Are these stiletto nails?

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Another update...

Yep, after the almond shape, I decided to go further and I filed my nails into che pointest and sharpest shape I've ever had:

I know they aren't perfect, but I already find myself filing micron after micron, trying to reach the perfect gothic ogive... :D

Maybe pictures don't show it well, but trust me, they're really pointed and sharp, especially without polish!
Here I'm wearing my classic combo Kiko Smooth Base + Essence Nail Candies.

Best side effect: I started noticing this effect with the almond shape, but now I realized nailpolish lasts definitely longer on nails, no chips after one week, I even got bored of the colour I had and thanked the only chip it occurred on my middle nail :D
Maybe squared corners are more prone to rubbing and wearing? At least for me, at least until now.

Quite sharp, eh?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

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That day, last year, I wanted to wear my beloved "Fantasy Fire" on its own...

Not a big deal though, it took me only 5 coats to achieve this result :D

(indoor daylight)

It's still one of my favourites nailpolish of all time, and I'm still wondering WHY do they had to sell it in such small bottles >:^(

(outdoor daylight)

Like always, nails' smile wasn't almost visible in real life, don't know why cameras manage to capture it so well...
If you like that "under glass" effect on nails like me you won't be bother by it anyway.

Do you still love it as much as I do?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)