Layla - Ceramic Effect n. 13 + Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Purple + Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Black + Essence - Cool And The Gang

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Longest title :D
Sorry for it, but I prefer being precise on titles, because they contain the most important info about nailpolishes we ladies primarily search on the web: brand, names and/or numbers :>

Ok, this is my first attempt toa sandwich manicure and.. I LOVED IT.
Not just because it was, ok, blue, and a JELLY blue one (♥), but it made my nails looking like a precious glass work directly settled on them...


As you may have already realized, I applied the polishes in the same order listed in title; the base was this Layla, a rich jelly which can be a one-coater, that's why I chose it to be the first.
Then, I applied one coat each of the Kleancolors, and you know how much beautiful they are on dark bases :>

At first I thought Kleancolor would be difficult to apply - all goopy and so -, but I was pleasantly surprised, because they are pretty manageable, the brush is wide and clear base density is good enough to apply glitters wihout creating a mess.

BUT... we already have seen that, right? So I went for another coat of a blue jelly, this time I picked a lighter one, and "Cool And The Gang" was perfect!

It covered the glitter with a blue veil which toned down them, and letting them spark at the same time *_*

It's a good way, to me, to wear such loud glitters like the Kleancolor are, without looking a party-girl, especially if you work/live in a conservative environment, or simply you don't like blingy-disco nails.

Obviously, blue jellies are a little tricky to picture, so in real life this was as dark as vivid, and VNL wasn't... visible :D
Did you know I LOVE blue jellies? :P

The whole job lasted my regular five days, and so glossy too, so for me this is a gold medal nailpolishes combo.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Maki said...

It looks crazy!!! :D I love it.

Elsa P. said...

Impossibile non adorare questa manicure *ç*

La Bisbetica said...

Looks lovely, at the moment I'm a glitter-maniac! :)

Lendoxia said...

if nail line wasn't so visible as in first picture, this is definitely a winner combo

maisenzasmalto said...

What a title!! Kudos to your patience, final result is simply stunning :-0 BTW I think I will end up buying that Layla, it's just a matter of time!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Maki, I discovered the power of jellies *_*

Elsa P., haha, grazie, provale anche tu :D

La Bisbetica, this is just perfect when you want to wear glitters, but you need to look like a serious girl :D

Lendoxia, oh, no, it's just in the picture, jellies look always like that in pictures (see my other jelly manicure), because camera captures even the light through the layers of nailpolish :>

maisenzasmalto, thank you! I needed patience to resist the horrible smell of Kleancolors >_<
That Layla is one of my very favourites *_*

sabbatha said...

whooooo, nice !

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