Mi-Ny Holographic Touch - Brown n. 5

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Hi all!

Finally a nailpolish which left me a bit... disappointed.
Even if it's a holo!

(indoor daylight)

This is from Mi-Ny, an italian cosmetic brand fairly new who offers a TON of colours and finishes (400, so far): if you aren't a nailpolish fanatic like me (hey, what are you doing here, then? :D ) and stumble in one of their stores, you'd probably end up buying like 20 different colours!

(full sun)

They released these holographic colours last year, when holos landed in Italy (late with the rest of the world...) and they were a huge hit everywhere.
I bought four colours that time :>

I decided to wear their nude holo for a wedding (these pics were taken in June), because I wanted a "safe" shade with a fun touch on my nails.

(indoor daylight)

Why disappointed, so? 
I found the colour too light in shade for my tastes, even if, as you can notice, holo colours are always there, even in lowlight condition, but there's something "wrong" with the lightest part of my nails (in the center) against my skin, I'm not sure this colour suits me well.

(full sun)

In the sun and under artificial lights I love it, not so much during daytime, especially cloudy days...
I already wore some pastel-y holos in the past, but they were always pretty on me, so I guess it must be only this particular "brown" (as Mi-Ny calls this colour - I define it a nude).

Anyway, I've already chose n. 5 more than one time, because it's a pretty calm shade, quite easy to apply and dries quickly - but be careful, it drags inbetween layers! You need to wait enough minutes before applying the next coat, otherwise you'll get bald areas here and there. 

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Colour Alike - n. 209

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Aaaaahhhh, new post!

Onto the important things: one of the most beautiful Polish nailpolish Sabbatha ever sent ♥_____♥


She requested I chose to wear one of the shades she sent me in our last swap - only because I usually tend to wear old colours first, rather than the latest I buy or get :D

How not to choose n. 209?

I think these were two coats, it's higly pigmented and it has some kind of glassflecks-glitter which are also duochrome, from blue to violet (to gold in extreme angles), all in a blasting purple base *_*

 The glitters make it more blue than it appears in reality, anyway the colour changes under different lightings, and when the sun disappears it becomes a true purple <3

(some kind of direct sun...)

I know this varnish broke other hearts out there, I guess Spookynails will open her Polish webshop soon :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Russian mail :>

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Hello again :>

Since I'm late with posts like a stupid actress on a movie set, I'm desperately trying to catch up with my latest new arrivals...
Ok, this isn't really a latest one, but it has been such a pleasure swapping with Anastasia I couldn't leave it behind any more :>

I LOVE the box this haul came in (it's blue ♥), I'm keeping it as a nice souvenir, our postal boxes aren't that stylish :D

Ok, not the biggest swap I've ever made, but I was (and I'm) broke as usual, so I couldn't afford many of the Russian gems we got to know lately (hello El Corazon and Dance Legend...).

BUT some months ago I stumbled in this post, and I fell in love with that varnish, so when Anastasia asked me for a swap, I took the chance and gently asked her if she could buy me it, and she did :>

PinkUp is a cheap brand and has many colour, pity I can't find a good online overview;  n. 77 is a blue-purple base with gold tiny glitters, see it swatched by Bamboo!

Anastasia even added two surprise colours, - not so surprising to you readers, I know:

- Jean Mishel, colour: I don't know! It's 6ml bottle, and text on the back (sooooo small) looks like it doesn't mention colour or number, so I'm clueless...
Anyway, it's a muted blue creme, with some teal tones :> 

- Jade n. C325: muted cornflower base with a duochrome iceblue-to-violet shimmer ♥
This is an Israel brand, even if the polish is made in France.
I've found this page, but I seriously hope Anastasia didn't pay it $14! °_°

Thanks so much again Anastasia, I didn't forget about my Dance Legends, I'm just waiting for the right moment ( = €€€€€€€€€ ) :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Oh My Glitter! AND Sinful Colors - Rise And Shine

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Hi all!

This time, two colours I didn't mix, or layered, just applied together :D


Photo above is too washed out - don't know why - but if you own these colours, you know they're quite bright and saturated, and a little tricky to represent the actual hue...

"Oh My Glitter!" is a nice lilac with pink-violet-gold tiny glassflecks, and "Rise And Shine" is a grass green with a touch of blue - in some pics it's bluer than the reality.


I think I applied two coats of both colours, they're perfect and they didn't stain my nails.

(outdoor shade)

See the flecks in the lilac? ♥
"Rise And Shine" has a delicate mint shimmer in it, it makes the polish so full and creamy, love it!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Color Club - Total Mistery

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I'm not dead!

I'm only sooooooooooooo behind past pics I'd need to post every two days to catch up with actual manicure, but I'll do my best not to leave this blog without updates :D

Do you like blues? Me I do.
Do you like purple? Me I do.
Do you like deep yet bright shades? Me I do.
What about a sprinkle of glittery shimmer? I like it.


Color Club "Total Mistery", from the Alter Ego collection, is all these things, and clearly much more: blue jelly base and micro glittery shimmer in pink and purple *_*


Very saturated, sometimes it's more blue, sometimes it's blurple.
I don't remember how many coats I've used, two coats and maybe some retouch here and there... I remember it quite pigmented, so I'd say two :D

The shimmer can add a purple side (or two, in case of the middle fingers :D) and sparkles in the sun, it's nicer in real life!

(direct sun)

Thank you, my dear, for having found me this beauty <3

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Birthday post!

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Aaahhh, welcome back to me and to you, if there's still anyone out there reading this! :D
In case you didn't know, I've been disconnected for few days, and I've like ten posts still to do to catch up with my current manicure...

But this one is just so special to me, because it's mainly about a package I got from my Polish fairy ♥ :D

Yeah, I got it for my birthday last month, but that's not the main reason why I loved it so much; just look at the colours:

(direct sun)

Sabbatha always sends me a packet full of my ideal hues, how not to love her? Later I'll give a name to each bottle :>

I just have to mention another small packet I received from Lisa the very same day, a total surprise for me!

It contained two Look by BIPA colours: long story short: I was desperately seeking the one on the left, called "Metallic Hollogram" (swatch here), asked her about it long time ago, she then remembered it and bought it for me, together with another colour, "Purple-green" (swatched here from Nagellackprinzessin). Thank you so much, Lisa!

The Avon blue on the right is a charity purchase - *wink wink* -, it's called "Cosmic Blue".

Ok, time to name the Polish bottles!

1) Savina "Electric Green": this one is a complete stunner, in the bottle is a medium silvery glitter green, but while on the nails it gets ELECTRIC, SATURATED and the greeniest green, take a look here!

2) Colour Alike n. 205 (swatch here), dupe of L'Oreal n. 624 (swatch here).
I think I'll wear it over something else, I like the lime shine which turn peachy pink °_°

3) THE surprise item! China Glaze "DV8", an original CG holo *_* 

4) Colour Alike n. 480 (swatch here), Spookynails describes it as the blue "Ruby Pumps", guess I don't need to add anything more :D

5) SpaRitual "Ebb & Flow" mini bottle! It contains only 5ml of nailpolish, but the small bottle is so cute :D

6) Colour Alike n. 209, a total masterpiece!

7) My Secret n. 163 "Blue Angel", deep indigo base with blue miniglitters :3

8) Colour Alike (again! This brand really needs to open sales here in Italy :D ) n. 474, navy blue base and SHINY silver glitter-flecks *__________*

9) Inglot n. 203 ♥ ♥ ♥ I specifically requested this flakies because here in Italy we only have the classic ones - orange/green and blue/violet, I just needed the green/lime in my collection - plus, Inglot is half priced in Poland :D

I've made a quick swatch cap, don't ask me why I didn't swatched all the colours, because I've no idea:

Do you need further details? Just let me know!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - Frozen Nail Lacquer n. 03 + BeYu - n. 209

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Yes, another layering :D

Now that I've reached +500 colours, I feel the urge to use them more and more, even if it's difficult sometimes.
This time I think I got a pretty result, a little unexpected!

Do you remember how Kiko Frozen n. 03 looks like?
I only added one coat of BeYu n. 209 and the magic happened *_____*

(indoor, daylight)

Turquoise base + red = indigo! I LOVE color theory :P

(outdoor, daylight)

From a jewel teal to a rich purple blue with red shimmer, you can't really ask for more - if you're just like me, of course :D

(upper: indoor daylight; below: indoor direct sun)

I then protected everything with Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat, glossy and smooth.


Don't you just love when you get the best effect with the smallest effort? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - Frozen Nail Lacquer n. 03

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Hi everyone :>

Limited edition shade today!
This is from the Chic Chalet 2011 fall collection, one of the best collections Kiko ever created.
They even re-released some of the products in other following collections, I think many many girls missed the eyeshadow palettes the first time as they were a BIG success :>

(direct sun)

N. 03 is called "Forest Emerald", you can see here two coats without top coat: impressive, isn't it? Looks like foil, I almost couldn't believe my eyes :D

At first I thought it would ended being a frosty mess on nails, but I really liked the final effect: you can definitely see some streaks, but the metallic finish blended everything, and I think it's beautiful!


 It's so deep in low light, very classy and rich. Look how dark is the bottle!


Beautiful on it's own, but I then added another colour on top, as per my habit :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Catrice - Dirty Berry

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Ahhh, new post!

No breathtaking things this time :D, but a simple yet very nice colour from Catrice, one of the nicest they ever released, in my opinion :>

(full sun)

Dusty periwinkle with holo fine shimmer, so elegant, discreet and NOT boring!

I think I applied two coats, but it was some time ago, unfortunately I'm a bit late with posts lately.

And I only have two pics, no full hand shot this time.

I don't remember problems in application or such things, brush is the large one, but usually I prefer it larger than smaller, I think it spreads better the products on the nail, smaller brushes can cause streakes and/or different amount of nailpolish in some areas.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Deborah - Sense Tech 100% Mat n. 10

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Something different this time, anyone?

For me, at least :D

Let's just say I have two mat top coats and I never use them...

I don't even know why, some nailpolishes are simply fabulous mattified (flakies, for me).

Anyway, I bought this while on sale somewhere, because I liked the colour: as you can see, it's not a mat creme, but has glitters in it :>

Great texture, it's not plain and I prefer it over a totally matte surface...
Two coats, large brush, but I didn't have any problems, I only needed small corrections with brush and remover :>
I then forgot to apply a layer of top coat and show you how it looks shiny, sorry!

Post ends here :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Spring new buyings...

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... even if actually we still don't have spring here!

Weather is awful, few days of sun and MANY days of rain, and I'm that person whose mood it's strictly tied up with nice days, sun light and warm temperature. Great choice living in Milan, I guess :D

Anyway, these were the last nailpolishes I got in a long time, since that I then stopped, because I didn't find any other interesting colour...

From the new Catrice range, my choises:

From top and clockwise:

- "Mint Me Up", dusty mint with old gold shimmer and glitters, nice combination!

- "Purple Reign": actually it's more purple than in my picture, and it contains blue (and some spare pink) glitters, how can you resist?

- "Shopping Day At Bluemingdales" (short names next time, pls?): not so bright in real life, I've seen electric blue swatches around the web, don't trust them :D
But I'm a sucker for blues, you know, so I really like it, could be a nice choice for anyone who wants a boost of colour without being too much over the top.

Next ones: some time ago, FabFingerTips had a blogsale, and I spied a couple of vintage things I wanted to have in my collection, so here they are!

From left:

- Mavala "Capella", I'll talk about it later;

- Revlon n. 490 "Kiwizing", see great swatches here!

I think you all know the (in)famous "zing" collection by Revlon, here's a comprehensive total view (and list) on this collection, which dates from 2000 and it was full of (now older type) duochrome shades!

In the past, Revlon used to make gorgeous nailpolishes (check Color Illusion range!), so when I saw this little gem for sale, I couldn't resist, my inside collector won over me :D

At first I thought it was similar to Nubar "Indigo Illusion", and I think they've somewhat the same formula (see the teal base?), but then I realized the final result is different, as Revlon is a duochrome, and Nubar a multichrome.
I do personally prefer Nubar, but I'm glad I've found "Kiwizing", I'm a vintage-lover and I like to own some older items here and there :D

Now it's Mavala turn: I've found "Capella" from FabFingerTips and the very same day, on a british online beauty supplier, I scored another gem from the same collection, "Orion": these are all flakies colours from the Galaxy collection, which is a 2003 SMASHING collection released when no one cared about flakies :D 

The colours were "Agena", "Antares", "Canopus", "Capella", "Orion" and "Vega".
"Antares" and "Canopus" are too milky and frosty for me, while "Vega" has more visible flakies, but it's also milky, so I don't like it :D

I already own "Agena", so now my personal selection from Galaxy is completed!

I know now they aren't that smashing, but I just love these small bottles full of duochrome shimmers and flakies ♥
Don't be confused by the base colours, they're all pretty sheer, so I think I'll find the right use for "Orion" even if it's red :D

But, see below: a TRUE RED? Did I buy a RED nailpolish?

Damn yes, but CLEARLY I won't use it alone, don't worry :D
This is Shaka "Burn In Love", very metallic, very pigmented, very fiery! You can spy an orange-gold touch, yes it's there!
Actually "Burn In Love" has a magenta base FULL of goldish metallic shimmer =  RED

One coat.
See? Pink base :> So metallic!

On to the new adds: Elsa bought for me one of the most beautiful colours of this year:

It's beautiful and nice too! :D
Here it is Color Club "Portfolio" *______________*

No words needed, if you liked Zoya "Adina", you'll NEED "Portfolio", here's my cap comparison:

One coat each.
They aren't dupes, "Adina" has a lilac base and a lighter green side, "Portfolio" is much stronger, colder and pigmented.
I love both ♥

Lastly, two amazing H&M bottles: "Blue" and "White", clever names :D

El Corazon inspired? Who knows :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - CE52 + Essence - Blue Addicted

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Yes, you can revamp every nailpolish, even a complex one like CE52 :D

You'll only need a quite sheer colour, and voilà!

(artificial light)

I added one coat of "Blue Addicted" and I really liked the result, I didn't find it too heavy.

(indoor daylight)

Don't you love the flakies peeking under the hexagons? Nails looked so deep, deeper than their real thickness ♥_____♥

(indoor daylight)

I thnk I used Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat to seal it, judging by the shininess :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - CE52

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Finally a new post, does someone care about this? :D

Anyway, this colour doesn't need words, I just have to say it was time to wear it for the first time *_*

(indoor daylight)

I pictured it in almost every lighting condition I can have at home :D

My honest opinion is that Layla really knows how to master nailpolish formula, and this one, despite being quite sheer, took only two coats to achieve a perfect opacity.

(left: outdoor backlight; right: artificial light)

No surprise it's one of my favourites, pity they didn't make other versions, like Nfu-Oh did :D

(left: indoor shade: right: indoor semi-direct sun)

I prefer it in low light, as you can better appreciate depth of the base and the flakies inside, but hey, this is one of those colours you get compliments from strangers on the road :D

I don't bother about the classic VNL you get with jellies, in this case it's not that visible and it's just a nice purple frame around nails ♥

Anyway, this is the overall effect while looking at the hands: like some small precious stones on the tips *_* 

(upper: indoor daylight; below: outdoor daylight)

Another classic shade I unblocked, which one will be the next? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)