Comparison: H&M "Spending Cash with Carl" vs Fontana Contarini n. 85 vs Basic Beauty n. 67 (vs an old unknown Kiko)

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Good whatyouwant :>

Recently I realized I own various colours who look very similar each other, so I decided to do a quick "cap-test" and see how much they're similar.
These are all blues who have a purple/blurple edge around the bottle, if you know what I mean...

From left, H&M, Fontana Contarini, Basic Beauty. First pic is just one coat:

As you can see, Fontana Contarini covers very well, has a deeper base and microglitter. I read somewhere that H&M would be a one coater, but I disagree, it's the thinnest of all three and surely require two coats at least. The Basic Beauty one is a tad darker than H&M.

Next pic shows two coats:

H&M is the lightest - even if the colour is the same -, Fontana Contarini is perfectly opaque and Basic Beauty is dark as well, but it's the flattest too, as it hasn't too much depth.
I wore n. 67 in the past (you can take a look here): it's not bad, but I think that FC would look better on nails. See the microglitter?

Then, I saw another polish which is very close to these blues, so I painted it too next to others, to see differences. This is an old Kiko, I can't find the number on the label, one coat:

And two coats:

It's difficult to capture differences with camera, given that they're all almost dupes each other, so I tried a different angle, and here you can see that H&M and FC contain a shimmer much more visible and vivid than the others (but FC is more opaque, I prefer it over all); Kiko and BB are dupes.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


zaaabou said...

il fontana contarini sembra belissimo! E quello che mi piace di piu!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi zaaabou!
Yes, FC is the best on :>
I hope we'll have good weather days when I'll decide to wear it, it'a super beautiful deep blue!

Lois said...

I already have 2 colors like these, a claw polish and one from Hema. I think those are also dupes, I mean, can't they come up with something more original?

sonidlo said...

Wow, I love such of blues!

Smaltoitaliano said...

You're right, Lois, they keep on making these blues... And we keep on buying them :D :D

Hi sonidlo!


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