Rimmel - Green With Envy + Ozotic - n. 504

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Picture heavy post this time, sorry in advance if this is a bother for any of you :^/

First of all, I like layerings, they're fun and make me use my polishes a LOT more than just simply slapping them one by one every week :>

These are three coats of "Green With Envy" plus two coats of n. 504:


Same here, but in artificial light, it was SO dark outside in the morning...

(artificial light)

This combo was born totally random because of... lacking of time :D
One sunday evening (well, night), I decided to apply this Rimmel, which is a BOMB of aqua-emerald metallic green polish; problem is that it requires at least three coats (so sheer!), and it dries very slowly: result, you get bubbles >.<

Here it is "Green With Envy" on its own, bubbles and everything :D

(artificial light)

Another shade so hard to picture: it's a tad greener in real life, but you can see it has a blue side too. ♥_♥

I wore it alone for a day, but I hate bubbles, so I tried to cover them up with something else; so why not to choose a multichrome polish?
You don't always had to wear them over a black, they're AMAZING over lighter colours too!

Next two pictures are just one coat of n. 504, how beautiful?
N. 504 lays a purple veil over the green *_*

(artificial light)

But remember n. 504 is a multichrome, from purple to orange/gold, look at those colours!

(artificial light)

After two days, I decided to add another coat of n. 504... Perfection!
Here I managed to capture all the colours, it really has that oil slick appearance on surface and it's even way more visible to the naked eye!


It changes a little from indoor lighting to outdoor, indoor is deeper and much more intense, outdoor (overcast) it shows more colours:

Unfortunately, sun didn't show up too much these days, I bet this would be fantastic in full sun, but, oh well, I'll retry it in spring.

"Green With Envy" alone is a great colour, just be sure to have some time to let it dry well in between coats :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

No witty title, just fabulous colours :>

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Yesss, another Spooky-swap :>

Sabbatha is my first nailpolish-mate, it's always a delight receiving a parcel from her, and I'm always in debt with her because of her kindness :>
She learnt fast my tastes and this time is just as GREAT as the others.
Sabbatha, you're my Santa! :D

But I was wondering: why show swaps in public? I don't know about you, but I filled a BIG part of my wishlist by looking at swap images too, because in them you can often find local precious (and inexpensive!) brands you might not be aware of, because they're unavailable in the country you live in....

We all know China Glaze, OPI, etc., but since the first swap with Sabbatha, I realized Poland is sometimes so much better than USA regarding nailpolish brands choice!
There are MANY brands, they have many ranges and colours are amazing, original, exciting; best part? They're CHEAP, and I say that in a good way, I mean: you SAVE your money and gain a top product.

So, Sabbatha, THANK YOU again!

Are you curious? :>

1) China Glaze "Rodeo Fanatic" - I don't like rodeos, just in case - BLUE!

2) Sensique Oriental Dream n. 259 "Moss Temple" (It's the exactly shade of "Green Brown" pigment by MAC made in a nailpolish formula)

3) Sensique Oriental Dream n. 265 "Sky Over Silk Road"

4) Sensique Oriental Dream n. 264 "Jewel Of the Orient" Sabbatha swatched all these three (and the others from the Oriental Dream collection) here and here. Now that I have them in front of me, I understand why she was so amazed, they really look like bottled silk shantung!

5) Wibo n. 352: this is more than a metallic golden olive, it's not a shimmer, VERY deep and very opaque.

6) Golden Rose Scale Effect n. 15: *____________* multicoloured flakies *____________*

7) Nyx "Jungle": in my WL since the first time I wrote it, I then bought a similar shade (and sent it to Sabbatha :D), but Nyx is much more deep and vivid.

8) Wibo n. 355, a blue a day, the doctor's gone away...

Close-up of the magnificent three: from top, "Sky Over Silk Road", "Jewel Of the Orient" and "Moss Temple".

Together with all these beauties, she even sent me a decant of her gorgeous franken:

Is it finished? NO! :D She gave me this pigment too!

IMPOSSIBLE to picture it!
I had to tweak colour, in order to show you as it is to the naked eye, and now that I upload this picture I'm blind, it's really as bright and ELECTRIC as above, just darker.
Colours like these look always lighter in pictures...

Hope you've found interesting items to add to your WL as well :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

China Glaze - Frostbite

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Et voilà, blue's back :>

And what a great blue!
Thanks to Nihrida who sold this to me, I finally canceled "Frostbite" from my wishlist.
It's just like I expected, and NO frost at all!


What do you think? To be honest, it's a tad darker in real life, it has those almost-neon pigments which make crazy my poor camera, it's VERY vivid and electric, but deeper.
I think the blue shimmer too contribute to enlighten the colour in photos...
I took a picture against light to show you a little how it really appears:

Mmmh, love at first sight.

Next picture is very true to life, under an artificial light:

I love how it's so blue that becomes almost blurple at edges!

Not much more to add: these are two coats plus some other strokes here and there; formula is a bit watery, but covers well, and clean-up is easy as usual.
Maybe it's a little slower in drying, but nothing you can't handle.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Stargazer - n. 307

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Mh, I guess I don't have to add much more to this post other than images, don't you think?

So many faces!

That's it, one of my VERY favourites :>

Just one note: I put two coats (and a third one here and there to fill bald areas) over one coat of a franken of mine, a blue-green jelly I made ages ago: since the base of 307 is a light coloured teal jelly, this way I made it deeper and less sheer.

You can find n. 307 on eBay, seller ships fast, and you can have magic colours on your nails. It's simple!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

I'm not always blue...

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I always had a personal rainbow in my mind, where blues, cold greens and purples took the major place of it, but tertiary and quaternary (and so on :D) colours are something really fascinating to me.

What's these introduction got to do with nailpolish?
I don't know :D, but I like duo-tri-multichrome varnish not only for the colours you clearly see with a glance, but for the colours "at the edges" too, which are often a sum of the firsts, even if it can be hard to spy them once you apply polish (and if you have flat nails).

This is my last multichrome haul:

Stargazers are n. 307 (left) and n. 161 (right): "Space Cadet" dupe the first one, awesomeness in a ball bottle the second one.

N. 161 is a blurple-prussian blue JELLY base filled with golden-green shimmer, Nihrida swatched this, but at that time my bottle was already on journey toward my Helmer, so I chose it on eBay just by instinct :D

And the best part is the price: I paid like a total of €5 for two bottles, shipping included; bottles are of 14ml, made in UK... Gorgeous.

But few days ago I visited a Layla stand and found these two too:

Not blues! :D

But I literally fell in love with them *_*
Metal Sense is one of the million ranges Layla has just for its nailpolish division, lol.
I didn't even know about it before seeing these bottles last friday, everytime I discover a new one.
As usual, swatches/images on site are ridicously off from the real appearance, but I am (we are) here specifically to help buyers out there :P

N. 11 is a metallic version of "Space Cadet", while n. 9... I don't know, I don' t have a similar colour.
Violet-to-pink-to-a rusty bronze *_*

Here I show you how they change on the bottle cap, one coat over a coat of black:

I like them because they're truly metallic, I mean, with that grainy texture, like infused with a fine metal dust.

But... there are two flaws.
First one - not for me, but I know some girls (or boys?) keep this in consideration: they're not B3F.

I highlighted ingredients list on one bottle, and you can read "formaldehyde resin" and "toluene"; according to this post by AllLacqueredUp, formaldehyde resin isn't toxic.
I don't know if other components are bad as well, but I guessed they weren't safe just by the smell, then I checked ingredients :D

Well, maybe Layla too will become aware of this and completely stop making polishes using toxic substances; I have two of their Ceramic Effect and they're safe, no bad stuff.

Second flaw, price: they're like €7 each, but you know my mind, original (or well made) products are worthy a little higher expense. And they're made in Italy too :>
What do you think?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 255

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Back to purple :>

We're having amazing sunny days, thanks to the north cold wind which blew away smog and fog; so, let's play with holos or, in this case, semi-holos.

N. 255 is a not-too-reddish purple stuffed with holo glitters.
You already can see that in the bottle is sparklier than on nails, but I appreciated the softness as well :>

This is a nailpolish which NEEDS sunlight, otherwise in plain daylight it will look just a purple with some spare glitter... But not because there're few of them, just because they don't sparkle at the same time!


Unfortunately, it's hard for me to capture the sparkly side of 255: think of a scattered holo, with smaller glitters than usual... Strange thing, if you look at the bottle on itself, particles seems to be bigger than usual; when on nails, they're sooo tiny...

Don't know why in the bottle glitters looks glued against the glass :D

In real life it's more twinkling, I promise, but it's not as prominent as in Color Club's "Wild At Heart".

Two coats (and third one on the base of nails) and you're done, good formula as always, I just got tipwear after 5 days.

I consider this an ideal shade for all the girls who doesn't like too much sparkle on nails, but want a 3D effect as well :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Blue addicted!

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It's not a news, that I'm addicted to blue, and now that Essence made this "Blue Addicted" nailpolish... I've got to get it :D

From left:

- Essence "Hard To Resist", metallic BLUE.

- Essence Cracking Top Coat "Crack Me! Blue": same identical spitting appearance of "Hard To Resist", but it cracks.

- Essence "Blue Addicted", you already know, Lippmann's "Across The Universe" dupe.

- Rimmel "Blue Me Away", I got it thanks to maisenzasmalto, who gave it to me as a present since it was in my wishlist and she's not a blue girl like me :D (thank you!).

Why I love it so much? Because it's a so special blue:

To be honest, I'm not so sure it's a true blue...

Close-up of "Crack Me! Blue": these new Essence blues are so... blue! Almost purples, I really like deep blues like this :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sephora - n. 68 Diving in Malaysia

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Another non-blue post! °____________°

Uhm, does this need some kind of introduction?
If you are here, I don't think so :D

Just one note: I HATE Sephora. I never buy there, salegirls are awfully annoying, they're not the best make-up advisors you could find around (from what I read on blogs, I usually don't ask for help), waiting for payments at cash desks is eternal and their products are so priced compared to the quality...
But I cannot spend €20 and more on a single bottle of nailpolish (even if price per gram of Sephora isn't so far from the price per gram of a Chanel), plus I have to admit "Péridot" came out after "Diving in Malaysia", so... Here it is :>

Sorry for the pics bombing, this shade has many faces:


Bottle shots, I don't know why picture is resized, it never happened before and I made it 600px of width as usual...

I love it because it changes with every movement of the hand!


Under an artificial light it becomes warmer, bronze-like, really a jewel tone!
Sometimes it has this warm gold tone even in daylight, but I didn't succeed in capture it...

In the sun is pure gold, but you can still notice it's not plain!

I wouldn't wear a plain gold, or a plain bronze, or a plain pale green metallic polish, but this one is ALL these colours together, so it went straight into my favourites!

It's just like the "Old Gold" pigment from MAC, which I own and it's obviously in my top 3 colours <3

And what about this olive green side? *_*

I had this on for an entire week, and it lasted so well, just tipwear and a couple of tiny chips (my fault).
Brush is perfect, it gives you a perfectly rounded border almost without need of retouch.
These are three coats: I applied two coats and wore it for a day, then I added another coat, because I noticed some bald spots, but we're all crazy nailpolish ladies, and no one else would see them in reality :D

In conclusion, I hate to say it, but Sephora did a good job on this; price per gram of "Diving in Malaysia" isn't so far from the Chanel's price, but if you don't want to puke €21, €22 on "Péridot", go with Sephora: great colour, formula, brush and staying power.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 217

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Yes, a non-blue post!

Seems like a little odd from me, but at the beginning of my nailpolish fanaticism, I used to wear almost just nudes and some pinks. I liked them, the effect of my fingers looking longer, so I have like ten of them.

Now I don't wear them anymore, but they can always be useful, and this Kiko is my favourite since that time, I even own a backup bottle :>
Looks like a creme, but it's not!


Rosy carnation pink with the finest perlescent metallic silver-white shimmer which softens the colour...
Lovely :>


In early full sun it becomes a little warmer... See the shimmer?

Two coats, no problem AT ALL, wear of days (and when a nude chips, it's almost invisible), this is one of the firt shades I ever bought, maybe I'm a little affectionate :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Blue-holographic-slightly-duochrome franken :D

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Et voilà, my first frankenpolish :>
(Edit: not the first I ever made, but the first I show here :P)

Ok, it's blue, but it was totally unintentional, I swear.
These are two coats of Essence "Cool And The Gang" and - boh? - one or two coats of my franken (I don't remember :D):

(early full sun, around 7:30 AM)

Again, in the sun *________________*


This is the other side of this polish:

Under artificial light ♥

This franken was the result of a broken bottle :D
Together with the other polishes I pictured here, I wanted to show you another Essence auto rip-off: "Caribbean Sea".

On the right, the older version, on the left the newer, do you see something different?

(Essence "Caribbean Sea": left, new version; right, old version)

The new version contains that slightly duochromy metallic pigment Essence seems to own in a container-like quantity, so they use it like sugar in a bakery shop.

Well, after taking some pics, I moved bottles, but the new version suddenly crashed on the floor; since I couldn't keep a blue metallic blot in my kitchen, and given that bottle broke in a way it was impossible to keep it (brush remained screwed in the neck of the bottle), I poured the leftover in a semi-empty Essence clear nailpolish, add some of Specktraflair pigment, few drops of Essence "Cool And The Gang" and this is the result:

Unfortunately, no sun for bottle shots >:^/

What about the formula?
TERRIBLE, I should've used a rolling pin to apply it instead of a brush :D

That's because I used an aged clear nailpolish base, I think, plus the "Caribbean Sea" is pretty dense itself (these Show Your Feet are meant to be one-coat polishes), so adding new pigment makes it even heavier... I tried to dilute it with thinner, but I hadn't any more space in the bottle, lol.
In a few hours, holo pigment settles in the bottom of bottle, it takes a while to re-distribute it, even if I added four steel balls.
I'll add more thinner in the future, now that I've used some for this mani, hope it will get better :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)