January 2nd!): festive enough, right?

(direct sun, the most true-to-life pic)

Next one is in daylight, LOVE it:

First of all, I took pictures with my new camera, but clearly I can't use it yet, I didn't like the final result so much... My skin looks made of plastic, they just look kind of washed out, white balance isn't the best... I don't know, any suggestion?
Meanwhile, I'll play with it, maybe it's just some option I have to focus on...

The actors:

One coat of n. 335, a blue jelly, way more dark in reality, and two coats of n. 354 *_*

Colours are pretty well pictured, even if these kind of blues/blurples may vary in different ligthings... but I still don't like how my skin appears here :^[

Nothing more to say, Kiko confirm itself :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 333 + BeYu - n. 209

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Ok, THE king combo of the year (almost, I think my absolute favourite of 2011 is this one).

Thanks to the magnificent n. 209 from BeYu, I was able to recreate a Clarins 230 look-a-like, which is not bad since I will never get the original one...

Well, not just the BeYu, but a very great deep purple by Kiko helped me with this manicure.

I showed you n. 333 here, and you see now the deepness of this purple, so dark and saturated.
It's not a unique colour, but this is what we have in Italy, and considering it's a Kiko, you may know about its good quality, good brush, etc. :>

The main characters:

I took this picture in the dawn lighting, that's why it's so warm.
Pretty as well, eh?

We had sun the previous week before Christmas, but I was unable to take pictures in the open, so I tried to capture the green side of the shimmer... in my bathroom -.-
But it's there!

And here it is how it looks in artificial light, so sparkly and precious!

I liked this a LOT, you may have noticed it by the number of pictures :D

I applied two coats of n. 333 and two coats of n. 209; it was beautiful with just one coat of n. 209, but oh well... :D

The good BeYu (INCI 31) isn't that easy to find, but if you have a Douglas near you, I suggest trying several times searching for it and NOT giving up, because I was able to find other bottles to send out to some girls who requested it.
Remember this colour it's part of the BeYu regular range, it's NOT a limited edition :>

The purple Kiko is a creme, not a jelly one, but that's ok, I guess I'll use it for other interesting layerings such this one.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 342

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Hello everybody!
First post of 2012 is a green, a hope green: fits perfectly today, don't you think? :>

Unfortunately I only got few pictures in artificial light, as that week it was always bad weather and such...
But they return pretty well the colour, even if in real life maybe it's a little dustier and not so bright (just a little!)

Simple malachite green creme, it changes under different lightings. You now how it works with teals and tertiary shades ;>

PERFECT coverage in two coats, Kiko definitely shows its best with cremes :>

Happy new year to everyone who's reading, have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)