Collistar - Viola Glitter

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Good what-you-want :>
Unfortunately, these days I cannot take good pics, because I'm at home - my boyfriend's house has better spots :D -, so I'm not completely satisfied with them, but I need this blog to help me making an archive of my polishes, what I have and what I wear :>

This time I'm wearing "Viola Glitter", a blurple jelly base full of pink microglitter; I guess it's very similar to Milani's "Totally Cool", but I don't have it and I can't compare them.
These are three coats: it dries fast and it's super foily, but one coat of top coat enhance glitters and makes base colour deeper and darker.

I love it, but I wish I would have taken more pictures of it, it's a beautiful vampy-glam purple. Probably, next time I'll wear it, I'll take better photos :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


AmyGrace said...

I love it too!! (man, I can't get over how ugly the Collistar bottles look, but it's about the polish right? :P )

sonidlo said...

I have it and agree with AmyGrace that Collistar´s bottles are ugly :) But this color and quality is great!

Sylvia said...

Pretty polish, your nails look great!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Haha, in a previous post I glorified the beauty of their bottles, lol :D

Joking, but I think they're beautiful for real, it's a nice shape, made of a good material and a perfect brush, I really don't understand why you all find them ugly :D

But thanks for your opinions!

GoldFrancine said...

Fiqo. A quale collezione appartiene?

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