Sally Hansen - Purple Gala + Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

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Hello :D

Sooo, my first try with my LOVED "Fantasy Fire" was this combination: I'm fed up of seeing it layered over blue! :¬P

(direct sun)

Pretty, uh?
Two coats of "Fantasy Fire" added to "Purple Gala" millions of rainbow reflects *_*
Being a glittery mani, it was difficult to picture it, you know cameras can't catch all the sparkles your eye can see in real life :>

It made "Purple Gala" darker, but didn't hide its gold particles, which show trough the duochrome dust of "Fantasy Fire"...

(direct sun)

What can I say more? I loved this, really fascinating effect, look at outdoor shot!

(sorry for the dry skin, sometimes I suffer from dermatitis :^/ )

As you can see, it added a duochrome side really nice <3

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

oh :searching for her Purple Gala:

Elsa P. said...

Nell'ultima foto mi piace davvero tanto! Mi domando sempre come ti vengano in mente certi abbinamenti :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

sabbatha, found it? :P :D

Elsa, ah non so, ci penso e poi provo :D

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