Sinful Colors - Blue By You

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This dates from last summer, and this blue it's perfect for summmertime...

1. It's BRIGHT and vibrant °_°

2. It has the colour of the sea *_*

3. It has aqua shimmer and a foil finish, just like a sparkling plain ocean ♥_♥

King-Octopus ring fits nicely, eh? :D

Don't ask me about how many coats I used, because I can't remember it, let's say the usual two to three?

I love foil-like nailpolishes, they're beautiful even in lowlight or in the evening, so deep ♥

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Lovely - Crystal Strenght n. 402

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* coff coff  *


Did you notice by chance I'm quite busy these... months weeks?
Makeup school is a mess, and I must admit it's sometimes (MANY times!) so exhausting, especially if you later have to keep your house clean, cuddle your cat, make dinners, etc., etc. etc. :D

But my love for nailpolishes is still alive and I keep taking pictures of my coloured jewels-for-nails *_*

This one is a precious bottle from Poland (who knows who sent me this? :D ), I wore it for a wedding in July 2013, where I had a toned down, so-neutral outift and I needed just a little bright touch on me:


Anyway, this is one of my favourite nailpolishes of all time: jelly seagreeen base, duochrome glassfleck-ish glitters, LOVE at a first sight °_°

See? Translucent nails ♥.♥

I think I applied three coats, not a problem in drying time, I think it also lasted good on me for many days, as I took pics of it after I returned home :>

Nice colour, uh? Fresh and happy :>
Now let's hope to see you more often than every two months >.<

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)