Latest Kikos and Essences: swatches and comparisons - pt. 1

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First and LAST time doing those typical swatches - you put on a varnish, take pics and then remove it, and go on with the cycle :D -, I mean, how could you girls do it so easy? It takes a looooot of time!
Anyway, result is pretty useful, I think :>

I decided to split swatches in two posts, to avoid the avalache of pics, so you'll see soon the second part.

I started comparing two duochromes I immediately imagined very similar each other: well, they are, but fortunately not so similar.

Fontana Contarini n. 75 and Essence "Where's The Party" are both purple/green duochromes, so I put them near to spot differences:

Angled shot in full sun - front shot in full sun - in shade.

No base coat, no top coat.
FC was two coats, WTP needed three.
FC has a blue base and green shimmer, which became strong gold/lime in the sun and angled.
WTP is a grey base full of shimmer which is purple on front and blue/green in the sun angled.
Shade pic shows they're pretty different :>

Next comparison: Essence "Choose Me!" and "Out Of My Mind".
I said before they have the same colours, but different finishes and effects:

Angled shot in full sun - front shot in full sun - in shade.

No base coat, no top coat.
CM! was two coats, OOMM three.
See the pink/purple duochrome of OOMM in the angled shot? Very pretty.
It's so luminous even in shade, like a green glow.

Last for this post, two blues.
Nihrida asked for swatches and possible dupes for my last Kikos, so I did my best to find similar colours in my Helmer - and, to be honest, it was difficult, at least that means I buy wisely :^D

These are Kiko n. 336 and H&M "Blue My Mind":

No base coat, no top coat.
Both two coats.

Look at the first shot in the upper half of picture: even to the naked eye, when you place them side by side they look almost dupes, but on nails they aren't anymore: n. 336 is deeper, darker and brighter than BMM. So glossy too.
I LOVE blues, so I'm satisfied, no dupes here.

Second part will be published soon :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Maki said...

Great comparisons!!! :D
I'm in love with Where's the Party? <3

marox79 said...

Thank you for the comparison. I'll be buying WTP when it comes out. The other one is not that wearable to me.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Why, marox79? Don't you like duochromes on you? :>

Thank you, girls!

Olivia said...

So pretty!! Oh I wish they had Essence over here, would buy the lot! :(

AmyGrace said...

I LOVE the first two polishes, great comparison post! =)

sabbatha said...

great comparison :-)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Don't you have Essence where you live, Olivia?

Thank you, girls ;>

nihrida said...

Kiko is gorgeous!

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