Kiko - n. 340

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Colours's choice courtesy of my boyfriend :D

Usually I never wear a polish I bought not long before (don't know why...), but this time I made an exception, especially because we are having GREY days, with rain and wind, so I decided to wear a blue sky on my nails.

N. 340 IS the colour of a bright spring sky, don't you find? Beautiful :>

Easy application for a pastel: two coats, no streaks, acceptable time of drying, few corrections with brush and remover... Nothing to complain about it, seriously!

Just one curious thing you can see better in the next pic: in the bottle it's much more lighter than on nails!
I mean, polish in the bottle, to the naked eye (mine, at least :D), is a perfect baby blue, but on nail it's brighter and a little deeper.
That's ok, I don't care :D

Sometimes I like to add a baroque touch to my look :¬D

EDIT about wear: it lasted several days and it chipped only on some nails because they were peeling a little underneath, but... It STAINS!
Maybe it's so well pigmented that it leaves colour on nail surface too, I don't know, but that happened, and I had base coat too... Long removing work!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

very nice blue :-)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Yes! Very refreshing too, I'm sick of grayness :^(

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Your boyfriend has good taste - this color is beautiful on you, especially with the rings!

maisenzasmalto said...

Colore!!!! Non passa inosservato, ma ti sta proprio bene!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Haha, thank you/grazie! I'm not afraid of (certain) colours :D

maisenzasmalto, in realtà, sotto molti tipi di luce, non è così acceso, diciamo che alla luce naturale (la migliore!) dà il meglio di sé...

nihrida said...


Smaltoitaliano said...

I'm glad you like it!

Blu11 said...

Love both baby and sky blue. Wonderful! <3

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