H&M - Spending Cash With Carl

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After nude... here comes the blue :D

What a blue! This is one the best blues made, and one of the best H&M shades in my opnion...

(indoor, full sun!)

Sadly discontinued, isn't the most original - I have like 5-6 blues like that from many brands, but I really like these electric dark blues!

I love it because of the deepness of colour, it's not flat, it has those nice shimmer and it doesn't stain :D

(indoor, daylight)

Its' bright enough to appear always blue - I don't like "almost black" colours - and it has that glow inside... I labeled it as a metallic, I think it fits.
My ideal blue, you can't go wrong.

(indoor, artificial light)

I used two coats, if I remember correctly. Look at the purply flashes here and there <3

Whole hand look (I'm no more tanned here >.< ):

(outdoor, daylight)

This is a must have; one day I'll do a comparison between my other blues, I'm curious to spot the differences (if there are any!) :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Show Your Feet Whitening Toe nail polish + Essence - Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer High Gloss

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Hi there :>

Sometimes I just don't wanna wear colour on my nails, but leaving them without any protection means getting chips or cracks... No good, so this time I wanted to do something different: why not try a natural, but neat manicure?

(indoor, daylight)

I don't have yellow or stained nails, actually this whitening nailpolish just made my nail beds pinkier, but I really liked this effect, under some lightings they were almost lilac :>

(indoor, shade)

Picture above shows the neatness :D
This Show Your Feet isn't just a whitening nail polish, but it also provides a leveled surface, so you can skip basecoat, and that's what I did.

I paired the whitening nail polish with the new sealer top coat from the Better Than Gel Nails range: it's really glossy!

(above: indoor, shade; below: outdoor, daylight)

My nails looked like made of glass :>
I applied one coat of whitening and one coat of sealer.

Flaws: whitening nail polish and top coat had a strange reaction, and after one day they became to lift (also thanks to the fact I used some nails to eat pumpkin seeds :D) and I could peel off the "colour" almost completely just like a children nail polish :D

So I reapplied them on the nude nails, and the next day it all lifted on another couple :D
But it was ok for me, I still didn't want any colour... Anyway, the glossy top coat remained glossy for several days, good job.

Next time I'll try this layering: whitening + clear nail polish + sealer top coat.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Zoya - Caitlin

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Grey on my nails? Yessir, if it's a beautiful grey :D

I still had a shadow of tan, so it was the right time to wear a colour I wouldn't even consider in autumn or winter.

(indoor, daylight)

Picture above is the closest to the true colour of this nailpolish, which changes so easily depending on the lighting condition...
Anyway, a purply-grey creme, cool toned, so so classy.

I think I used three coats? I can't remember, maybe two on some nails...

(outdoor, daylight)

Outside, it can change if there's sun or not, but in general it becomes lighter.
I just don't liked it under artificial lights, because purple-grey + warm lights = true grey >.<

At least, it's always quite dark:

 I couldn't stand a light grey on me >.< Definitely it's a morning colour for me :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - CE54 Green Galaxy

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At the end of the summer I had to chop off all my nails: I kept a patch on my right-hand middle finger because of a crack which was in the pink part of the nail, but when crack grew enough to be in the white part, I decided to shorten them all :>
Who cares about that? Probably no one :D

So, pictures!

(indoor daylight)

Dark green jelly base and silver glitters (yes, they're silver, but clearly look green because of the green base).
This is a way too much yellow green for my tastes, and contains glitters I usually don't like (shape and dimension), but all in all I loved it on me, don't know why.
Maybe if you put together bad things, you can obtain a good one? :D

(outdoor, full sun)

In the sun is an explotion of green sparkles, but not so... glam.
Three coats, it easily leaves bald spots so you might want to add touches of colour (the jelly base or just one hex glitter) all around to cover them!

Outdoors, especially during nice days, it reflects the colour of the sky, and green becomes cooler:

(outdoor, daylight)

Ah, short nails... I don't like them on me, I have short bed nails :(
But I don't know if I dared to wear "Green Galaxy" on longer nails...

See the blue sky? :>

(indoor, full sun)

Flaws: removal was a true pain in... you know what: those hex glitters,  I found them ALL OVER the entire house, because sometimes they chipped one by one, falling on the floor, or during removal.
Foil method is highly recommended, and I suggest you to leave cotton pads enough minutes to soak nails well, but I had to use q-tips anyway after to get rid of all the hexagons :^[

Good news: at least it doesn't stain :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

End of summer, start of autumn new adds

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Little number on the left keeps increasing, who knows why?

On to the new adds! (there are more coming, to be honest...)


- Essence Colour&Change "Unexpected Galaxy": this is one of those nailpolishes which changes thanks to top coat (it works also with just clear nail polish) and the only colour I liked. Foily foil purple, more cool than warm;

- Essence "Chic Reloaded", most expected by me from the new Colour&Go range :D Really deep duochrome, NOT a dupe of "Where's The Party?", we'll see that later;

- Sinful Colors "Cinderella": ahhhhhh, some new SC arrived here in Italy, price has been lowered under €4, and I found this gem which I really liked after seeing it on many many other blogs <3

- and... Sinful Colors "Nail Junkie", which I know it's an old shade for US girls, but finally I was able to find it here!

- Essence "Oh My Glitter!", you've probably already seen it swatched here and there, very beautiful lilac purple with pink, blue and gold micro-chunks *_*

Below the comparison between "Where's The Party?" and "Chic Reloaded".
You can easily notice that they're really different, and shift one the colour of the other :D

When one is green, the other one is purple and vice-versa :D

Next, some italian stars.
As long as I hate Pupa prices, I gave up in front of the China Doll collection, and bought four out of six colours (I left a nanny pearl pink and an orangey red).

Must admit that these colours aren't the most original (the deep red is seen also under Misa, OPI, and others I don't even remember...), but, just look at the deepness °_°

From top: n. 619, n. 410 (it's a true purple in real life, not that blue), n. 732, n. 731.

They're like jewels, colours are so intense I think they're all one coater :>

Below, a comparison with another italian gem I bought some time ago.
This is Shaka "Deep Passion" on the right:

I thought they were dupes, and technically they are, just in different concentrations: Pupa has more shimmer, so it's more pigmented, while Shaka is more sheer, but also more blue, which is a plus for me :D
Two beauties *________*

H&M buyings: "Free Your Mind", blue with purply-lilac and silver shimmer or micro-glitters, and "New Moon", gold flakies top coat.

One word about those new real silver and gold top coats: I think they're a huge waste of money, and I can't believe some girls go "oooohhh" and "aaahhhh" over these, are they so stupid? You pay too much for a nailpolish, put real gold on your nails and then remove it after few days and throw it away? Let me say: LOL

Marketing is so powerful, they would even be able to make girls buy a nailpolish made out of po*p, if only they wanted to.

Sorry for anyone who will get offended, I know I'm sometimes grumpy and rude, but I just can't stand these... things.

Last new essence I liked: "Crack Me! Pearly Pink", which is a glitter crack nailpolish, but it's not pearl and it's not really pink, more fuchsia...
Infact, in real life colour is MUCH more intense.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Grumpy + Layla - CE52 + BeYu - n. 209 + Pure Ice - Heartbreaker

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Well, when "Grumpy" started to show its bad side (chips :D), I thought about a layering of mine...
This time I only used four nailpolishes!

(indoor daylight)

It was summer and we were having sunny days, so I wanted something complex and full of different shimmers.
Characters pictured below, in order of... application!

- Essence "Grumpy", seen solo here :>

- Layla CE52;

- BeYu n. 209;

- Pure Ice "HeartBreaker".

Layla made "Grumpy" darker and gave it flakies; BeYu made them like lava (I really liked that effect!) and Pure Ice added that lovely green shimmer all over <3

(half shade, half sun :D )

This is another way to use several colours at one time, you know I love sheer polishes and I know they can be combined in infinite ways... Clearly I prefer blues, but hey, here I had RED flakies and I liked it!

(full sun)

See the picture in shade, flakies are just like lava pieces *_*

But all of these colours showed together every time :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)