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Ok, I'm a BLUE-purple-green girl, but this post will show many more colours than the usual ones you always see in my blog; not only because of multichromes, like the two pictured below:


Left, Ebalay A08; right, A06.

A08: green to purple (and back); A06: burgundy-copper to gold (and back).
Sorry for the photobombing, but they're just like you see in my pics, no tricks or lightboxes, I just put them under a couple of different lightings, and they're beautiful anyway *_*

(upper, daylight; down, full sun)

Can't wait to try them over so many colours ♥ _♥

Then, one day, a birdie sent me a small packet, full of delightfulnesses: Chresy is an italian cheap cosmetic brand (can't find a website, I guess they still haven't one) which is available probably only in a couple of cities in Italy :D, so when Elsa told me she found new nice colours, my inner child started giggling.

From left:

- n. 055, deep blue with pink and blue microglitters *_*

- n. 42, deep and dark emerald sparly °_°

- n. 718, my new love of these months, since that I already own the ones from Pupa and Shaka: indigo blue base with red-goldish shimmer ♥___________♥

- the surprise gift: a mirror-like shimmer midblue from Flormar (n. 431), it's stunning! Almost foily once applied, pity pictures can't show fully its beauty...

I made cap swatches, but I couldn't choose a single pic to show here, so I grab all and made a gif, too bad gif's poor resolution doesn't show up deepness of colours :[
Two coats for every colour.

Maybe a different angled picture will help?

I hope so :D

Next, a batch of small "I-have-to-buy-that-colour"-s: you know, when you don't really need them, but they're not exactly dupes of something you already own, plus they're so cheap...

From left:

- n. 01 "Edward" from the new Essence nail Art Twins, it's more periwinkle in real life...

- again, one new Essence, "Miss Universe"; ok, this is quite similar to Essie "Dive Bar", but not a dupe; ok, I surely didn't need it, but I liked it and I think it would be a tad sparklier. I think.

- one gem I found in those €1 (or $1, for the international readers) stores: Lady Venezia n. A/37, electric blurple base with electric blue shimmer.
This is a small makeup brand which strangely has a website, but it's slowly like a sloth; anyway, there are many different finishes, not the most original colours I've ever seen in my life, but nothing bad for such a small and cheap factory.

Different angle again:

Lastly, a jade green from the Spring Kiko collection (n. 423): this one is SO vivid and saturated, jelly base with microglitters!
Swatched here, it's a little sheer, but this not really a big deal for me :>
This Shaka, I've found it in a big clear acrylic cube: ok, it's too fuchsia for my tastes, even if it's colder in real life, and I don't really know if I'd wear it solo on my nails, but... Purply magenta with greenish-gold glitters? MUST TRY IT.

MaiSenzaSmalto swatched this, and seems like green glitters won't translate on nails, but I don't want to surrender, I WANT TO BELIEVE (cit.).

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Tamit24 said...

every time I visit your blog I just think how can I get these all polish 'diamonds' on my own... they are all georgeous but Chresy #718 is stunning... *.*

sabbatha said...

Om nom, I want burgundy, Kiko, Shaka and purple something, thaankk you :* :* :* ;)

QueenMiSeRy said...

Si vede il verde nello Shaka. Ho una foto su ruota in cui si vede :D
Ci vogliono solo un po' di contorsioni.
Per il resto ho bisogno di un Chresy. Devo andare a scandagliare nei vicoli *___*

Gold Francine said...

Ho gli occhi a cuore per gli ebalay.
I Chresy si trovano anche qui a Roma. Se ti serve, fai un fischio! ;)

Elsa P said...

awwww sono contenta che ti siano piaciuti! ^.^ bellissimi anche gli altri acquisti, specialmente i primi due, che non vedo l'ora di vedere swatchati!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hello Tamit, most of the times I get my gems thanks to many kind girls, otherwise it would be impossible to snatch them!

Lol, sabbatha needs a holiday in Italy, I guess :D

Ah, Queen, mi dai una notiziona :D
Io intanto aspetto il sole per metterlo...

Eh, Francine, quei due sono secondo me i colori più originali, anche se ci sono anche dei duochrome blu-verde (o verde-blu)...
Chresy li avevo visti anche in Abruzzo, ma era tipo due o tre anni fa, e lo stand aveva colori penosi, magari ora meriterebbe un'occhiata più accurata... Grazie comunque!

Elsa, come potevano non piacermi? :D

Simona LightYourNails said...

Ahhh l'Ebalay oro era out of stock quando ho fatto il mio ordine ç_ç Invidia!!!
I Lady Venezia che ho io hanno la boccetta di una forma diversa, sono cmq colori davvero interessanti, anche se impossibili da fotografare (me li scelgo nel mucchio!).

Ali Ce said...

che bello il lady venezia!

Vania said...

i due Ebalay son troppo belli *____* attendo foto!

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Che belli questi acquisti/arrivi!
E come capisco il "non ne hai veramente bisogno, ma devi averli"! Aspetto tue prove del Purple Shimmer, a suo tempo gli swatches erano stati oggetto di lunghe discussioni ;-) magari riuscirai a far uscire quel verde meraviglioso!

Smaltoitaliano said...

LightYourNails, tornerà, vedrai °_°

Questi Lady Venezia sono parecchi, devo dire, chissà quante collezioni e linee avranno fatto finora...

Vero, Ali Ce? :>

Vania, arriveranno!

MaiSenzaSmalto, DEVE uscire, sennò chiedo il rimborso a Shaka, non possono illuderCI così! :D

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