Sinful Colors - Mint Candy Apple

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Quick post today :>
I've just removed this from my nails - time to change already -, but I have one pic of this beautiful polish: "Mint Candy Apple" is smooth, it takes two coats to cover nails and it's the perfect soft mint shade with the tiniest silver shimmer you need even in winter, it's a refreshing shade, and a little vintage-y with its dusty feeling :>

EDIT about wear: no chips after 5 days, just tipwear, very good behaviour!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Melina said...

Glad you posted this, I've been eying this shade for a while. Minty colors tend to be one thing in the bottle and another on the nail, so I wasn't sure how it would act. Good to see that it's pretty true to the bottle!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi Melina!
This mint I liked it very much, I can say it's now one of my favourites :>

GoldFrancine said...

Caruccio! Ecco perché non lo trovo MAI alla COIN!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Ah, la Coin...
Io ho comprato questo smalto su eBay, subito dopo ho cominciato a leggere in giro che avevano messo la Sinful alla Coin, e dopo un'eternità mi è arrivato sì lo smalto dagli USA, ma la dogana s'è divertita a piazzarmi 14 euri in più da pagare per avere il pacco a casa :^(

GoldFrancine said...

A mio marito è successo con delle carte prese in America. 10 euro le carte (tipo duecento e rotti, spese incluse), 17 le spese di dogana. Alé!

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