Too much...

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... work in december!
I can barely visit my favourite nailgirls, but I still have to wait in order to post something I would call "interesting"...

Happy holidays to you all!

Comparison: H&M "Spending Cash with Carl" vs Fontana Contarini n. 85 vs Basic Beauty n. 67 (vs an old unknown Kiko)

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Good whatyouwant :>

Recently I realized I own various colours who look very similar each other, so I decided to do a quick "cap-test" and see how much they're similar.
These are all blues who have a purple/blurple edge around the bottle, if you know what I mean...

From left, H&M, Fontana Contarini, Basic Beauty. First pic is just one coat:

As you can see, Fontana Contarini covers very well, has a deeper base and microglitter. I read somewhere that H&M would be a one coater, but I disagree, it's the thinnest of all three and surely require two coats at least. The Basic Beauty one is a tad darker than H&M.

Next pic shows two coats:

H&M is the lightest - even if the colour is the same -, Fontana Contarini is perfectly opaque and Basic Beauty is dark as well, but it's the flattest too, as it hasn't too much depth.
I wore n. 67 in the past (you can take a look here): it's not bad, but I think that FC would look better on nails. See the microglitter?

Then, I saw another polish which is very close to these blues, so I painted it too next to others, to see differences. This is an old Kiko, I can't find the number on the label, one coat:

And two coats:

It's difficult to capture differences with camera, given that they're all almost dupes each other, so I tried a different angle, and here you can see that H&M and FC contain a shimmer much more visible and vivid than the others (but FC is more opaque, I prefer it over all); Kiko and BB are dupes.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Collistar - Viola Glitter

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Good what-you-want :>
Unfortunately, these days I cannot take good pics, because I'm at home - my boyfriend's house has better spots :D -, so I'm not completely satisfied with them, but I need this blog to help me making an archive of my polishes, what I have and what I wear :>

This time I'm wearing "Viola Glitter", a blurple jelly base full of pink microglitter; I guess it's very similar to Milani's "Totally Cool", but I don't have it and I can't compare them.
These are three coats: it dries fast and it's super foily, but one coat of top coat enhance glitters and makes base colour deeper and darker.

I love it, but I wish I would have taken more pictures of it, it's a beautiful vampy-glam purple. Probably, next time I'll wear it, I'll take better photos :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Looong nails

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Surfing the web - again - I came accross this site, which is devoted to extreme lenght for nails, on hands and toes.

Sure that everybody choose their own style, and I'm happy if those womens are able to do anything they like without problems, but I still don't get how nails like these could be sexy:

They're fake, different from each other and the shape... C'mon, it's like having shoehorns on your fingers.
Take a look, some toenails are freakish as well.

I know we have Guinness World Records, and I know what fetishisms are, but still I don't understand how such exaggerations can be considered beautiful and attractive; if nails like these are fake too, I don't even see a merit of wearing them.

What's the point of having a stupid design on your tips? Maybe it's just a cultural lack of mine - or maybe it's not mine.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sinful Colors - Mint Candy Apple

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Quick post today :>
I've just removed this from my nails - time to change already -, but I have one pic of this beautiful polish: "Mint Candy Apple" is smooth, it takes two coats to cover nails and it's the perfect soft mint shade with the tiniest silver shimmer you need even in winter, it's a refreshing shade, and a little vintage-y with its dusty feeling :>

EDIT about wear: no chips after 5 days, just tipwear, very good behaviour!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Polish colours, car paint and... men

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We all know that nail polish used to have the same formula of car paint, right? Today they still have so much in common, beside the fact that cosmetic industries are trying to delete and/or substitute toxic ingredients. Good for us.

I like to look for strange colour pictures (of cars, animals, clothes, etc.), and years ago I discovered TVR, an English car company whose cars are often painted with terrific shades.
So I was browsing web in search of interesting car pictures, and I stumbled accross forums of car-modding: I just noticed that men are EXACTLY like us when we talk about nail polish :^D

I mean, you can find the ones with classic taste colour - in this case: racing orange or yellow or even red paints; then we have the majority, who likes blue, and finally there are men who literally drool over unusual shades, heart-shaped eyes emoticons included too, * lol *

I stole images from these forums, where you can spy them acting just like us on colours, shades, finishes, sun or no-sun pics, macro shots, shimmer (even if they call them flakies)... And nail, sorry: car art too! Look at this:

If you browse those forums, you'll find men appreciating all these particular colours, like this pearly iridescent white:

and (drumroll): duochromes! See:

I WANT a polish like this:

and THIS ONE: it's a TVR in "Cascade Indigo" paint... Wait, I must insert a drool face *___*

Same finish:

Yeah, I know, there's Ozotics...
What about "Chameleon Green"? (again: *___*)

But you can even find a mat black...

a Wagon Trail-esque...

Viridian-y... ? (or something from ultimate fall collections, I can't recall it...)

Almost "Royal Navy", indeed * lol *

Who knows how many shades are waiting to be brought to us from car paints world? I see gorgeous combination ;>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)