Little Basic Beauty haul

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Ok, no sale on these polishes, but I finally bought the last two I was very interested in, n. 69 (left) and n. 66 (right).

N. 69 is pretty a dupe of Kiko n. 300, but the BB jelly base is more pigmented.
I'll show you the comparison as soon as my camera batteries will be charged again :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Basic Bauty - n. 67 + Essence - Glisten up!

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Here's my choice of this week: first of all, sorry for the poor quality of pics, I had to take these early in the morning because I was leaving for Paris, and then there was just bad weather and rain, so this is the best I can offer you.

Another beauty from Basic Beauty!
A deep blue with light blue shimmer; in the bottle you can even see the purple tinge of the jelly base, in fact this isn't completely a creme, but more a dense pigmented jelly with shimmer well distributed in it.
Formula is easy to work with, but you have to be a little careful when applying this, as you can leave bald areas while putting the second coat; in pics, it looks like I have those, but I assure you it's evenly layered, they're just the reflections of light in my bathroom - I was standing in front of the mirror.

Two coats and it's done; it dries fast - at least, for me - and it's really a jeweled shade, I love colours like these :>
But I decided to add something even more "precious" on top - hey, Paris deserves LOTS of sparkles :D - , so I layered one coat of Glisten Up! by Essence.

Nihrida was right! It's really really beautiful over dark blues, not too strong, but still visible, like encrusted pieces of shell on your nails...

Unfortunately, I didn't catch its real effect, but I guess I'll retry this combo, in the sunshine is simply amazing .

Every bottle is 10 ml for a price of € 3,99.
I'm happy to inform you, italian ladies (is there anyone out there?), that Basic Beauty is having an offer on polishes, a classic 3X2 that we all always appreciate, so today I'm going to get the other shades I liked :>
: just discovered that there's no running offer, at least in the shop where I usually buy Basic Beauty polishes. Girl told me it's a special and random (lol wut) promotion that's not valid in all Limoni shops, and - my thoughts - Lord only knows where it's applied. She told me it's not even necessary applied on polishes, it could be on other makeup items too...
Website doesn't mention anything useful, but banner exixts:

and it says it's applied on ALL Limoni shops and Basic Beauty Store, from 16 september to 17 october.
Ask your local Limoni, if they're running this offer, probably they're exposing some sort of advert on display window.

EDIT about wear: after four days of intense traveling, polish has lost its shininess, but I just have massive tipwear - and a little broken angle on my middle finger, oh well :^/

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 296

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This time I'm going to show you a very discreet and under-the-top colour from Kiko :¬D
Far by now, I consider Kiko the premium brand in drugstore makeup; in fact, it's not sold in drugstores, but it has one-brand shops all over Italy, and it's very rare to see an italian cosmetic marque with such choice of shades (not only for polishes) and products, all with a very fair price.

Another interesting fact of cheaper italian brands (especially make-up and underwear) is that they always increase prices after few years; now I'm still waiting for Kiko's turn...

This is a BOLD green, very pigmented, dense and glossy, I love it not only because it's a green, but it's a good green for me, I mean with a certain hint of blue in it.

Next pic shows colour much closer to reality, because others captured the blue reflection of the sky. What a beauty!
As always, these are two coats over a base and one coat of top coat.

I most like blues, greens and purples on my nails, so I guess you'll see a lot of them in my blog :>

Every bottle is 11 ml for a price of € 3,90, but I bought it during the "€ 1,90 sale" - obviously I tried to buy all the other shades I was interested in :^D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Chanel - 208 Paparazzi

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Hi there :>
These days colour is from Chanel, the only Chanel polish I own - and it will probably remain the only one... I think it's from their spring line of 2008, but I'm not sure.
Two coats and there you go: I HATE admit it, but it has one of the best formulas of my collection, it covers very well, dries fast, is drag-proof and I don't know what else :D

As said before, I hate this perfection because of the price - infact, this polish was a gift from my mother and my sister: strange thing, I'm not really a pink person, but I immediately liked this shade from the first moment I saw it, so my sister managed to find the last one in the counter, and the girl in the shop gave her the sample bottle too :D
So, basically, I have two bottles, and I think they'll last me a whole life.

It's a soft-muted pink with a tiny hint of peach, which makes it bright especially in the shade, as you can see below.
Plus, it has a delicate silver shimmer, so fine, but it adds depth to the flat pink colour.

EDIT about wear: now it's thursday 23 and I gained just tipwear.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

... + Gosh - Rainbow

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A little add of flakies, you all know, makes all things better :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

H&M - Blue My Mind

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Hi all :>
Yesterday I decided to change colour, since my previous mani chipped after few days.
I usually wear the same colour during a whole week, but today I had an interview and I don't like ruined polish, so if I have time...
I'm still tanned, and I thought that a bright colour would be ok with my actual skin tone, so I went for the infamous Blue My Mind by H&M, which is now in stores with a renewed packaging.
I love this colour, I have one backup and maybe I will buy a third one, is really amazing.
Two coats over a base and one coat of top coat for this beauty:

It's pretty impossible to photograph it, I describe it as a dark neon, and cameras usually go crazy with this type of shades.
Formula is a little thick, but I hadn't any problem with it.

If you don't have it, I suggest to pick as the real colour the darkest sides of my nails, but in reality is even darker - and bright :D

I'll check the new bottles of H&M polishes to see if they changed quantity or something else; last month I bought a couple of new shades from their line, but one's a mini and another one is in the old bottle.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Basic Beauty - n. 65

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Hi everyone :>
This is a polish I got some days ago from a brand which is new to me. Loving nail polish, I quickly spotted three, four interesting shades, but then I bought just one for testing it.
My first choice was this dusty teal with a delicate and fine green shimmer (very delicate), only visible in full light.
These are one coat of base, two coat of polish and one coat of top coat. Ladies who hate VNL will probably add another coat of polish, but I'm fine with this.
It dries fast, maybe it's just a tad thick, but nothing impossible to work with.

I tried to capture the green shimmer with a detailed macro, it should be visible in this one:

Now that I'm still tanned from holidays, colours like these really pop, especially in the shade.
This colour is dusty, but bright too, maybe thanks to the contrast between skin and nails.

Every bottle is 10 ml for a price of € 3,99. Not bad.
You can find all info on their website, , but I guess it's not well updated, because I can't find the nail polish section - infact, they lack of ALL the cosmetic line.
This brand is in diffusion, and still there isn't so much stores that carry it, but you can find it in Italy by the Limoni stores, I think they're arranging to open new Basic Beauty Store soon.

EDIT about wear: now it's monday 13 and I gained two chips and tipwear.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


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After months and months as a lurker, finally here I am trying to contribute to the nail polish-sphere with this gallery of my choices of colours.
As many many other ladies out there, I'm a so-called reformed nail biter: my habit was so bad to the point that my fingers practically hadn't nails on for years.

Pretty horrible, I know.

Then, one day, at the beginning of 2007, I decided it was enough for me and completely stopped to torture them, finding that it wasn't so difficult. When you're ready, it doesn' t take too much effort :^]

I always liked well manicured hands, but, before that day, it only seemed a dream for me.
I owned just three, four polishes, don't know even why, I hadn't nails to sport them!

My nails are now somewhat acceptable:

And my (semi-brand new) red Helmer keeps 115 shades, excluding treatments (not many) and accessories (even less).
A good amount to start with, don't you think?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)