Latest adds and comparisons :>

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Mmmh, maybe I've lost the count of my bottles, don't know why, but suddenly I'm not sure anymore of the total you can read on the left column...
Anyway, I added interesting things to my collection :>

The first I introduce you, a VERY nice one from Prestige, a brand I don't buy from very often, but it's somehow good and of an average quality.
This is the first nailpolish I buy from them, but they have this line too, with some original shades.

1) Orly "Snowcone";

2) Prestige - Nail Bijoux n. 24 "St. Barth";

3) Kiko n. 339.

Well, you can see it's different from the other periwinkles I own, this little Bijoux is very bright and saturated (in picture it's duller, but this one made my camera crazy), love at first sight *_*
"Snowcone" is bluer, while n. 339 (compared here) is dustier and lighter.

These Nail Bijoux are a new line of little bottles at €2,50 (or so), similar to the ones from Deborah, the Prêt à Porter range; they're only 4,5 ml, and I didn't find other appealing colours, but if you wanna check them out, here you can find an official picture (not from the official site!), though I think it isn't so accurate colour wise - look at the one I pictured above, and the corresponding in the image.

Second round is for an Essence one, "Dress For a Moment":

1) China Glaze "Agent Lavender";

2) Essence "Dress For a Moment";

3) Essence "No More Drama".

I compared "Dress For a Moment" with these two because I thought it was a dupe of something else in my stash, but... no, luckily; "Agent Lavender" is a tad bluer, and "No More Drama" has a reddish touch in it.

Last (but not least, haha, always dreamed to write this), another gem from BeYu!

While searching for other n. 209, this bottle caught my attention. Thanks a bunch, see for yourself!
BeYu n. 381, in full sun:



Eh, nothing more to say, and SORRY for the pic-bombing, I know there are too many pictures.
Is this a duochrome? A trichrome? Who cares? And those tiny glitters?

Obviously, there was one bottle only in that stand, and I didn't found others in the following Douglas I visited...
I'll continue to search for them in the future.
But if you have a Douglas near you, look for n. 381, besides than n. 209!

I haven't finish it yet, next post will be related to these new adds, plus... frankens!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Zoya - Ivanka + Ever - n. 62

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Here you have a revamped "Ivanka" :>

Sorry for having added something over it, but that time clearly I wasn't ready for its green-ess :D
So I picked one of those little Ever (the darker) and this is what I obtained:

In daylight, awesome blueness with a jeweled green undertone... With every movement of the hands, green peeked from the under, I loved it :>
And I like layering different kinds of glitters more and more, they melt together without mixing :^]

Under an artificial light, I tried to capture the purple side, which is actually really visible, trust me :>

Mmmh, shadow... :D

... but in full sun too, amazing, isn't it? Please notice the emerald bed of this manicure <3
And those spikes on the left are my hair :D

EDIT on wear: pretty good, about 5 days, I'm pleased.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Zoya - Ivanka

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This is one of that bottle every nailpolish lover has in her/his own collection.
But you know what? I didn't like it on me as much as I would have thought o_____o

Ok, it's gorgeous and I LOVE the bottle appearance...

but it was just too... green to me; I don't know what was wrong with it, and I certainly will wear it again, but I will try it layered over something else, like a deep teal, for example, or a (guess what?) a dark blue :D

Anyway, being a glassfleck glitter (I think)l, it's 1000000000 times better in daylight than in direct sunlight:

To the naked eye, you can even catch some of the duochromeness contained in the bottle, especially on the nails' side.

Full sun reveal defects in application and adds more yellow to it, which I obviously dislike :D

(full sun)

I don't think I made a great job of application, because of the tiny brush; but since this polish is a jelly loaded with glitters, glitters tends to follow the brush movements, and they lay on nails exactly where you put the brush down, so, with a small brush as the Zoya's one, you have to apply at least three coats in order to obtain an even distribution.
Or probably I'm not a pro in applying nailpolishes :D
Top coat too is a must.

I'll retry this during winter, as I guess gray days will suddenly call for something more bright and festive on my fingers :>

I layered another polish over "Ivanka" the very next day, as I couldn't stand it another day! I'll show you the result in my next post.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 338

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Another shade so difficult to picture!

This is Kiko n. 338, the classic bright lavender colour:


Not too much to say about it, it's p e r f e c t: two coats without top coat, see it for yourself, it's leveled and uniform, dries quickly (but I use the Essence drops) and that's it!
It goes so well with tanned skin!

A colour like this, which is very vivid, changes under various types of light: above is in mid-full sun, below is under a halogen lamp:

If you are curious to see comparisons of this polish, here you have some :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

piCture pOlish blog fest giveaway result!

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Hi all :>
Quick post to announce the winner of three piCture pOlish shades, I finally made it :D

Entries were a total of 139, but as you can see, first row of sheet contains titles of entries, so count starts at 2, and the last entry is 140.

I used, closed my eyes and hit the "generate" button, here you have the winner:

which corresponds to:

Malkatz, congratulation :>
I'm writing you an email; if I won't get any reply in 3 days, I'll extract another winner.

Thank you so much to you all for the kind words and the enthusiasm, thanks to the new followers and to the old ones, see you soon :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

My summer holidays choices: Essence - "Forever Mine" and Kiko - n. 343

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Hey, look, I'm here again :D
Busy life after summer vacation, I barely had the time to check my favourite sites, emails, and so...

Plus, this post isn't really the best for various reasons, so sorry for that :^|

I paired two colours in one post because I don't have enough pictures of them... Or rather, I have them, but these two colours fall precisely in that family of the un-picturable shades :D

First is "Forever Mine" by Essence (from their LE Denim Wanted): I tried to take pics of it in EVERY light, but none of them came out near the reality, because this blue is so saturated that made my camera crazy.
This is the best shot:

This blue isn't like this: it's more vivid, dark, and with a touch of... green in it, or maybe not, I really can't describe this colour.
If you have this with you, take it, put it near the monitor and tell me what's the difference, because I can't specify it, I just know that there's a difference! :D

My consolation is seeing I'm not the only one who couldn't capture it, if you google it you'll see so many variations, and it's always the same polish!

Next polish, wasn't less hard to picture, at least here you can see it well enough: Kiko n. 343:

During my trip back home, I noticed this is the EXACT match shade of our highway roadsigns :D

A green with a touch of blue, VERY glossy, very saturated too.
Bah, nothing exciting, I know, but I'll post soon about something a little more interesting, I just hope I'll have time (and strenght!) to make posts these evenings :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)