Eyeko - Vintage Polish + Revlon - n. 986 Ultra Violet

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Finally I'm here :D

From my last manicure, I stayed three days without nail polish on nails because I couldn't choose a colour... I know that this happens to YOU too, my reader :D

Yesterday I finally had an idea about layering two polishes, so I did my manicure and... I don't like it at all :^(
But strangely pics came out waaaay better than reality, so I'll explain later why I don't like the result.

In shade:

Direct sun:

Base polish is the infamous "Vintage" by Eyeko: now I officially hate this one.
This is the second time I use it, but I already used 1/3, because it needs three coats to get an even surface; it thickens too with time (I mean, during application), don't know why; plus, I had to redo two nails, because of this behaviour. I remember from the first time I wore it that it was one of the most durable nail polish - on me, obviously -, but I can't recall such a bad formula, so maybe it got worse by then...

On top of "Vintage" I put "Ultra Violet" from Revlon, an oooooooold polish I saw in The Nailphile blog and later found on eBay.

This is a triumph of chemical stuff - it will kill your nose -, and it's extremely sheer, but I LOVE its violet flash, so I thought it would be a good idea to layer it, and I tried.

Now, I absolutely don't know why, but to the naked eye my nails are HORRIBLE: "Ultra Violet" is sheer, but its base is lavender coloured, and you can totally see it on top of "Vintage" in all its STREAKY and PATCHY GLORY.

Can you spy patches on my nails in the next pic? They almost don't appear in pics, so imagine them 10x times worse, and you'll understand why I already hate this combo.
In the sun, that violet flash hides unevenness, but in low light...
At least, i must say that from far (and to a non-nail polish freak like us), these colours are nice and wearable.

Just a last question: is "Ultra Violet" a shimmer or a pearly polish?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

I had the same with Eyeko Rain Polish, my god I HATE this one :/ And they are so small and expensive -.-'

Smaltoitaliano said...

It wasn't that bad first time I used it...

Donna said...

It's really no surprise that your pictures look good but in real life it looks bad. I've had that happen to me, but in the opposite. I have had polishes look good in real life and I can not capture it on film, so they look boring to the camera!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Oh, don't worry, that happens to me too!
In fact, I don't have a great camera, so I'm totally used to such results :D

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