Essence - Grumpy

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Ah, "Grumpy"...
This is a colour I wanted so bad, not only because it's a BLUE, but also for its name, because I am grumpy too :D

Not much to say here, I simply LOVE it °_°

I'ts just too difficult to photograph, because it's dark and bright at the same time, and it's even a bit purplish too, so I tried to cath it correctly with my mobile camera:

... a little more true to life.

But trust me whn I say it's BRIGHT, just as my usual camera pictured ♥

(scratches courtesy of my cat)

Another try in low light, just to show you its darkest side...

The colour on the ring finger it's the hue you'll see in real life.

I remember it lasted pretty well several days, even if I added something else a couple of days later :^P
Anyway, straight in my favourites bin!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New stuff (from august)

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I'm way behind the latest adds, but these are the august ones:

From left: 

- L'Oréal Color Riche n. 609 "Divine Indigo": ok, it's more purple, but it's not a purple, and it's a L'Oréal, a brand I don't like so much; but I've seen swatches around the internet, and I liked it. Me weak :^(

- Kiko n. 389; yes, I've already worn it, a thing I don't do as I don't like trying new colours as soon as I get them...

- China Glaze "Midtown Magic": I found a store in my city of nail and hair supplies, there were stands from some nail companies, and I really liked this odd mix of autumnal shades of fine glitters in a vampy burgundy base... Swatched here by my loved SpookyNails, and I've discovered we bought it almost at the same time, without knowing it! :D

Then, a little package from my Swiss nailpolish fiend:

Left, Misslyn n. 537 "Golden Leaf", gold-old green glitters (or chunks) in a dense dark base, I guess it won't be much sparkly, an interesting finish :>

Right, another Catrice Effect Top Coat, "¿Holo Qué Tal?", which isn't holo at all. But it's... sugary, just like another top coat I own, the Essence "Love" top coat, so: comparison time!

Swatched over black.
"Love" top coat has finer glitters, and it changes from pink to green; "¿Holo Qué Tal?" has a bigger grain, and changes from blue-violet to pink (extrem angles, green too).

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

FIVE colours!

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This is not a post about five new colours I got :D

I LOVE sheer colours, but I see them always layered something else more pigmented...
So this time I tried them all together - well, not really all, just... five!

(indoor daylight)

Complex result!
Do you like it?

These are the characters:

One coat each of:

- Shaka n. 800 "Glossy Blue" (swatched on cap solo here);

- Basic Beauty n. 46PE, it added a crystal depth;

- Essence "City That Never Sleeps";

- Max Factor "Fantasy Fire";

- Deborah 3DTech Top Coat n. 102.

I applied them in the order I pictured them above, and that's all :>

(direct sun)

As always, it was 10 times better in real life, but I think you get the general idea :D

I LOVED the red-purple peeking out here and there <3

(outdoor daylight)

Whole hand-shot, looks nice, uh?

Duochrome in action courtesy of "Fantasy Fire" and the Deborah blue-violet flakies :>

It lasted several days too; I think I used the "Better Than Gel Nails" top coat by Essence, but I guess my beloved clear nailpolish would have been perfect as well.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Pupa - n. 052 Disco Fuchsia

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Look, a non-blue-teal-purple polish °_°

Ah, summertime...
I brought with me this neon Pupa nailpolish, because I knew I wanted to wear it with tanned hands.

But, wait, I wanted PINK nails, not red :^/


Look at the bottle and then my nails: different colour :^(

This is my first neon (pink) polish, but I'm a little disappointed.
It's so pink it's red!

Being tanned, it wasn't that bad on me, I somewhat liked it, but, hey, I'm not used to red, coral pink and I couldn't stand it for a long time.
In the "sun" shot you can see it a tad pinkier... Meh.
"Disco Fuchsia" has a jelly formula, pigmented, which needs a top coat to be glossy and chip-resistant.

Given that I bought two neon Pupas, I hope the next one will be better :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Barry M - n. 291 Cobalt Blue

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Here it is one of my newest blues.

I always try not to wear new colours immediately, because this way I neglect older buyings, but I was at my parents' home, without my stash, so I had to choose something from my blue swap :>

Few words here: a cobalt blue creme, took two coats and voilà, perfect result <3

It changes a little under different lightings (obviously), below a shot in low light :>

Now one of my favourites!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)