Layla - Ceramic Effect n. 04 (+ Essence - "Crack Me! Blue")

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Lol, Layla on my nails for the third time, I swear it was totally unintentional :D

This time, a mild colour which I like so much, it's a shade in between pink and lilac, with a suuubtle white-y silvery shimmer...

Being from the Ceramic Effect range, it lays perfectly on nails, giving them a very smooth surface, look at the next picture :>
At last, a claimed performance which WORKS!
You can also notice the delicate shimmer which softens the colour and makes it a little deeper than a simple creme nailpolish...

I used two coats of n. 04 over one coat of Essence's "No More Drama", just because I knew Layla it's a tad sheer and needs three coats on its own to be full opaque.
I still don't know how to categorize it: is it a pink or a lilac/purple shade?

Five days later, I added one coat of the Essence latest blue cracking nailpolish, "Crack Me! Blue": it's a lovely metallic cracking shade, but I didn't like this combo very much, the base colour was too light, seems like I applied the cracking varnish on my naked nails...

Oh well, nothing bad, I just wanted to hide two or three chips I had after some days of wearing :>

This shade doesn't contain B3F (not like this one); I don't really pay much attention to this, because one day the ingredient A is toxic, the other day it's the B one... I try to stay away from B3F in general, I strictly avoid "made in China" anonymous products (no one dollar/euro shops!), but I think that if you're very careful with such things and like this Layla, you can buy it without twisting your conscience :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - Ceramic Effect n. 13 + Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Purple + Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Black + Essence - Cool And The Gang

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Longest title :D
Sorry for it, but I prefer being precise on titles, because they contain the most important info about nailpolishes we ladies primarily search on the web: brand, names and/or numbers :>

Ok, this is my first attempt toa sandwich manicure and.. I LOVED IT.
Not just because it was, ok, blue, and a JELLY blue one (♥), but it made my nails looking like a precious glass work directly settled on them...


As you may have already realized, I applied the polishes in the same order listed in title; the base was this Layla, a rich jelly which can be a one-coater, that's why I chose it to be the first.
Then, I applied one coat each of the Kleancolors, and you know how much beautiful they are on dark bases :>

At first I thought Kleancolor would be difficult to apply - all goopy and so -, but I was pleasantly surprised, because they are pretty manageable, the brush is wide and clear base density is good enough to apply glitters wihout creating a mess.

BUT... we already have seen that, right? So I went for another coat of a blue jelly, this time I picked a lighter one, and "Cool And The Gang" was perfect!

It covered the glitter with a blue veil which toned down them, and letting them spark at the same time *_*

It's a good way, to me, to wear such loud glitters like the Kleancolor are, without looking a party-girl, especially if you work/live in a conservative environment, or simply you don't like blingy-disco nails.

Obviously, blue jellies are a little tricky to picture, so in real life this was as dark as vivid, and VNL wasn't... visible :D
Did you know I LOVE blue jellies? :P

The whole job lasted my regular five days, and so glossy too, so for me this is a gold medal nailpolishes combo.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Precious gems

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Mh, I surely don't refer to real gems in the title, I just noticed that my latest purchases are of the colours of precious and semi-precious stones :>

Wanna see them?
Brand and name/number of each on the left :>

The Kiko ones are from the holiday collection "Light Impulse".

Well, first of all, let's say they're not super-unique and/or particularly original, BUT:

- maybe my collection is something I can't entirely embrace anymore in my mind, since that Kiko n. 354 is the spitting dupe of Deborah n. 60; ok, I LOVE that colour, so I can consider this as a backup, but while I was browsing the stand I didn't recall the Deborah one AT ALL, I find it pretty worrying :D

- n. 352 looks to me like a close dupe of the Missha green/blue (this one), or the Sephora "Moody Woman": I didn't buy any of these before, so this time I'm ok with it :D
Especially while looking at this picture:

Didn't enhance colours (clearly), n. 352 it's just like that!

Then, the Essences: lately the Colour&Go range got very interesting shades, and after the blues, I picked another two metallic colours, which are not so common, for my experience:

"Rich & Pretty", on the left, is a pale cold gold with a subtle pink reflect I don't know if it's visible from the image, I tried to capture it and I swear it's there :D

"Luxury Secret", on the right, is a warm gunmetal shade: I mean, a gunmetal grey with a touch of antique gold in it, very nice in person!

Last, a comparison: here you have Deborah and Kiko, together with my very last purchase, thanks to Stregalice again :D
An Avon nailpolish, "Violetta Sparkle", so beautiful...

Well, first two are clearly DUPES, look at the swatch on the cap °_°

Fortunately, "Violetta Sparkle" is much darker, more pigmented, a little less glittery and foiled; these are all one coat:

Now I'm ok with them, I can tolerate a dupe/back-up, but at first I thought the Avon too would be a third copycat of Deborah :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Layla - Metal Sense n. 9

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Hi all :>

This is one of the two Layla I showed you here :>
Absolutely beautiful, I must say:


Rich metallic purple with an auburn heart <3
As you can see, on nails it's just like it appears in the bottle, so I'm pretty satisfied.

Even in low light it shows its two sides :>

These are bad weather days, so most of the times I'm under an artificial light, and here it is how it looks like:

I applied three coats over a nude coat: being a true metallic polish, its formula is composed of a medium sheer base loaded with metallic pigment, so I gave nails an... underwear, according to the GREAT tip I learned here from The Manicured Manatee.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New multicolour adds (again!)

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Did you notice most of my latest adds are multichromes, in different ways?
Ok, life is grey, especially in this era, especially in this season (I'm talking about the sky), therefore I want colours.

I don't know if it's just me, or lately cosmetic brands decided to pump their labs and issued so many interesting finishes, shades, etc.

Anyway, last week, I got the last two parcels I was waiting for.
First one, that goes without saying, from USA, containing three Kleancolor.
Sent at the end of July, it arrived few days ago... But they were perfectly wrapped and no damaged at all.

Did you notice (again) how much I love taking pictures of bottles? Sorry for that :D But look at the details!
I think I don't even have to write down names of them, you already know the Chunky Holo range...

They're as amazing as STINKY!
I quickly swatched them on a bottle cap, and their smell was literally sitting near me while I was browsing the web, we had an interesting conversation too...

Then, I saw this post on Stregalice's blog, and:

BeYu, please stop making beautiful colours, my wallet is crying >.<
Or better, cut down prices :D

Next, my beloved parcel from Australia, that means... Colour changing pigments!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this post by MoreNailPolish :>

Pretty nice, I think, and the jar is full of magic dust!

I already bought three clear Essences to put pigments in; they're 5ml each, jar of pigment contains 1 gram of it, MoreNailPolish made bottles of 13,5ml by using less than a quarter of gram of pigment, so... I think I have enough ingredients to make crazy experiments.

Despite the price (not so high, I must say), I'm glad I bought them, now I can add that magic touch by myself whenever I want :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)