Mi-Ny Holographic Touch - Brown n. 5

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Hi all!

Finally a nailpolish which left me a bit... disappointed.
Even if it's a holo!

(indoor daylight)

This is from Mi-Ny, an italian cosmetic brand fairly new who offers a TON of colours and finishes (400, so far): if you aren't a nailpolish fanatic like me (hey, what are you doing here, then? :D ) and stumble in one of their stores, you'd probably end up buying like 20 different colours!

(full sun)

They released these holographic colours last year, when holos landed in Italy (late with the rest of the world...) and they were a huge hit everywhere.
I bought four colours that time :>

I decided to wear their nude holo for a wedding (these pics were taken in June), because I wanted a "safe" shade with a fun touch on my nails.

(indoor daylight)

Why disappointed, so? 
I found the colour too light in shade for my tastes, even if, as you can notice, holo colours are always there, even in lowlight condition, but there's something "wrong" with the lightest part of my nails (in the center) against my skin, I'm not sure this colour suits me well.

(full sun)

In the sun and under artificial lights I love it, not so much during daytime, especially cloudy days...
I already wore some pastel-y holos in the past, but they were always pretty on me, so I guess it must be only this particular "brown" (as Mi-Ny calls this colour - I define it a nude).

Anyway, I've already chose n. 5 more than one time, because it's a pretty calm shade, quite easy to apply and dries quickly - but be careful, it drags inbetween layers! You need to wait enough minutes before applying the next coat, otherwise you'll get bald areas here and there. 

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Colour Alike - n. 209

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Aaaaahhhh, new post!

Onto the important things: one of the most beautiful Polish nailpolish Sabbatha ever sent ♥_____♥


She requested I chose to wear one of the shades she sent me in our last swap - only because I usually tend to wear old colours first, rather than the latest I buy or get :D

How not to choose n. 209?

I think these were two coats, it's higly pigmented and it has some kind of glassflecks-glitter which are also duochrome, from blue to violet (to gold in extreme angles), all in a blasting purple base *_*

 The glitters make it more blue than it appears in reality, anyway the colour changes under different lightings, and when the sun disappears it becomes a true purple <3

(some kind of direct sun...)

I know this varnish broke other hearts out there, I guess Spookynails will open her Polish webshop soon :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)