About pictures' stealing

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Lately I'm reading many posts on several blogs about these fake-blogs which consist just in stealed content, both pictures AND text.

I know that my blog has a limited audience, so that my thoughts aren't as useful as they would be, but I want to express them anyway: I really don't understand why people want to protect their own work without putting any "shield" on it.
I mean, good of internet is how easy and fast information runs between space and time, but there's obviously a downside: objects of web can be easily taken, and now we all know this well, right?

So what's the point in getting angry when you see your "naked" pics in other blogs? To me, "naked" means without any signature, but if you don't put signatures on your works, how do you protect them? In which way you can demostrate they're truly yours?

I draw and paint, but I would never leave a work of mine without my name; same thing with my pics, especially if I decide to publish it on a website!
It's right and good complaining about steals, but authors have to protect their work; it's like complaining about getting flu and fever after a walk naked in the street when it's snowing :D

I read many girls who don't like watermarks: I don't understand it!
They aren't that bad, c'mon: there are so many choises of fonts, colours, dimensions... You can choose EVERYTHING And I think that a signature doesn't require so much time, we are talking about your pictures!

Depending on your editing software, I guess there are many ways to apply watermark you made on your pictures in seconds - for example, in Photoshop you can record a sequence of commands, so you can build your signature step by step, record them, and then apply them in order to sign your picture simply pushing "play", or you can save your signature on a trasparent layer, then open it and apply it on picture, etc...

Enough talking, you get the point.
Mark your work and you'll avoid stealing; if that happens anyway, don't complain, stealing is the louder admiration :D :^)

Essence - No More Drama

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Soft touch on nails, this time, after the blue flash of "Magical"...
"No More Drama", I guess you know it well, this is my contribution to the swatch world :>

I had to say in real life it's a little less blue, but with colours like this, light plays so much it can change a little from hour to hour during the day, and by different artificial lightings.
However, these are all taken in natural daylight :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Revlon - Magical

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Thanks to this post by Erika, I instantly bought this Revlon from eBay :D
Do you see why? Bright metallic blue, maybe a little too "almost-chrome" for me, but colour is gorgeous, and duochrome at a certain angle.

These are (probably) two coats; Erika applied it over a black, and I had to try like this, I think it would be more suitable to my taste :>

Pink-lilac "side B" :D

Due to the fact it's an old shade, it's pretty thin, but it covers well and dries fast, I hadn't any problems at all with both application and wear.
It lasted several days, but I don't remember it exactly, as I wore it between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011...

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko n. 245 + Essence - Glisten Up!

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Hi all :>
Finally I managed to finish this post! I had it in my drafts section for days and days, because I needed the last picture, then had to upload it and edit it...

So, another meh-mani: as you can see in my last pic, Kiko n. 245 alone seems gorgeous, and one of the feeeew reds I own, but once on nails it appears just like a common vampy burgundy red with a tiny hint of shimmer, absolutely WITHOUT that goldish-green rainbowy veins you see in bottle.
I imagined a stunning combination of that shimmer with the flakies of "Glisten Up!", but result was similar to a simple flakies-over-black...

I took photos indoor, but I didn't succeed in capture the red on its own, all pic turned horrible :^/

Look at it, sigh.

Maybe do I have to try it in summer? Unfortunately, I doubt it will never show more than a faint shimmer.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

A little trip to Bruxelles...

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... to buy me some polish I cannot find in Italy :^D

Truth is that, while visiting Bruxelles, I saw that chain of markets named Kruidvat I read about in some dutch and french nailblogs.
I knew it sells some brands unavailable here in Italy, so I took the chance to bring some shades home which were on my wishlist :>

Gosh "Holographic" (see you in spring/summer :D), Catrice "I Sea You", "Sold Out Forever" and "Clay-ton, My Hero"; then, a shimmery blue by 2B (never heard of that brand before, it costed me less than €4) - totally dupe of these blues, I know... Why did I buy it?

And those two Rimmels I really wanted, "Sky High" (it's a little darker in reality) and "Blue My Mind": see how... blurple is it? :^D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

H&M - Miss Stone Heart + Essence - Glisten Up!

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A meh-look, this time...

Ok, I don't like grey on me: clothes, make-up, polish... It simply doesn't goes well with my yellowy-olive skin.
I used to use grey in make-up and some garment, but I soon decided it's not a colour of mine.

But after seeing this grey creme in a H&M's shop, a brilliant idea came in my mind: add some H&M's "Blue My Mind" and make this concrete grey sort of a muted periwinkle, or a pale pale blurple...
Lol, it remains dramatically grey after a lot of "Blue My Mind" - not so much, but I thought I would have used less of it; but one day I decided to wear it anyway, with a little plus of awesomeness on top: "Glisten Up!".

I didn't like the result too much, plus the grey bubbled on some nails - and I'm not the only one. Nothing too noticeable, because the sparse holo glitter in "Glisten Up!" hide some of the bubbles.

Grey on nails is a little cooler than in the bottle because "Glisten Up!" is a light-blue-jelly with flakies, so it modifies colour of polishes...

Unfortunately I had to take pictures under articial lights, because it was early in the morning (= night), so you can see it can change a little, becoming warmer and much more cuter, to me at least :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Fontana Contarini - n. 75

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Finally, around mid december, I wore that AWESOME FC duochrome :>
Not much to say about this one, see for yourself how much it changes from various angles and with different lights.
See the rainbow?

Here it's totally purple!

Mossy tealy green:

Duochrome in action on sides:

Last one is under an artificial light, purple, but warmer:

Two not-too-thin coats cover well, I don't have really anything more to say, obviously it's now one of my favourites (how many times I write this sentence?), that's why I bought two bottles of it ;>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Nubar - Reclaim

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Welcome to 2011 and welcome back to my nail polish log :>
I had to work hard during december, so I didn't have any time (and strenght!) to edit and post pictures, but I took them of every change of polish, so now that I have more time I'll continue with my... mission: register all my colours, in order to avoid repeated buyings and/or dupes; plus, it will help me to know which shades I prefer/I wear most of the times.

This is "Reclaim" by Nubar, and I can say this is one of my favourites, not just for his colour, not just for the holoness (is that a word? :¬D), but for its formula too: it's p e r f e c t, with a careful application you won't need any clean-up.

The day I wore this, sun was sleeping behind clouds, but look, its rainbow it still visible and so crisp! I didn't applied top coat.

I didn't even had to retouch colour balance or contrast on these pics, they came out perfect and really natural :^]

Wear: two or three days. I worked with hands too, so this affected the wear pretty hard, but I can assure you it's a really good polish, so easy to apply yet durable when it dries.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)