Q by Colour Alike - n. 118

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Hi :>
Chistmas is coming and I'm here with a colour I wore weeks and weeks ago... Hence the sun :D

Being this a Polish colour, clearly this was sent me by my beloved Sabbatha <3

First of all, Colour Alike is an awesome brand which makes incredibly good colours at a very fair price: dear CA, why don't you sell your products in Italy too? 

This n. 118 is a scattered holo, between purple and brown, with purply-metallic reflects: unique!

Most of the pics where taken in direct sun, but I've managed to take one in shade too, in order to show you pinky reflects: in shade this nailpolish becomes like a dirty purple :>


In the sun, BAM! Holo power, this one is really holo, much more than showed in my pictures <3

Honestly, I don't remember how many coats I've used, probably two, it's pretty pigmented and top coat doesn't ruin nothing :>

Easy and pretty, what more can you ask for?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

More new entries!

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Seems like my haul posts are more successful than my normal posts, eh? :D

Ok, more goodies from, erm, October? November? Can't remember anymore.

Aaaahhh, precious gem on the right!
But let's start from left, as usual...

- Essence "Jacob's Protection", from the Twiliblabla TE; don't care about theme, really care about great BLUES!

- H&M "Antique Gold": looks darker and sparklier than in my pic, anyway, don't really know why I bought this one, it's just that I like old, aged gold... :D

- Astra Holo n. 703: these were free together with a women magazine (...), so I HAD to buy it, because this colour is sooo good and I've never seen these in Milan.

- lastly, THE gem, the nailpolish of the Year(s), The Masterpiece... call it whatever you want, this is Magnetic "Freakin' Violet"!
Looooooong story behind this bottle, many emails to several distributors, even pleading with other nailpolish freaks for buying with me this beauty to lower shipping costs a little, until I got it...

Look details!

"Freakin' Violet" has an electric dark purple jelly base, green shimmer and those electric blue flakies... Can't stand so much awesomeness :D
Check NailXchange swatches, if you don't know this yet!

(please also notice "Jacob's Protection"'s beautiful glitters °_° )

Obviously we nailpolish freaks called each other on Twitter for this "women-magazine-with-free-holos" promotion, and I took advantage of the kindness of the lovely MaiSenzaSmalto in order to get another nice holo, the dark teal one, n. 705:

Pictured together with the blue: what a lovely couple :D

NEW (for me) italian nailpolish brand!
Mi-Ny Cosmetics is fairly new in the italian beauty market, not the cheapest on the Earth, but I've seen some really interesting colours in the displays, so I grabbed some...
There are many many colours available, some new, some already seen, and some which, for my tastes, would have been waaaaaaayy better with or without that particular detail, i.e.: check Gnomagno's last post; n. 251, "I Love Seul" is a great colour, but contains also cheap-looking bar holo glitters, I think they ruined the final effect...
Anyway, my tastes, just remember swatches on the website aren't "real-life" accurate!

Onto my picks!

From top:

- Top5 "Top Violet": I really really wanted this to be a simil-TRUE-jelly nailpolish... No, it's not; I mean, when I bought it I knew it was one of those crystal coloured topcoaters for gradient manicures , but I thought it was pigmented enough... Mmmh, we'll see that in one of my next posts :>

- "Blue Sky": damn, never seen a sky as electric as this varnish!

- "Calla Lily" (lolwut name): I remember at least two or three other greens so similar to this one, I mean in the Mi-Ny store! One green was a little more acid, another one more olive toned, another one more... Well, I know one green lover (maybe two!) who would be so happy to see them in person :D
This one is a forest-dark emerald green, blue based, with an intense metal-shimmer (it makes sense!), bbbbeautiful.

- Holographic Touch "Brown", ahhh, first mistake: this is the same spitting holo nailpolish contained in Shaka bottles.
Didn't take a photo, but I've made my trusty cap comparison and they're literally 



Just a coincidence that colour chart of both brands (Mi-Ny and Shaka) is the same? Mmmh.
Price per ml is slightly higher for Mi-Ny, but only €0,10 about...


Anyway, great colours in general, they totally worth a visit (or two, or three :D), hope to return to store soon :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Bloom - Bianca

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Hi all :>

This time, a colour I've always wanted in my collection, and finally got it :D

BUT, not quite the result I've expected °_°

(indoor, daylight)

I mean, it's beautiful, rich and deep, but its formula isn't the best on the planet: I applied three coats (or two with dabs here and there, can't remember) and you still can see some balder areas, which, by the way, aren't necessary all the lighter spots you can spot in pictures...

It's difficult to explain it, let's just say I expected a more pigmented base.

Anyway, I can surely appreciate the golden vein of "Bianca", shimmer is so fine that you'll obtain that glowin'-nails effect so so delightful!

Look by yourself, dark sides and rich shimmery in the center <3

Have to retry it!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)