Gradient: Rimmel - Pompous + Eveline - n. 464

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Ahhh, at last I tried a gradient :D
First of all, my tools:

- Makeup sponge, which will give you the smoothest result;

- the colour chosen for your base (Rimmel "Pompous");

- the second colour, my choice was this thin Eveline I received from Sabbatha ♥


Maybe not the best result, clearly, it was my first time with the makeup sponge, but I'm satisfied, and I'll retry it with cremes.

(daylight, outdoor)

Some pictures are colder than others, just because I took them in different light conditions, and you know that purple is particularly sensitive and changes under different light sources... In outdoor locations, purple reflects the blue sky, so does the green part, that's why sometimes it appears teal.
But next picture is the most true to life colour wise:

(daylight, indoor)

What about a shot of the whole hand?
I think it looks pretty good, even if my nails aren't that long :>

(daylight, outdoor)

I chose shimmery/glassflecked varnishes, so you know I think they look at their best in shade or indoor lightings, but here's some full sun pictures:

Sparkly, dark and coloured at the same time :>

After almost two days I got some small chips here and there, don't know why, anyway I kept this many for four-five days, it wasn't that bad-looking :^P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Rimmel - Pompous

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Purple again!
I must be in an unconscious purple spree, since that I wore it three times in a row :D

Anyway, this nailpolish was a complete surprise for me: I bought it because it was on sale, and I didn't notice anything special in this purple until I saw it on my nails.

Look at pictures and keep in mind these are two coats without top coat *_*

(direct sun)

In the bottle looks like a good old shimmery deep purple, but on nails it's sooo vampy, yet shiny and lustrous.


I love the large brush, it almost avoids me the clean-up part ♥

(daylight, a little bluer than the actual colour)

Don't you love the darkness at the sides and the colours of the shimmer in the center?

(full sun)

So, my verdict: highly recommended, it applies easily, covers perfectly in two coats, dries quickly.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Pupa - Holographic Violet n. 035

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Et voilà, this is the missing holo Pupa I didn't picture in my previous post :>

You might already know this small bottles of delightful holoness, so I'll keep this post short, even because I don't have much to say about it.

(direct sun)

I wore this for a wedding; I was wearing nude clothes with some lime/neon yellow accents, in the beginning I thought about the nude holo by Pupa, but then I decided for the violet instead - much better, I must say :>

These photos were taken a couple of days after first application, so maybe some tipwear is visible... I applied two coats of it - it's so pigmented - with a coat of top coat , it didn't dulled the holo effect, don't know if it's because I use a clear varnish as top coat, not a fast dry TC...
What I like about this "Violet" is that it's pretty in shade too:


These bottles retail for less than €5; 5ml aren't so much, but you know, when you have so many colours... :D

(direct sun)

Beautiful also under articial light :>

I think this lasted on me a good five days: then it started chipping, but not on all my nails, just where my nails were peeling. Good job.
And a shot of my entire hand :D
I think that a post made with macro pictures only don't really represent the overall effect you might get thinking about wearing a particular colour, so I'll try to insert more of those kind of images in my posts in the future.

Call me stupid, but I do notice a difference! :D

(artificial light)

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

May flowers

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Welcome back in my blog (to me!) :D

This time, for those who love nailpolish bottles pictures and info, here's a feast for your eyes :>

From left:

- Pupa Holographic n. 039 "Taupe". Bought for wearing it at a wedding, but then I opted for the "Violet" one, n. 035 (not pictured, blogpost will be up soon).

- Models Own "Indian Ocean": you really need description? :D

- Basic Beauty n. 50PE, electric glassfleck blue, just like this one :> (maybe a tad darker?)

- Another berry jelly from Basic Beauty! This is n. 70PE, first one (n. 68PE) I showed you here.

Rember this multichrome Layla? It has the same colours of "Indian Ocean", so I tried layer two coats of it under one of "Indian Ocean", this is the result:

"Indian Ocean" is sheer, you already know it, but with a nude base you can wear it alone without problems, two coats are anough.
To be honest, I tried it over dark bases too, but didn't photograph it, sorry.

Next, here we have my two new jellies, and a little comparison :>

(n. 70PE on the left, n. 68PE on the right)

Strange thing is that the lightest jelly covers better than the darker, I put two coats of n. 68 and three of n. 70.
Anyway, they're so pretty, you can use them as bases too ♥

Then, we have two lonely pretties:

- Rimmel "Pompous", a shimmery purple (bought because it was on offer :D );

- H&M "Aqua Splash", clear base with aqua coloured microglitters. I like it!

Below we have two Essies: Essie began selling nailpolish here in Italy in some different beauty stores around Italy like a month or two ago, but I got these bottles in two different places.

First one is "Dive Bar": look at it! Deep teal-purple duochrome, I know it will rock on my nails even if purple won't show up completely *________*
I bought because I loved it, but I spent €11,90 >.<
Second one, one of the bluest blue I own: "Aruba Blue"; bought few days after, for €5, at a charity sale :D

Another pictures of them and swatches on cap! Two coats of each.

Aaaand... a pop of PINK :D Hot pink, properly speaking.
I got these two Pupa neons thanks to Elsa, who find them at a lower price, and since that I'm on a neon spree this spring...

(pink one laid over my latest pink buyings :D)

In details, plus swatches on cap, two coats of each:

- pink one is n. 052;

- purple (not so purple, you see), is n. 053.

Last, my de-doubled Essences!
For those who still don't know it, you can easily separate double nailpolishes simply by pulling bottles, one in each hand.
Thanks to Stregalice for this trick :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)