China Glaze - Agent Lavender + flakies

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Fantastic colour and you know I love those nail-art flakies I already used :>

I'm not into intricate details on nails, and this time I decided for a "french-flakie" mani!

"Agent Lavender" is a perfect light lavender pastel, formula's easy to apply, no streaks, no mess.

(bottom part of picture in the sun, lightly washed out)

Two coats of polish, and it covers all well, I don't have complaints about it!

These are the flakies I used, from Fontana Contarini's range for nailart. I love the colour base, they go so well with cold shades!

During these days other lovely ladies gave me some awards!
I don't "do" them, especially if they require talking about me, simply because I'm a reserved person, plus from a couple of weeks I'm terribly busy "outside", but obviously I appreciate them and the people who decide my blog is worth some attention :>

juntasperonorevueltas gave me a Sunshine Award: I like these girls because not only they're kind, honest and write clear and complete reviews, but they have a beautiful cat too :D
Same award from todoslosesmaltessonpocos, which I didn't know before, but I completely agree with this name :D
Varnish Me gave me a Top10 Award: I tried to think about one thing I like in ten different versions, but ten is a big number for me :D (ok, not regarding nail polishes, but in that case I should write a Top100 or so...)
Thank you again, girls, and I'm sorry I'm not able to partecipate to these awards as well as you!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Missing one item

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What am I talking about?
Essence's collection is now in stores here in Italy, so when I saw the stand full, I grabbed bottles nearly without thinking about colours I liked... Not good, I know.

Once returned home, I realized the stand wasn't complete at all, since I didn't saw the other two shades of the collection, "Holoberry" and "Lil@c".
"Holoberry" wasn't in my buying plan, but "Lil@c"... I miss it :^|

"Blue ray" (the blue one) is beautiful, "Gagalectric" (the lilac one) looks promising, "Prism@tic White" (the white one, obv.) ... I don't really know why I bought it, since I don't wear whites, pearls or so, I tried it layered and: meh.

It's not so pearled, seems more like a fine and dense shimmer, but with colours of pearls... Not for me.
At least, it's beautiful in the bottle...

So, I'm wondering:

1) any suggestions on how to wear "Prism@tic White"?

2) anyone out there who has an unwanted "Lil@c" to sell me, if I don't find one for myself? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Color Club - Wild At Heart

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Every once in a while you find a little treasure, one of those jolly-products which has just positive features, and zero defects.

A jolly nail polish is Color Club's "Wild At Heart": this is ONE coat. Is that enough for you?

No, it isn't enough, as the colour makes your nails as little jewels.
See them in the sun:

Even if my pictures aren't the best (did them in a rush around 7:30 AM), if you like purple polish, you MUST have this in your stash, period.
Top coat doesn't ruin holoness.
The fastest mani I ever did, so useful when you're tired after dinner, but you need as well to do your nails :D

Obviously, straight in my favourites folder!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Out Of My Mind + Golden Rose - Magic Color n. 307

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How to revamp a "tired" colour? By adding something special :>
I chose this fabulous duochrome lilac-purple glitter by Golden Rose, sent to me by Zygzak in a previous swap.
It's from their Magic Color line, and I see why they call it "magic".

N. 307 is a pretty sheer polish (can't be used on its own), in fact I applied two layers over "Out Of My Mind", but final result is something so so pretty.
It reminded me of a cross between China Glaze's "Blue Iguana" and Sally Hansen's "DVD" from the Ultra HD line, what do you think?

Layered over a turquoise, n. 307 made "Out Of My Mind" a blurquoise (lol) with purple sides. And for me = ♥___♥
This is my favourite picture, in shade, see the colour shift? Even the green of the base °_°

In the sun:

In daylight is more luminous, just like a foil:


As expected, I get tired of the beetle effect of "Out Of My Mind" (even if it's so beautiful), and I like this mani much more.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Essence - Out Of My Mind

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After days and days of rain, grey sky and CLOUDS, finally sun returned (not in all its glory, though).
I didn't feel like wear polish during these days, but yesterday I decided to add some colour in my life :D and I chose something VERY bright, "Out Of My Mind" by Essence.

ELECTRIC turquoise with GREEN flash (not teal), which makes your nails like the coloured chrome false ones you can buy for Carnival, lol.
In daylight, the truest to its real appearance:

EDIT: Emerald Sparkled pictured it as it appears in real life, my camera isn't as good as hers, I guess :^/

In the sun, but colours are washed out, it's way more intense to the naked eye, and flash is greener:

Artificial (bathroom) light, more true to life:

It has a subtle (VERY subtle) duochrome pink side, you can watch it here better together with a comparison of "Out Of My Mind" and "Choose Me!", but in this shade picture I took it's somewhat visible:

These are two coats, but you have to apply them thick, otherwise you'll need three.
Average drying time, I expected this to be more glossy, but whatever, top coat and it'll shine properly.

Just one flaw: don't know why, but I feel I'll get tired of this polish very soon... Does that make sense?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)