Blue-holographic-slightly-duochrome franken :D

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Et voilà, my first frankenpolish :>
(Edit: not the first I ever made, but the first I show here :P)

Ok, it's blue, but it was totally unintentional, I swear.
These are two coats of Essence "Cool And The Gang" and - boh? - one or two coats of my franken (I don't remember :D):

(early full sun, around 7:30 AM)

Again, in the sun *________________*


This is the other side of this polish:

Under artificial light ♥

This franken was the result of a broken bottle :D
Together with the other polishes I pictured here, I wanted to show you another Essence auto rip-off: "Caribbean Sea".

On the right, the older version, on the left the newer, do you see something different?

(Essence "Caribbean Sea": left, new version; right, old version)

The new version contains that slightly duochromy metallic pigment Essence seems to own in a container-like quantity, so they use it like sugar in a bakery shop.

Well, after taking some pics, I moved bottles, but the new version suddenly crashed on the floor; since I couldn't keep a blue metallic blot in my kitchen, and given that bottle broke in a way it was impossible to keep it (brush remained screwed in the neck of the bottle), I poured the leftover in a semi-empty Essence clear nailpolish, add some of Specktraflair pigment, few drops of Essence "Cool And The Gang" and this is the result:

Unfortunately, no sun for bottle shots >:^/

What about the formula?
TERRIBLE, I should've used a rolling pin to apply it instead of a brush :D

That's because I used an aged clear nailpolish base, I think, plus the "Caribbean Sea" is pretty dense itself (these Show Your Feet are meant to be one-coat polishes), so adding new pigment makes it even heavier... I tried to dilute it with thinner, but I hadn't any more space in the bottle, lol.
In a few hours, holo pigment settles in the bottom of bottle, it takes a while to re-distribute it, even if I added four steel balls.
I'll add more thinner in the future, now that I've used some for this mani, hope it will get better :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Elsa P. said...

Bè, del risultato non ci si può certo lamentare! Davvero bello :D

GothamPolish said...

WOW I'm super impressed :)

le esose said...

è fffigooo!!! *_*


maisenzasmalto said...

Stupendo!! Quattro palline quattro per mescolare, praticamente la polenta in bottiglia...Diamine voglio anch'io il pigmento holo, tanto per tenerlo lì che "non si sa mai"!

Lendoxia said...

your franken looks amazing :D and I knew that they messed with caribbean sea, too bad I like the old version better

Smaltoitaliano said...

Elsa, in effetti no, però è una fatica stenderlo e ancora di più ridistribuire i pigmenti nella bottiglietta, se vorrò indossarlo di nuovo dovrò muoverla di continuo partendo tre giorni prima :D

GothamPolish, thank you! I'll try to improve formula :>

le esose, grazie, ma con la polverina magica è facile!

maisenzasmalto, ecco, la consistenza è quella... Lo Specktraflair lo vende Cathy di More Nail POlish! Io lo presi tempo fa su eBay, ma se cerchi adesso, il prezzo è alle stelle, mentre lei lo offre ad un costo decente.
Oppure puoi prenderlo dai siti di cui parla il blog di Polish And Pigments, ma è un po' più un casino...

Hi Lendoxia! Thank you :> About "Caribbean Sea", I liked the newer version better, because I'm a duochrome freak, but that's ok, I keep the older one as well, it's pretty intense :>

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Al di là delle considerazioni sulla formula, t'è venuto fuori un capolavoro! *_*

MK said...

You need suspension base to keep it from settling but as I am sure you're aware, the lack of it doesn't change the quality of the polish.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Grazie Cristina!

You're right, I know, MK! (and welcome ;> )
I did this in a rush, but if I don't get wrong, TBK doesn't ship to Italy, and, in general, shipping those kind of items to Italy can be very tricky, because they're considered hazardous goods and so on... Must find something more handy :>

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