Kiko - Frozen Nail Lacquer n. 03

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Hi everyone :>

Limited edition shade today!
This is from the Chic Chalet 2011 fall collection, one of the best collections Kiko ever created.
They even re-released some of the products in other following collections, I think many many girls missed the eyeshadow palettes the first time as they were a BIG success :>

(direct sun)

N. 03 is called "Forest Emerald", you can see here two coats without top coat: impressive, isn't it? Looks like foil, I almost couldn't believe my eyes :D

At first I thought it would ended being a frosty mess on nails, but I really liked the final effect: you can definitely see some streaks, but the metallic finish blended everything, and I think it's beautiful!


 It's so deep in low light, very classy and rich. Look how dark is the bottle!


Beautiful on it's own, but I then added another colour on top, as per my habit :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


The Wonderful Pinkness said...

stunning colour! I love Kiko polishes :-)

QueenMiSeRy said...

Ero nel periodo Kiko-ignore e ho saltato. Mea culpa. Mea grandissima culpa.

Anastasia Yamshchikova said...

that it amazing metallic polish! unfortunately I don't see any chance to catch it. gorgeous color and finish! :)

sabbatha said...

its amazing, I really like it <3 It looks gorgeous on you!

Rebenice said...

Mooolto bello però ehm... credo che aspetterò i saldi! ^_____^
Ultimamente mi sono data parecchio da fare proprio da Kiko, spero che mettano queste edizioni speciali nei saldi estivi!

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