Catrice - Dirty Berry

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Ahhh, new post!

No breathtaking things this time :D, but a simple yet very nice colour from Catrice, one of the nicest they ever released, in my opinion :>

(full sun)

Dusty periwinkle with holo fine shimmer, so elegant, discreet and NOT boring!

I think I applied two coats, but it was some time ago, unfortunately I'm a bit late with posts lately.

And I only have two pics, no full hand shot this time.

I don't remember problems in application or such things, brush is the large one, but usually I prefer it larger than smaller, I think it spreads better the products on the nail, smaller brushes can cause streakes and/or different amount of nailpolish in some areas.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


ewlyn said...

I agree. One of the best from Catrice and one of my fav ever. Just love that colour and application.

Anastasia Yamshchikova said...

this is really pretty polish. as long as i don't like spread holo, i fell in love with this polish. it's unique because it hasn't nearly holo effect, just holo shimmer :)

Rebenice said...

Questo è uno dei miei smalti preferiti nell'universo! L'applicazione è buona e la durata pure... lo amo visceralmente :-)

sabbatha said...

I have it I have it :P

QueenMiSeRy said...

Di questo ho scoperto l'esistenza troppo tardi (due settimane fa)... Essendo i Catrice non facilmente reperibili, qui, sono un po' i miei cenerentoli.
E' bellissimo *__*

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