Gradient: Rimmel - Pompous + Eveline - n. 464

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Ahhh, at last I tried a gradient :D
First of all, my tools:

- Makeup sponge, which will give you the smoothest result;

- the colour chosen for your base (Rimmel "Pompous");

- the second colour, my choice was this thin Eveline I received from Sabbatha ♥


Maybe not the best result, clearly, it was my first time with the makeup sponge, but I'm satisfied, and I'll retry it with cremes.

(daylight, outdoor)

Some pictures are colder than others, just because I took them in different light conditions, and you know that purple is particularly sensitive and changes under different light sources... In outdoor locations, purple reflects the blue sky, so does the green part, that's why sometimes it appears teal.
But next picture is the most true to life colour wise:

(daylight, indoor)

What about a shot of the whole hand?
I think it looks pretty good, even if my nails aren't that long :>

(daylight, outdoor)

I chose shimmery/glassflecked varnishes, so you know I think they look at their best in shade or indoor lightings, but here's some full sun pictures:

Sparkly, dark and coloured at the same time :>

After almost two days I got some small chips here and there, don't know why, anyway I kept this many for four-five days, it wasn't that bad-looking :^P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Theallamenta said...

che belllo che è!! effetto stupendo. devo decidermi a provare anche io..

Simona @LightYourNails said...

Ti assicuro che è bellissimo! Vedessi le mie prime tre prove di gradient... cestinate e non bloggabili!

stregalice said...

Bellissimo! Complimenti! Le gradient con gli smalti sbrilluccicanti mi piacciono tantissimo e quel verdolino è spettacolare!

Elsa P. said...

Questi due smalti stanno davvero bene insieme, mi piace moltissimo il risultato :)

Oshi said...

molto bello! :)

Mickey said...

Nice gradient!
That's an awesome combination.

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sabbatha said...

oh I love it, I need to recreate it (I have both shades :P)

juntasperonorevueltas said...

Not too bad??? I love it. It kinda reminds me of the famous Galaxy nails (made easier).

Makeupnonsolo.blogspot said...

I love it!!!!

marox79 said...

If you want, I can try and see if I can find another Yes Love N06 at the same store (or others here). You can find me at

Smaltoitaliano said...

Theallamenta, è facilissimo e di grande effetto :>

Simona, aspetta, devo ancora provare con due creme :D

stregalice, grazie! Sì, è un verde bosco mezzo duochrome, bello anche da solo :>

Elsa, vero? :>

Grazie Oshi :>

Thanks Mickey :>

sabbatha, what a coincidence :D

juntasperonorevueltas, true :>

Makeupnonsolo, do it!!!! :D

marox, you're too kind and I'd like it, but I think it wull be counter-productive money wise, just thinking about shippping :>
Thank you anyway :>

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