Latest Kikos and Essences: swatches and comparisons - pt. 2

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Hi again :>
Here they are the other swatches and comparisons, those are all Kikos.

First section is about teals: I have to say that now I know my camera can't pick those kind of colour properly, as seen in this post, so I had to tweak pictures to show you actual colours of polishes, I'm sorry.
That's why you see the sepia background (upper half group shot) and my skin burned-like :D (lower half, shot on the right).

I remember I was craving for Rimmel's "Sky High" so much, I got it (just because I went to Bruxelles) and clearly Kiko decided, not long after, to do a VERY similar colour... Which I bought it anyway.
In fact, I didn't know it was THAT similar, but on nails it's a different story:

No base coat, no top coat.
N. 342 was two coats, SH needed three, n. 341 two coats.
N. 342 and 341 are heavy pigmented, while SH is of a lighter formula and sheerer, I didn't expect it.

N. 342 is a tad darker too, and to the naked eye is a little more evident, so it's ok to have both in my stash.
N. 341 is way bluer than the other two, not so blue like it appears from pictures, but a true medium-dark teal. Awesome.

Next batch was full of work, for me :D
It was difficult to get some similar colours - in fact, they're pretty different from each other - and I tried various combinations.
Moreover, camera, as always (especially mine), got confused with all these shades of lilac, and I had to take several pictures in order to obtain decent shots with the ACTUAL colours!

I choose to combine these well known polishes with Kikos to show you how they are compared to them, I had no idea how to do it in an another way, sorry :^/

Then, I tried swatching Kikos with the most similar polishes:

No base coat, no top coat.
All two coats.
"Cashmere Cardigan" is the dustier of the group, "Liberty Girl" is the darkest.

In these shots - dont' know why (no, I know it: my camera sucks a little) - all colours look bluer, but they're true lilacs, and I just can say that they're pretty different once you put them on your nails: wait, did you notice that I say that almost for everyone of the new Kikos? They change hue from bottle to nail, especially the lighter colours! Trust me, I'm not crazy, but it's a little frustrating...
You put bottles side by side, they look almost dupes, and then, once you've applied them, they totally change!

See it in the next shots too!
Look at n. 338: on the nail is brighter -.-°

No base coat, no top coat.
N. 338 and 337, two coats, n. 339 three coats - it's wayyy sheerer :^/
N. 339 is a dusty mix of lilac and periwinkle ( = ♥), while n. 337 I think is like the China Glaze's "Grape Pop" (maybe, I don't have it), even if in the pictures above - again, grrr - it appears bluer.

Maybe do I have to stop making swatches and comparisons before having a better camera? :¬D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Great post, though I'm well aware it must have been a real PITA to do all those swatches: apply polish, photograph, remove polish.
Much appreciated.

maisenzasmalto said...

Bellissime le tue foto!! Il 338 l'ho swatchato anch'io (devo ancora postare) e mi ha fatto letteralmente impazzire, ho delle foto dov'è uscito CELESTE!!!! Andavo in giro come una scema per casa cercando la luce e l'impostazione giusta, avrò fatto una cinquantina di foto! Il Grape Pop è un viola abbastanza caldo, almeno secondo me (se vuoi dare un'occhio di recente ho fatto una comparazione e le foto con luce artificiale sono abbastanza fedeli) :-)

BlackCherry said...

Great swatches and comparisons. Thanks!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

marox79, you're right! I really don't know how Scrangie & Co. can do their swatches work at their rhythm o_0
Mine took a couple of hours, though, but thank you :>
Result: I don't wear nailpolish since that day, haha :D

maisenzasmalto, grazie! 'sti colori sono una tragedia, e se non si ha una digitale degna, il lavoro è peggiore...
So che il "Grape Pop" è più caldo, infatti a me è venuto parecchio più blu nelle foto, ma secondo me dal vivo non sono poi così differenti, no?

Thank you, BlackCherry ;^)

maisenzasmalto said...

Il 337 non l'ho preso ^_^ accidenti non mi ricordo com'era dal vivo!

sabbatha said...

nahh this is easy - you just need to find your swatching routine:) I am making swatches on Saturday morning :-) But I love blogs with no swatching order!

338 <3<3<3<3 Kiko <3<3<3 Italian polishes <3<3<3

(in my rainbow week, I will post purple on Sunday. Whoot purple? KIKO! :D)

Julia Natalia said...

Nice colour <3. I add You to my followings.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Sabbatha: I don't do swatches simply because I prefer not to waste polishes in them :D :D
Usually I wait for my current nailpolish to be ruined enough to change it, so after 5-6 days I change mani, but pure swatches are so looong to do!

Thank you, Julia Natalia, I am a cold colour person ;>

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