Kiko - n. 389 + Models Own - Indian Ocean

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Ok, it's Autumn and I have to resign myself to this, so I'm a little sad looking at these pictures of my favourite summer combo...

(indoor, low light)

Beautiful, isn't it?
I SO loved it, didn't want to remove it, and it doesn't happen to me so often... It enahanced tan so well °_°

These were (I guess) two coats of Kiko n. 389, "Lattementa" ("minted milk", fitting name :D ) and two of "Indian Ocean".

(outdoor, low light)

Honestly, "Indian Ocean" is one of the most beautiful nailpolish I own, and it's at its best over cool colours like this.
You can always see the pink and gold side of it, look at the picture above!

In real life, pink reflections are... pinkier, almost lilac, like in the first picture.
A Masterpiece *_*


Whole hand for reference :>
N. 389 is SO bright, it freaked out my camera, so skin colour is a little weird, but you all know how mints are...
Yes, my balcony wall are the same colour of my tanned skin, lol.

Bye bye summer, hope to see you soon :°°°

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Simona LightYourNails said...

Arrivederci estate :(

Mína nail polish said...

Wow, amazing combo!

stregalice said...

Che bello anche sopra questo colore! Non pensavo che fosse così versatile ed invece...

stregalice said...
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sabbatha said...

oh my it's so gorgeous, I °____________°

Ere Kanezawa said...

Che. Sbavo. *__*

Rebenice said...

Sono perdutamente innamorata di Indian Ocean... anche se a dire il vero l'ho sempre provato da solo. Questa combo però è davvero interessante, debbo dire!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Simona, * sigh * :^(

Mína, thank you!

stregalice, mi ricordavo della tua accoppiata, ma non volevo rifarla uguale uguale :P

sabbatha, you know I had that Lovely in my mind *_______*

Ere Kanezawa, "Indian Ocean" è un must, come dicono i tromboni della bellezza :D

Lo proverò da solo anch'io, Rebenice :>

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