New Shaka holographic nailpolishes!

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Italy RULES :D
Well, in nailpolish world, at least (better not talk about everything else...).

In these days, Shaka released a LOT of new colours; I'd like to be able to show you all of them, unfortunately the site is poorly updated AND mantained - design and structure too are a true disaster, in my opinion - so you won't find the latest additions.

But here I am.

I picked some new colours, but now I introduce you the Shaka holos :>
There are six shades, not so original I must say (silver, light green, light blue, violet, rose, nude), but honestly they are very well made.

(clockwise from left: "Hologram Violet", "Hologram Green", "Hologram Sky")

(clockwise from left: "Hologram Rose", "Hologram Silver", "Hologram Nude")

First of all, they're €1,99 <3 Same price of other colours, good!

Second, I did some test and swatches, because I immediately realized they've INTENSE holo reflects, just look at the plastic cap-test:

- HV: Shaka "Hologram Violet" n. 03;
- HS: Shaka "Hologram Sky" n. 04;
- HG: Shaka "Hologram Green" n. 05;
- Pupa: "Holographic Emerald" n. 032.

I added the Pupa swatch in order to show you the differences; HV and HS have the strongest effect, look at the colour changes in the second portion of the above picture!

Then I tried a nail swatch of "Hologram Sky", always compared with one coat of Pupa Emerald.

Formula wise, Shakas behave like Gosh "Rainbow" (good sign): it's patchy and difficult to manage, so I applied it over the new 24/7 Essence base , which I've been told is somewhat similar to an aqua base (the ideal one for holos).

First coat of HS becomes completely mat because of this base; Pupa (one coat) wins:

I then applied a second coat of HS, but it became mat like the first one, so I added top coat.
A little patchy, Pupa still wins:

Lastly, I applied a third coat of HS: BAM! Hell yes :D
Picture speaks for itself:

(on ring nail, one coat of HS without base, just to show you how it looks)

I think you can agree with me, Shaka wins over Pupa, even if it has a troublesome formula, but I guess strongest holos must pay this toll.

Look, even an animation!!11

INSTRUCTIONS: in conclusion, Shaka holos are strong, but you need to apply them on a smooth surface, rather than on a sticky one: my third coat, which was applied on top coat, was the most even one, and later I tried using just my regular top coat as a base: I get the same result, so I strongly suggest you to apply them directly on top coat.

In this way, they will go on much easier (no dragging, less bald spots) and they'll be muh more glossy on their own - anyway, sandwich method is recommended.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Gradient: Shaka - n. 725 Pop Green + Basic Beauty - n. 71PE

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Yes, another gradient, this time with cremes :>

After four (almost five) days of wearing "Pop Green", I get bored and I decided to try sponging a new colour on it. What's better than a blue? :D

(daylight, semi-shade)

To be honest, result was great, for being my first time, I'd say make-up sponge is the key - and delicate patting on surface, more than one time :>
If you see an area where the two colours didn't melt together, you just have to retouch it with a light touch of sponge, always coated (lightly) with the two colours. That's it :>

I LOVED this, both for the colour I chose and the final effect, it's so refreshing :>


Clearly, it's better to choose colours which go well each other, I think this jade green blends very well in the blue.

(cell picture)

This time, I topped it with the Essence "Better Than Gel Nails" top coat sealer, don't know why :D


 I tried a picture with flash, but it came all washed out, anyway shows the nice transition between the two colours :>

Entire hand-shot, outdoor, these colours are so flashy and bright!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Shaka - n. 725 Pop Green

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This will be a Shaka month, I already know.
It released many new shades, I already have bought six bottles, and I don't think I'll stop :P

Anyway, this is a precious colour, not so original for me (see Kiko n. 296 and Studio M "Energy Star"), but you know, when you like a colour in particular, it's easy to buy it again and again :D

Shaka made this electric jade green a little jelly-ish, so who am I to say "no" to a bright semi-jelly nailpolish?


"Pop Green" it's in the same green family of colours like "Custom Kicks", I mean: it's terrible to photograph it, but here you can see it pictured pretty true to life; very bright, very glossy on its own (but here I wear top coat), very green with a minimal shade of blue.
Cold green, I say. Love it, clearly.

(artificial light)

Despite being a jelly, it covers well in two coats; I don't remember VNL being so visible in reality as you see in my pictures, but if you really can't stand it, go with three, it dries fast :>

EDIT on lasting time: very good, at least four days without chips, a record! I thought the jelly consistency would be more fragile: I was wrong.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Deborah - Scarabée n. 71

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LOTS of pictures, this post, but hope you'll forgive me, this nailpolish rocks and it deserved all of them :P

A masterpiece, I must say, both for the colour and the formula, this Deborah isn't for shy girls:


None of my pictures are retouched (clearly!), this varnish is just as electric as you see!
Moreover, this is one of the few multichrome nailpolishes which give nails the same appearance of the product in the bottle, proof:


This is also one of the most metallic shade I own, it's truly like having turquoise metal molted on nails.
Brushstrokes aren't almost visible, so you'll have a smooth surface without pain :>


Being a duochrome, it's way more beautiful in dimmed lights, so you'll better take a look at the next picture:


 In low light:

I'ts so saturated and BRIGHT even in shade you won't believe your eyes :D
This is the main colour of this nailpolish, a jade green:

... but trust me, you won't ever get rid of the blue sides :D

Angled, it becomes BLUE:

(full sun)

Then, I took this picture outside, in full daylight, and... °_________________°

... blindly bright, metallic and VIVID.

These are two coats with topcoat; easiest application, thanks to the flat brush, dries fast.

What I love is that you can see nails of different colour every time, this is how a duochrome should always act :D

(daylight, thumbnail green and other nails blue <3 )

It didn't last long, though, I got some chips at the end of the second day, but maybe it was just my fault, because I was playing with nailpolish a little too much :P
Anyway, GET THIS if you still don't own it, period.

EDIT: just one flaw, this nailpolish stains. Be aware, wear two coats of base coat (if it ever works), otherwise be prepared to RUB your naisl like crazy with q-tips and remover :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)