New multicolour adds (again!)

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Did you notice most of my latest adds are multichromes, in different ways?
Ok, life is grey, especially in this era, especially in this season (I'm talking about the sky), therefore I want colours.

I don't know if it's just me, or lately cosmetic brands decided to pump their labs and issued so many interesting finishes, shades, etc.

Anyway, last week, I got the last two parcels I was waiting for.
First one, that goes without saying, from USA, containing three Kleancolor.
Sent at the end of July, it arrived few days ago... But they were perfectly wrapped and no damaged at all.

Did you notice (again) how much I love taking pictures of bottles? Sorry for that :D But look at the details!
I think I don't even have to write down names of them, you already know the Chunky Holo range...

They're as amazing as STINKY!
I quickly swatched them on a bottle cap, and their smell was literally sitting near me while I was browsing the web, we had an interesting conversation too...

Then, I saw this post on Stregalice's blog, and:

BeYu, please stop making beautiful colours, my wallet is crying >.<
Or better, cut down prices :D

Next, my beloved parcel from Australia, that means... Colour changing pigments!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this post by MoreNailPolish :>

Pretty nice, I think, and the jar is full of magic dust!

I already bought three clear Essences to put pigments in; they're 5ml each, jar of pigment contains 1 gram of it, MoreNailPolish made bottles of 13,5ml by using less than a quarter of gram of pigment, so... I think I have enough ingredients to make crazy experiments.

Despite the price (not so high, I must say), I'm glad I bought them, now I can add that magic touch by myself whenever I want :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


hermetic said...

Wow, pretties! I love bottle pictures, both taking them and seeing them on other people's blogs ;)

marox79 said...

Eagerly waiting to see swatches of those BeYus and frankens.

Başak said...

Again, I love that BeYu! It's amazing :D I love the Kleancolors too, I'm ordering the purple one very soon :) I also have the color morphing pigments in the mail, I hope they won't get stuck in customs.

Lendoxia said...

I'd love to see what can you do with all those pigments :)

Maki said...

You make the best pictures! I LOVE them (and of course the polishes)! :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hermetic, they're often as little jewels, isn't it? ;>

Marox, I'll try to wear them, but in these days, it's soOo dark outside >_<

Başak, did you too order the pigments? I think you won't have any problems, italian customs didn't have anything to say about them :D
On the contrary, Kleancolors got the customs attentions, *grrr*.

Lendoxia, I read that they show their best just in clear/suspension base :> If you mix them in a coloured base, it can dull the final effect... Let's see what it will happen!

Maki, thank you! But it's not true, I don't have a powerful camera, it's just the subject of pictures :D

Başak said...

I ordered all three of the color morphing pigments and the spectraflair. Currently there is a ban against ordering cosmetic products online in Turkey. The pigments should be okay, as I've ordered glitter before and it didn't get stuck, but it still makes me nervous :| Interestingly, lots of people have been ordering Klean Color polishes and they arrive with no problems. I'm crossing my fingers that my pigments will arrive :)

La Bisbetica said...

Nice haul! Lol, Kleancolor polishes seem to have a very talkative smell!
Finally, can't wait to see your frankens. Happy week end!

maisenzasmalto said...

Kleancolors are so pretty, it's a pity they stink!
I have the 330-45 BeYu on my mind, as soon as I can step into the only Douglas existing in Friuli Venezia Giulia I'll look for it(and 209).
I can't wait to see your duochrome experiments, can I suggest adding pigments little by little? I'm making some "pasticci" with Coastal Scents micas (white with coloured hues) and too much pigment creates a milky-streaky top coat.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Başak, if glitters arrived without problems, I think pigments too won't be stucked at customs :>

Ciao La Bisbetica ;> I Kleancolor sono una sofferenza per il naso...

maisenzasmalto, I can search for it, even I think it's a little too late...
Hey, show us your frankenmonsters! :D
I'll add pigments micron by micron :P

sabbatha said...

I want pigments :<

Smaltoitaliano said...

I didn't try to franken with them yet :D
Anyway, did you write to MoreNailPolish to see if she can get some for you? I guess she's full of requests.

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