A little bit of every colour

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Ok, I'm a BLUE-purple-green girl, but this post will show many more colours than the usual ones you always see in my blog; not only because of multichromes, like the two pictured below:


Left, Ebalay A08; right, A06.

A08: green to purple (and back); A06: burgundy-copper to gold (and back).
Sorry for the photobombing, but they're just like you see in my pics, no tricks or lightboxes, I just put them under a couple of different lightings, and they're beautiful anyway *_*

(upper, daylight; down, full sun)

Can't wait to try them over so many colours ♥ _♥

Then, one day, a birdie sent me a small packet, full of delightfulnesses: Chresy is an italian cheap cosmetic brand (can't find a website, I guess they still haven't one) which is available probably only in a couple of cities in Italy :D, so when Elsa told me she found new nice colours, my inner child started giggling.

From left:

- n. 055, deep blue with pink and blue microglitters *_*

- n. 42, deep and dark emerald sparly °_°

- n. 718, my new love of these months, since that I already own the ones from Pupa and Shaka: indigo blue base with red-goldish shimmer ♥___________♥

- the surprise gift: a mirror-like shimmer midblue from Flormar (n. 431), it's stunning! Almost foily once applied, pity pictures can't show fully its beauty...

I made cap swatches, but I couldn't choose a single pic to show here, so I grab all and made a gif, too bad gif's poor resolution doesn't show up deepness of colours :[
Two coats for every colour.

Maybe a different angled picture will help?

I hope so :D

Next, a batch of small "I-have-to-buy-that-colour"-s: you know, when you don't really need them, but they're not exactly dupes of something you already own, plus they're so cheap...

From left:

- n. 01 "Edward" from the new Essence nail Art Twins, it's more periwinkle in real life...

- again, one new Essence, "Miss Universe"; ok, this is quite similar to Essie "Dive Bar", but not a dupe; ok, I surely didn't need it, but I liked it and I think it would be a tad sparklier. I think.

- one gem I found in those €1 (or $1, for the international readers) stores: Lady Venezia n. A/37, electric blurple base with electric blue shimmer.
This is a small makeup brand which strangely has a website, but it's slowly like a sloth; anyway, there are many different finishes, not the most original colours I've ever seen in my life, but nothing bad for such a small and cheap factory.

Different angle again:

Lastly, a jade green from the Spring Kiko collection (n. 423): this one is SO vivid and saturated, jelly base with microglitters!
Swatched here, it's a little sheer, but this not really a big deal for me :>
This Shaka, I've found it in a big clear acrylic cube: ok, it's too fuchsia for my tastes, even if it's colder in real life, and I don't really know if I'd wear it solo on my nails, but... Purply magenta with greenish-gold glitters? MUST TRY IT.

MaiSenzaSmalto swatched this, and seems like green glitters won't translate on nails, but I don't want to surrender, I WANT TO BELIEVE (cit.).

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Just Rock It! + NatRobbins - EL 136 Greed

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Finally a new post, good morning everyone :D
And finally looks like spring is here to stay, I've been so fed up with grey days...

This a beutiful layering idea I did some weeks ago: "Just Rock It!" is the perfect ink blue from Essence and their discontinued Colour&Go line (RIP).

I used two coats, and I must say it's so glossy and pigmented, on shorter nails probably you can even go with just one good coat.

(without top coat!)

I then applied one coat of this sheer emerald gem I received from Sabbatha (you don't say?!) and BAM!, awesomeness in a second :D


No need to say I really loved them together, and the way the green shows up here and there ♥

(outdoor daylight)

I topped all with Essence Better Tnan Gel Nails top coat: I love the final effect, even if I hat that it becomes whithish at borders after some days of wearing, clear nailpolish doesn't act like this...

(outdoor daylight, cloudy)

 EDIT: added a nighttime picture, because it's worth it :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)