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Mmmh, maybe I've lost the count of my bottles, don't know why, but suddenly I'm not sure anymore of the total you can read on the left column...
Anyway, I added interesting things to my collection :>

The first I introduce you, a VERY nice one from Prestige, a brand I don't buy from very often, but it's somehow good and of an average quality.
This is the first nailpolish I buy from them, but they have this line too, with some original shades.

1) Orly "Snowcone";

2) Prestige - Nail Bijoux n. 24 "St. Barth";

3) Kiko n. 339.

Well, you can see it's different from the other periwinkles I own, this little Bijoux is very bright and saturated (in picture it's duller, but this one made my camera crazy), love at first sight *_*
"Snowcone" is bluer, while n. 339 (compared here) is dustier and lighter.

These Nail Bijoux are a new line of little bottles at €2,50 (or so), similar to the ones from Deborah, the Prêt à Porter range; they're only 4,5 ml, and I didn't find other appealing colours, but if you wanna check them out, here you can find an official picture (not from the official site!), though I think it isn't so accurate colour wise - look at the one I pictured above, and the corresponding in the image.

Second round is for an Essence one, "Dress For a Moment":

1) China Glaze "Agent Lavender";

2) Essence "Dress For a Moment";

3) Essence "No More Drama".

I compared "Dress For a Moment" with these two because I thought it was a dupe of something else in my stash, but... no, luckily; "Agent Lavender" is a tad bluer, and "No More Drama" has a reddish touch in it.

Last (but not least, haha, always dreamed to write this), another gem from BeYu!

While searching for other n. 209, this bottle caught my attention. Thanks a bunch, see for yourself!
BeYu n. 381, in full sun:



Eh, nothing more to say, and SORRY for the pic-bombing, I know there are too many pictures.
Is this a duochrome? A trichrome? Who cares? And those tiny glitters?

Obviously, there was one bottle only in that stand, and I didn't found others in the following Douglas I visited...
I'll continue to search for them in the future.
But if you have a Douglas near you, look for n. 381, besides than n. 209!

I haven't finish it yet, next post will be related to these new adds, plus... frankens!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

I saw a couple of bottles of Beyu 209 INCI 31 the other day at Douglas. Will probably snatch one as a Merry Christmas to me pressie.
The blue one looks gorgeous. You definitely like blue.

Maki said...

I love them all <3

I live in Germany and I've never noticed BeYu 381 before! I need it... now! :D Thank you for sharing :*

maisenzasmalto said...

Il last but not least è il mio preferito :-) Quando cercavo il 209 ho visto più di un colore interessante, ma per 7 euro ho preferito restare focused, e magari cercare qualche swatch in rete prima...Ecco qua, lo aspetto!

Elsa P. said...

Ma uffa! Ma allora sono sfigata io! Sono stata in un enorme Douglas in Germania giusto qualche giorno fa e non ne ho trovato neanche uno di questi smalti stupendi (intendo né il 209 né il 381), c'erano solo dei colori molto banali ç____ç
Mi toccherà cercarli in qualche altra città ahimè!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Marox, buy it! :D

Maki, sometimes you have to scan EVERY bottle of a stand :D
By the way, BeYu stands are awkward, at least here in Italy >:^/
Bottles are placed in a high position, in different rows...

maisenzasmalto, ma è blu, lo metteresti lo stesso? :D
Pure io ne ho visti un altro paio carini...

Elsa, non demordere :D

Başak said...

I love the Beyu one! Swatch it, please? :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

Başak, I'll try it as soon as I can!

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