Blue swap!

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I think at this point you all know how much I love blue nail varnish, so you won't be surprised while looking at all this BLUE magnifience *_*

The lovely Wing  contacted me because she wanted to taste some italian deliciousness (Shaka holos, anyone? :D)

Since that Shakas are pretty cheap, even if  I'm so close to Donald Duck regarding funds these days, I agreed making a swap with her.
Result? 13 new blues for me!

W7! What a blast, these blues are... so blue!
From left:

- "Metallic Neptune", very similar to Essie "Dive Bar", so I made a comparison:

One coat each.
For me they are dupes: pigments are the same, while Essie's base is thinner, so W7 is better...
I hate when such things happen, I paid €11 for Essie >.<
Whatever, now I can use them without fearing of running out of this colour :¬D

- "Blue Lagoon", AWESOME combination of a blurple base with purple/lilac veins (yes, they're like marble veins <3 ) and tiny spare silver glitter... Quite unique.

- "Blue-Tini": great duochrome glassflecked polish, a tad sheer, but I know it can be used alone (I guess, at three coats) :>

Barry M!

From left:

- "Cobalt Blue", lol, it's a cobalt blue creme;

- "Indigo", mmmh, indigo creme? :D

- "Silvery Lilac", it's silver, lilac, and minted too, as you can see!

First misc trio!

From left:

- Chit Chat "Blue", electric blue jelly-creme, Wing learned so fast my tastes :D

- Sally Hansen "DVD", classic one, now I own it °_°

- Essie "Bobbing For Baubles": ok, this is not a blue, but it's a pure steel grey, it contains a blue-violet hue... I could wear it!

Second misc trio :>

From left (up and above :D):

- Nicole by OPI "Baby Blue", slightly dusted light blue creme. I think I can wear it these days, since that we're having grey weather :°°°

- Do I really need to tell you which colour is this? :D

- Bourjois "Bleu Violet": aahhh, this is one of the most sought after colours I had in my WL... BLURPLE jelly, a little more on the purple side than shown in my picture, and I put it in my "cold purples" drawer, but it's more blue than a purple, lol. Make sense, don't you think?

Last, a beautiful gem Wing made by herself: a blue holo!

Look a t the day light section of picture: it's so holo even when under a diffuse light, Wing made a great job <3
Bottle is so tiny and cute I almost don't want to use it :D

So, now I have 110 blue nailpolishes so far, not bad :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 389 + Models Own - Indian Ocean

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Ok, it's Autumn and I have to resign myself to this, so I'm a little sad looking at these pictures of my favourite summer combo...

(indoor, low light)

Beautiful, isn't it?
I SO loved it, didn't want to remove it, and it doesn't happen to me so often... It enahanced tan so well °_°

These were (I guess) two coats of Kiko n. 389, "Lattementa" ("minted milk", fitting name :D ) and two of "Indian Ocean".

(outdoor, low light)

Honestly, "Indian Ocean" is one of the most beautiful nailpolish I own, and it's at its best over cool colours like this.
You can always see the pink and gold side of it, look at the picture above!

In real life, pink reflections are... pinkier, almost lilac, like in the first picture.
A Masterpiece *_*


Whole hand for reference :>
N. 389 is SO bright, it freaked out my camera, so skin colour is a little weird, but you all know how mints are...
Yes, my balcony wall are the same colour of my tanned skin, lol.

Bye bye summer, hope to see you soon :°°°

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sally Hansen - Purple Gala + Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

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Hello :D

Sooo, my first try with my LOVED "Fantasy Fire" was this combination: I'm fed up of seeing it layered over blue! :¬P

(direct sun)

Pretty, uh?
Two coats of "Fantasy Fire" added to "Purple Gala" millions of rainbow reflects *_*
Being a glittery mani, it was difficult to picture it, you know cameras can't catch all the sparkles your eye can see in real life :>

It made "Purple Gala" darker, but didn't hide its gold particles, which show trough the duochrome dust of "Fantasy Fire"...

(direct sun)

What can I say more? I loved this, really fascinating effect, look at outdoor shot!

(sorry for the dry skin, sometimes I suffer from dermatitis :^/ )

As you can see, it added a duochrome side really nice <3

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sally Hansen - Purple gala

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Hi there :>

This is Purple Gala, and if you are here, you already know it :D

(daylight, indoor)

Purple base and gold microglitter, who doesn't love this?

(against light)

What I particularly loved, it's that those two colours never melted in a brown muddy chaos, even outdoor, and those days we had cloudy sky, so diffuse light... It's very shiny, almost foily.

(daylight, outdoor)

You can always see the purple and the gold :>
These are three coats, for what I can remember, without topcoat - because I wanted to do another thing later >:^)

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Umpteenth (nail)Polish swap :D

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Since I've started reading cosmetics blogs, I've always looked at foreign products like something I could never have - and use! -, so I'm very grateful to Sabbatha for giving me trust since the beginning :D <3

Sooo, here's our latest swap, well, this is what I got:


We started swapping makeup items too, some time ago, since we both love paint our faces :D
But these are the Polish gems:

1) Max Factor "Fantasy Fire", lol, I sent her one and she sent me another one, useful swap :D

2) Eveline Colour Instant n. 669, forest green jelly base with silver microshimmer °_°

3) Colour Alike n. 468, see swatches here :>

4) Q by Colour Alike n. 118, great holo! See swatches here :>

5) NYC n. 140 "Empire State Blue", blue with emerald shimmer *_________* (never seen in Italy, even if we have NYC...) I tried it on paper, it isn't so pigmented, so I know it will be stunning on top of something else too :>

6) Colour Alike n. 466, see swatches here :>

7) Colour Alike n. 445, see swatches here :> These two CA look almost the same above, but they're not, it's just that these colours are always so tricky to represent in pictures... Anyway, n. 466 is greener and more sparkly.

8) Lovely Crystal Strenght n. 402: look at it! And check awesome swatches here <3 <3 <3

Sabbatha also sent me some Nfu-Oh decants...
Yeah, these days we have more flakies choices, even in Italy, but I think these are still the best *_*
Didn't know their bases were so pigmented...

From left to right: n. 42, n. 56, n. 53, n. 52, n. 51.
Thank you dear <3

I have to thank her not only for all the nailstuff she gets me, but also for having helped me with Fyrinnae eyeshadows.
Fyrinnae has the best shades, in my opinion, and I always wanted to try them, but I'm in Italy, which means: no shipping to our country (because our postal service sucks in international shippings) (not to mention customs taxes because of cosmetic items, etc...).

So I asked Sabbatha to buy some colours for me (hey, I paid her, don't worry :D ), and she kindly did it <3
Just one flaw: their site is horrible and unreliable: one day it works, the day(S) after is completely off >.<

These are the colours I bought for myself, all full size jars (my hand shown for dimensions):

From top:

- Shenanigans (really complex rusty old gold);

- Bitey Tyrannosaur (acid green with gold shimmer);

- Callipygian (blackened blue base with teal-emerald shimmer);

- Mephisto (almost BEST eyeshadow of all time! Blue base and red-purple-bronze shimmer *____*, check swatches! )

- Parental Advisory (electric PURPLE with pink shimmer).

Closer look, because they're worthy :D

I particularly love that these jars are pretty huge: despite Sabbatha picked samples of these for herself and a friend (this beautiful and VERY talented girl :> ), they're full, they'll last me a whole life.

~ italian notice ON ~

ITALIANE! (detto alla Totò): se avete amici/parenti/amanti oltreconfine, chiedete di farvi da tramite per acquistare qualcuno di questi ombretti! Non costano molto, i colori sono parecchi, molto particolari anche nei riflessi e si possono sovrapporre a matite, basi colorate, gel eyeliner, etc; in più le dimensioni delle scatoline sono decisamente interessanti.
Bisogna solo avere un po' di pazienza con il sito, il quale sembra essere gestito dallo Stato italiano, poiché funziona a cavolo (alcuni giorni è del tutto offline, altri non fa completare gli ordini, a volte non ti fa pagare, etc.). 
Ma ne vale la pena ;>
~ italian notice OFF ~

Sabbatha also sent me samples of colours she chose for herself (the little jars with the orange labels in the first picture of this post), and added a Kobo baked violet eyeshadow, and samples of these pretty pigments :>
What else could I ask for?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Inspired gradient

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Hi all :>
Last post was about a combo I made because I wanted to recreate a makeup I saw some time ago:

(image linked from, one of the best makeup pictures blog :>)

I'm not talking about the nails, but the LIPS: how awesome are they? Blue to purple to green-gold glitters gradient <3
Since that blue lips are not so good on me (otherwise, you can bet on it, I'd wear them), I decided to do my nails instead!
Tools needed:

- 2B n. 227, seen here;

- P2 "Rebel", seen here;

- Nfu-Oh n. 56 (a gift from my Polish darling *____*);

- makeup sponge, little brush.

I made a gradient with the blue 2B blended in the purple P2 (few passages), then applied the flakies on the center of the tip with the brush.

Gradient was more visible in real life, and unfortunately glitters weren't the very same colour of the makeup picture, anyway I really liked it :>

The picture below shows the entire look in daylight, pretty, isn't it? :>

And one in daylight, indoor:

The blue and the purple were very deep, they blended really well each other.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)