Number increasing...

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... Number of my nailpolish bottles, of course :D
Here they are my new adds.

A couple of weeks ago Kiko decided to add 40 new shades to the regular collection of colours, but these new adds are limited editions, even if Kiko didn't communicate a "date of expiring", so I guess they'll sell them until stock runs out :D

Given that new shades are primarily pinks, aquas, mints, dark blues and purples, I tried to GRAB my favourites from the group as soon as I could, and this is my haul:

N. 342, 341 (maybe I inverted first two, I don't know :D), 340, 339, 338, 337, 336.

Aaahh, these are all colours I wanted from long time!
I know they aren't particularly original, but italian world of nailpolish doesn't offer so many choice, especially from the cold side of rainbow, so I'm really happy with them :>

Camera took colours pretty faithful to reality, but I isolated drops from the Kiko's site* (in reverse order compared to my picture) to show you how they are, differences are subtles...

♥ ♥ ♥

(*) drops taken here.

It isn't finished yet!
Can you recognize them? :^D

Yeah, "Gemma" and "Caitlin"! How beautiful they are?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


nihrida said...

OMG! I love ALL on the first photo! <3

marox79 said...

Umm, you're in a blue phase, I guess.
The Zoya ones look gorgeous, especially the one on the right.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Nihrida, there are even more *_____*

Marox79, I'm ALWAYS in a blue mood!
Blue polishes are the largest section in my collection, I think...

AmyGrace said...

They're all pretty! I got Caitlin last week, now I have to find a moment to wear it. ^^

maisenzasmalto said...

Belli, sei andata proprio in ordine! Abbiamo in comune solo due prigionieri ;-)
Però confesso di avere ordinato Caitlin e Gemma l'altro ieri, intanto mi ammirerò i tuoi swatches!

BlackCherry said...

I NEED all KIKO's. Blue phase is a good phase =)

sabbatha said...

awhhh ggreat Kiko's :-)

Lendoxia said...

I want them all gorgeous colors

nihrida said...

How much does a bottle of Kiko nail polish cost? And I would be forever grateful for swatches of these beauties. =) I need to know the opacity and possible dupes. XD

Smaltoitaliano said...

Those Kikos are successful indeed O___O :D

Nihrida, each bottle costs € 3,90; every now and then they put polishes on sale at € 1,90, but these shades are limited editions, so unfortunately I don't think they will ever be reduced... Who knows?

However swatches will arrive soon :>

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