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... Here you have the newest Essence releases! (well, there are more of them, you already know it...)

Yesterday I decided to take a walk despite the thunders, bolts of lightning and the massivest amount of rain I ever seen in the last years.
I was just having a look at Essence display (in search of the "Whoom Boooom" collection) when I suddenly realized there were some new colours and, obviously, I couldn't leave them in the store :D

I found some of the new pastels, but my attention was grabbed by two bottles in particular, I bought them by chance, without knowing they were the two most wanted new Essence duochromes!

N. 43 "Where's The Party?":

Instant love.
Well, I know that sometimes promo pics don't have to be too much reliable colour wise, but this is how Essence represents "Where's the party?" on the site:


Anyway, here you can find a comparison, "Where's the party?" looks a perfect dupe of Zoya "Ki", which I don't have - but was always curious about it.
Seems to be similar to Gosh's "Purple Heart" too, even if it isn't compared to it in that post...
Whatever, it's enough for me to call it a must-have :D

Next one, n. 52 "Out Of My Mind":

which I call the shimmery twin of "Choose Me!".
They have same colours, but "Choose Me!" has flecks in a jelly base instead of fine shimmer.

As you can see from my angled shot, there's a little pink/bronze duochrome, very nice, but again I don't see any relations with the promo pic:

They added too much colours :D

As said before, you probably already know Essence added new colours, toppers, glitters, etc., etc., etc.
I didn't find them yet in that store, but now I know that when I see new stuff in a store, I have to check other retailers in the city, so tomorrow I'll probably take another walk - in the sun, I hope! - and make a little treasure hunt, I already compiled a wishlist :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Blu11 said...

Wow, can't wait for these to arrive in my local store. <3 LOL, the promo pics are totally off.

Maki said...

Gorgeous!!! You made a good choice :)

sabbatha said...

promo pics are worse than those in Avon/Oriflame catalogues :P

Ulmiel said...

Oh Lord Of The Rings, could they be more off in the promo pics? Awful. But Where's the party looks awesome, especially if it's close to Zoya Ki, that I'd love to have!

marox79 said...

I'm so envious. The new Essence products won't be available at my Essence supplier until mid-April.

About the promo pictures, yes, they suck and should not be trusted at all.
Hope you use them soon in a mani and give us your thoughts about them.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you, Maki, they would be wonderful on your nails!

Sabbatha and Blu11, to be honest, their pics aren't always bad, so I don't know how they manage to ruin some of them, while others are really near to the real appeareance!

Ulmiel, look at the link I posted, there you'll find a comparison with "Ki" :>

Marox79, usually here in Italy we have to wait a month (or more) about before seeing new products/collections, this time I didn't know they would be already available, so I would say to take a look every now and then at your local stores, maybe they'll anticipate the release!

maisenzasmalto said...

Fantasticoo! Da me fino a sabato non c'era niente di nuovo. Questi duochrome mi ispirano tantissimo (ho Ki in wishlist e non sarebbe male trovare un dupe abbordabile), sono curiosa di vederli dal vivo!

marox79 said...

@Smaltoitaliano: I hope you're right. That's what happened with the Metallics LE, we got it earlier than in Madrid, for example. Unfortunately, we couldn't get them in Berlin earlier in March either.

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