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Welcome back in my blog (to me!) :D

This time, for those who love nailpolish bottles pictures and info, here's a feast for your eyes :>

From left:

- Pupa Holographic n. 039 "Taupe". Bought for wearing it at a wedding, but then I opted for the "Violet" one, n. 035 (not pictured, blogpost will be up soon).

- Models Own "Indian Ocean": you really need description? :D

- Basic Beauty n. 50PE, electric glassfleck blue, just like this one :> (maybe a tad darker?)

- Another berry jelly from Basic Beauty! This is n. 70PE, first one (n. 68PE) I showed you here.

Rember this multichrome Layla? It has the same colours of "Indian Ocean", so I tried layer two coats of it under one of "Indian Ocean", this is the result:

"Indian Ocean" is sheer, you already know it, but with a nude base you can wear it alone without problems, two coats are anough.
To be honest, I tried it over dark bases too, but didn't photograph it, sorry.

Next, here we have my two new jellies, and a little comparison :>

(n. 70PE on the left, n. 68PE on the right)

Strange thing is that the lightest jelly covers better than the darker, I put two coats of n. 68 and three of n. 70.
Anyway, they're so pretty, you can use them as bases too ♥

Then, we have two lonely pretties:

- Rimmel "Pompous", a shimmery purple (bought because it was on offer :D );

- H&M "Aqua Splash", clear base with aqua coloured microglitters. I like it!

Below we have two Essies: Essie began selling nailpolish here in Italy in some different beauty stores around Italy like a month or two ago, but I got these bottles in two different places.

First one is "Dive Bar": look at it! Deep teal-purple duochrome, I know it will rock on my nails even if purple won't show up completely *________*
I bought because I loved it, but I spent €11,90 >.<
Second one, one of the bluest blue I own: "Aruba Blue"; bought few days after, for €5, at a charity sale :D

Another pictures of them and swatches on cap! Two coats of each.

Aaaand... a pop of PINK :D Hot pink, properly speaking.
I got these two Pupa neons thanks to Elsa, who find them at a lower price, and since that I'm on a neon spree this spring...

(pink one laid over my latest pink buyings :D)

In details, plus swatches on cap, two coats of each:

- pink one is n. 052;

- purple (not so purple, you see), is n. 053.

Last, my de-doubled Essences!
For those who still don't know it, you can easily separate double nailpolishes simply by pulling bottles, one in each hand.
Thanks to Stregalice for this trick :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


AmyGrace said...

Dive Bar looks incredible! ♥_♥

zebra-nails said...

Both of Essie looks sooo beautiful!

hermetic said...

Love all your polishes, especially Essies and Pupa. And great idea for the Essence duo, will do that ;)

Elsa P. said...

Bellissimo il "Dive Bar" :O___
Anche il Basic Beauty viola è stupendo!

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Dive bar <3 <3 però 12 euri...:'-( Mi sa che tra te e Stregalice mi sono convinta a comprare l'Indian Ocean (solo da layering)!!
Belli anche i jelly Basic, io però sono ancora alla ricerca di quelli Shaka!

Smaltoitaliano said...

AmyGrace, it's really incredible!

zebra-nails, and they have the larger brush too, I always had troubles with their classic thin brush :>

Hi hermetic! I read you can easily de-double all the duo polishes, not just the Essence ones :>

Elsa, non è proprio viola, però, è una specie di color "succo d'uva e fragola" :D

MaiSenzaSmalto, "Indian Ocean" è da avere, secondo me, e se non hai niente altro da prendere, al massimo compri solo quello, come ho fatto io :D

Ana said...

This looks like a collection of galaxies landed in your home!

Smaltoitaliano said...

You're right, so many glittery/glassflecks/shimmers!

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